Are itchy watery eyes a cold or allergy

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I would like to know what the best way to relieve an itchy watery eye beside compresses and allergy meds is?

I have itchy watery swollen eyes that I recieved shortly after eating Ball Park beef franks last night. Other than hot and cold compresses and an allergy medicine, I don't know what else to do.

I get this often as I'm allergic to our cat and get hayfever. Flushing with cool water is best and it would be good to boil it first. I do get eye drops from the Dr for when its really bad. Don't rub them, even though thats all you want to do. The best thing other that flushing is to go to sleep, as when they are closed they can self wash. It sometimes aches to keep them open. Oh yeah and don't eat beef franks again!

Why are my eyes watery/itchy and my face dry and red?

It's been like this for a couple days. I've put lotion on my face and used eye drops but it only relieved it temporary. I thought it was because I got soap in my right eye, but its both of my eyes. For some reason the heater's been cranked up in my house lately because it's cold, could that be the reason and does this sound like an allergy? Should i take some clariton?

You obviously have an allergic reaction to something. Trace back any changes in diet or toiletries and make the necessary changes. Claritin and other allergy medications will only alleviate the symptoms but will not treat the source.

How to get rid of the common cold?

I feel like I am starting to get a few cold symptoms. Itchy watery eyes, itchy nose, sore throat, headache and a lot of sneezing. The symptoms are not too bad, but I always get really BAD colds. Is there anyone I can get rid of it now? What do i need to do to get healthy again?? I don't want to miss any work! Thank you!

Always assuming that it does not become bronchitis or something worse.

Antibiotics and it takes ten days
Aspirin hot lemon and whisky and plenty to drink and it takes ten days
Two bottle method:
Buy a bottle of whisky and drink it. When you see two you are not cured but you feel a lot happier. Still takes ten days so repeat. That is if you can afford to and like hangovers

Itchy, Sore, Watery Eyes, what could it be?

my eyes have been itchy and sore around my eyelashes and theres a red spot, (which i believe is the most itchy spot) on my top eye lid. Its also been watering, and when i shut my eye it feels watery but its also cold... and I have no idea what it is... any ideas?? and if so, any ideas how to get rid of it???

could be conjunctivitis if it's itchy, though it sounds like you may have the start of a meibomian cyst. These can disappear on their own but can require simple surgery to remove.
It souns like you may need to spend more time cleaning your eyes and keeping them clean. You may have blockages in the small ducts in your lower eyelids also. When in the shower, get a wash cloth and wet it with hot water. Hold this cloth to your eyelids for a minute or two as this clears the waxy buildup that can block the pores.
Your first stop though is to see an Optometrist. When you get bad eyes - don't mess around get em fixed as soon as possible.

My eyes are itchy and watery and I'm coughing stuff this normal for a cold?

This past Wednesday I woke up with a head AND chest cold. I've been taking NyQuil every night and it seems to be helping a bit. But, there's just a couple of issues I have left. I seem to be coughing quite a bit...but not the kind of cough that hurts the throat...I'm coughing UP things...particularly a horrible tasting greenish colored mucus. I cough this stuff up to the point that I almost throw up because it makes me gag. Then, the other issue, is that if I hold in the cough my eyes itch and begin to water. Is this normal, and are there any suggestions out there for something that could make me feel better?

While you are sleeping, your sinus are draining down your throat which is why you are coughing up the greenish stuff in the morning. You could have a sinus infection. If your upper teeth hurt and if your head throbs when you put your head down it's possible. Your tear ducts are connected to your sinus (which is why your nose runs when you cry) so holding a cough can make your eyes water and itch. If the cough (and green mucus) is not gone by this Wednesday, you should see a Doctor and get antibiotics for a sinus infection.

2 days of itchy eyes and runny nose, feel crap, is it the flu or allergies?, thanks?

my eyes are stuffed, watery, itchy, and puffy from rubbing them
i also have a runny itchy nose, it started out with alot of sneezing, now the sneezing stopped but my nose is still itchy and watery too

im thinking its a cold, but do your eyes itch like mad if its a cold?, i thought hay fever did that to you,, thanx

im so sorry Laura

your going to DIE

How do i get rid of watery eyes?

ive had a cold since friday and my eyes have been really watery for the past 2 days.its not allergies.and my eyes r just watery not itchy.theyre a little bit red but very little.wat can i do to get rid of my watery eyes?

If you want to get rid of them if its allergys get medicine or if its not put a cold towel of water on it you can put ice in it if you want put paper towels around the towel to to keep it from leaking

Itchy and watery eyes..runny nose...losing voice?

my eyes are itchy my nose is runny and my voice is going out.and i dnt have a cold cuz i jus got over one plus the symptoms are seperate

Keyta: Sounds like you are catching another cold. the first one weakened your immune system, now you are catching everything. Might want to go see the doc. Otherwise, wait 7 to 10 days and ride it out treating the symptoms, cause nothing cures a cold

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