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Lower back pain while walking at 34 weeks pregnant?

I was wondering if anyone had lower back pain while walking and also feeling as if your lower back is popping out of place. I know it sounds strange but most of the time while I walk my lower back hurts really bad and mainly it feels like my left side of my lower back is popping outta place. Has anyone else had this happen? I'm 34 weeks pregnant, monday I'll be 35 weeks pregnant.

yes this happens to me all the time. when you are pregnant your hips separate and sometimes they pop like that. It happens to me whenever I roll from my side to my back or when I get up from laying down. the reason your back hurts is cause you have more weight to carry in the front and your muscles may be a little weak, very normal. you can try wearing a pregnancy back brace, one that gives you support on your back and belly.

Middle back pain during pregnancy 34 almost 35 weeks pregnant?

I was wondering if anyone knew what it meant when you have a constant pain in the middle of your back that stays for hours at a time and seems to only go away sometimes if I lay down, and that's if I'm lucky. I'm 34 weeks pregnant but, I'll be 35 weeks monday. Help please.

Yup had that! I'm 40 weeks today and I had the pains from eight months on, especially if I did lots of house work or whatever. The pains come and go until the end. It is either you are doing too much, or the body is getting ready for labour, either way, you are now late in your pregnancy so you will start to really feel the aches & pains, front and back. Sorry to be the barrier of bad news, but that's why when you're 40 weeks (like me) you cannot wait for it to all end!!

Good luck with everything!

If you do experience more back pains, what I found worked was having a warm bath and putting some Johnson's Bed Time baby bath stuff in the water... it always relaxes my entire body and it really helps me to sleep when I'm having troubles.

Severe back pain 34 weeks pregnant.. pls help!?

hey well yesterday i went to the hospital cuz i was getting sharp stinging pains in my lower abdomen and they prescribed me some Cefadrine (antibiotics) for a bladder infection (they weren't actually sure thats what was causing the pains - they just prescribed the antibiotics to see if they would work), i had blood and protein in my urine, they told me that when u have a bladder infection it irritates your uterus and can cause minor contractions, well today i woke up, the pains have changed, they are more achey and sting less, they are about 20 mins apart now..

also at 5pm today i had dull back ache - now i have really really bad backache, to the point where i cant sit down/bend down without any pain.. i've had a bath which should have eased it, but its just got gradually worse and worse

Also - they put me on a monitor yesterday but they didnt put the contraction monitor on to see if i was getting any contractions.

so what could this be? I have read up on severe back pain in third trimester and it says it could be preterm labour, or a bladder infection, but i have started taking the antibiotics - have taken 4 so far, so surely it should be getting better not worse?

back pain can be caused by uti too so it could be that but your mind might not rest until you phone te hospital for advice and that way they can decided

34 weeks pregnant pain in the Vagina area normal?

I turned 34 weeks today and I have been on my feet a lot today. But ever since I sat down or stand back up I been having these pains in my vagina. My son's head is down since week 29. I don't have any cramping or anything like that. Nor bleeding but do have more vaginal discharge. I go to the doctors on Friday and plan to ask them then. But the pains hurt a little bit like it feels like he is pressing down on my cervix is this normal?

all that is very normal. if u feel a stinging pain that's normal. and the increase of discharge. all very normal.

34 weeks pregnant with severe pain in lower abdomen, pelvis, and back?

Last night i woke up with really bad pain in my abdomen, pelvis, and lower back. It was constant for about 30 minutes, i thought maybe it was braxton hicks so i got up and walked around, that didnt help. I also thought maybe it was the baby dropping, but she doesnt look any lower. I finally just went back and layed down, and it eventually subsided enough to fall back asleep. Does anyone know what that could have been?

More than likely just braxton hicks you are getting close to delivering your body is just gearing up for it. If it were true labor it wouldn't have subsided it the contractions and pain would have gotten stronger, closer together and more consistent. If you are worried though you can call your doctor and ask their professional opinion. Good luck to you and your baby!

34 weeks pregnant with pain in legs , back and sometimes in butt cheek and weird peeing sensation?

ok well im 34 weeks pregnant with my second child. since my first son was born right after ive been getting really bad pains in both my upper legs right in beween the joints of my legs. and now ive been getting sharp pain in my butt cheek and my lower back its actually like a back cramp that lasts about 10 seconds. anybody experience theese pains or know what its caused from?? also i feel like i have to pee really bad and its kinda like somthing is falling out of me for like 4 seconds then it goes away. i know werid right? ahaha

The pain in the legs/lower back/butt is called Posterior Pelvic Pain. I have it right now, and I can relate, it's incredibly annoying! It's actually caused by the release of hormones that weaken the muscles in your pelvis and between your lower vertebrae in order to prepare your body for labor. The best advice I can give is to get up and walk around as much as possible, stretch and do your abdominal exercises! It may not be comfortable, but it's necessary for labor, and it WILL go away.

What kind of medicine ,can I take for back pain?Im 34 weeks pregnant?

Tylenol or something that your doctor prescribes you. That's it.

I am 34 weeks pregnant and I have had lower back pain all day long. Nothing I do is taking it away.?

I am 34 weeks pregnant and I have had lower back pain all day long. Nothing is taking the pain away. I am also having some mild cramping here and there but not close enough together to keep track of. What could this be?

You should all your doctor.

When I had backaches that wouldn't go away, it turned out to be what they call "back labor". The baby was face up when he was born. I guess that is why my back hurt so much.

I am 34 weeks pregnant and I have lower back pain at night. For the past 2 nights I cant go back to sleep!?

I wake up to go on my midnight run to the potty and the back pain is so bad I grone and change sleeping positions often, I think it might be because the baby is too heavy but I just dont know. Can anyone give me any answers?

I had major back pain when I was preggo with my third son. What I did from month 3 to month 9 was get a pre-natal massage. It worked wonders for my back and also was an enjoyment I know I wouldn't be getting for a while once the baby was here.

Pain in back and right side 34 weeks pregnant?

Since yesterday i have had pains in my back around to my right side. I don't think its contractions they would be on both sides right? Been really tired and ill . Baby has been very active as well.Pain isnt associated with any movement. It comes and goes and is not regular, just every few mins. Ive always been induced so i do not know true labor. Any suggestions on to ease the pain besides more pillows is appreciated... Or anyone else with these symptons please share your story...

i had these that started at 32 weeks. stitch-type pain on my side. its the ligaments stretching and only rest can help it. i found that when i woke up in the morning i would be ok for about 10 min then it would come back again! ahhhh
and its the position of the baby too. somtimes they sit on the nerves and this causes the pain, and also back pain coz of the pressure.
I was induced with my first coz she was 10 days over and no sign of wanting to come out!
but with my second, i got slight tightening pain in my lower abdomen. Its very similar to period cramps.
I still had to be induced coz they were getting stronger but it went on for 3 days and i had enough!
when you feel tight period-type cramps (but alot worse of course) then this is the beginning of contractions. but it doesnt seem like you will go anytime soon, coz the side pain and back pain are from what i said above.
you will be relieved to know the pain will go away after bub is born (oh, so long away) but just relax and dont lift anything too heavy coz this will aggrivate it.
Hope all goes well and you feel better soon.

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