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Sudden severe back pain 37 weeks pregnant, any ideas?

I have had a flu & coughing for a couple of weeks and my ribs were a little tender but while cooking dinner my back got really sore and when I went to put some socks on my back felt like it just spasmed and now I am in agony. Everytime I cough or move slightly it sets my back off and I get this shooting pain down my left side. I have to sit very still! Any ideas what this is, came on very sudden?? Cheers guys :-)

It sounds like you aggravated your sciatic nerve, which runs down your back. Lots of women have random sciatic pain throughout pregnancy, but there are a few who have intense pain as they get further along and the baby is laying on the nerve in addition with the extra weight out front. The reason I think sciatica, is because it shoots down your legs. It may or may not go away, the baby could move off the nerve, but it does sound like it got aggravated by you putting socks on (darn you! lol). Try to stay immobile as much as possible and it might ease up.

Is it normal to have painful middle back pain at 37 weeks pregnant?

My back has been hurting ever since I woke this morning, and I have put a heating pad on it and it doesn't seem to of made a difference. I am not dilated (well at least the doctor hasn't told me if I am or not) but she has turned. When I was walking from my bedroom to our living room earlier, my back pain seemed to be worse then when I am laying down. Should I contact a doctor about my pain or wait it out and see if it goes away?

Call your doctor right away you may be in labor! My baby was born at 36 weeks.

Low Back Pain/ 37 Weeks Pregnant?

Im 37 weeks pregnant, and about 2 days ago, I started having low back pain, which I never had before. They were mild at first, then about 2 hours later they came stronger, and then I started to feel pain in my lower stomach, It hurt to walk or even to lay down, It was hard to time them because if felt like the pain was not going away at all, this lasted about 6 hours until I finally fell asleep. In the morning I was feeling a bit better, but since then I been feeling high back pain, and very low pressure pain, Is this all normal?

Nothing unusual at all. In fact, consider yourself lucky.

My wife fought with both lower and higher back pain beginning with week 30 and it got so bad, she couldn't even sleep.

I would only worry if I started bleeding. Luckily that never happened during any of my wife's pregnancies.

37 weeks pregnant and experiencing lower back pain with diarrhea. Could this be the start of labor?

I've had severe diarrhea and terrible lower back pain all morning. It's a very consistent dull pain. I am 37 weeks. Could this be the start of labor?

Sounds like it! Diarrhea is very common right before or at the start of labor because your body naturally kind of cleans itself out to allow the baby to pass through more easily. Lower back pain is also very common, depending on how the baby is lying. Just be sure to pay attention to contractions that get consistently stronger and closer together, and of course if your water breaks call your doc or go in right away. Good luck!

Weird lower back pain, 37 weeks pregnant?

I've been having this really strange lower back pain today. It's right above my hip on my left side and sometimes I can feel it in my side. It's not really constant and sometimes it stronger than other times. But I've been having it at different times of the day, so I really don't think it's labor. It's not bad enough to go into the hospital just yet. I'm just wondering if anyone around 37 weeks had experienced this same pain. It's not too bad, just really Although sometimes I have to stop what I'm doing in order to catch my breath. It can get pretty painful at times. I have a doctors appointment Wednesday and I plan on going to the hospital if it gets worse, but I just wanted to see if anyone else had any ideas :) Maybe it's nothing to worry about.

Perhaps it's kidney pain? As far along as you are it is very easy for you to become dehydrated which might feel just like what you described. I am glad you are seeing a Dr. for it. In the meantime, try taking in a bit more H20 and see if it helps. Good luck, congratulationss and be well.

37 Weeks Pregnant With Sharp Pain In Back?

Im 37 weeks 3 days pregnant and i've been having a really bad pain in the right middle part of my back for a couple weeks now when i lay down and go to get up. It's almost like a pinched nerve feeling. And now it's starting to hurt when im just sitting down trying to get comfortable. What could it be ? I just lost my mucus plug today and have been having more contractions ever since. Im pregnant with my second child.

You definitely could be in labor. I would head to the ER just to be safe. Also sounds like a pinched nerve which is quite common among pregnant women. Sometimes the position of the baby will do that also. However, you are probably going to have that baby soon!

37 weeks pregnant, experiencing lower back pain and menstural cramps?

I'm 37 weeks and 3 days pregnant, and ive been getting menstural like cramps and lower back pain, is this a sign i'll be going into labour soon??

cramps & lower back are normal. but if you experience back, pelvic, & stomach tightning every 5-7 min or less call your doctor... you could be in labor.

Back pain and 37 weeks pregnant!?

I am 37 weeks and 6 days pregnant. I have had constant lower back pain for about an hour now. I have tried walking around, sitting, even emptied my bladder. I am at work so I can't try anything else really. Should I be concerned? Help plz.

It could be back labor. That's what happened to me. I was trying to sleep and after 8 hours of tossing and turning all night, I went to the ER to ask for something so I could sleep. That's when they told me I had been in labor for 8 hours and that I wasn't leaving. I had no contractions at all until about an hour after being admitted to the hospital. So if it continues for an extended amount of time you may want to call your doc and see if he/she thinks you are ready to go to the hospital or not.

37 Weeks pregnant experiencing lower back pain and stomach tightening*?

Hi I am 37 weeks and 2 days pregnant with my first child. I am experiencing lower back pain and what feels like menstrual cramps on one side or both. I am also getting quite a bit of stomach tightening. I went for a long walk yesterday and my stomach got very tight with strong cramps but stopped if i bent over but when i got back home and sat down i felt the strong menstrual cramps in one side or both. Today I walked the mall and experienced a lot of pain in my lower abdomen but only on one side really-and now like i said I am having bad lower back pain. Is labor coming on or are these normal aches and pains of 37 weeks pregnant???

It could be simply braxton hicks contractions or it could be some early contractions. I would not be terribly worried about it right now, if they get worse call your doctor. Are you overdue for the baby? What is the due date?

37 weeks pregnant with lower back pain irregular contractions and cramping?

I'll be 38 weeks pregnant on the 16th I've been losing the plug for a couple of days I'm having lower back pain irregular contractions cramping some stabbing pains off and on in abdomen and just generally feeling crappy baby has been in postion for a week anybody know what might be going on

I was in a similar situation... was losing my plug slowly over 3 days... terrible lower back pain, irregular contractions etc etc... was told the contractions were stopping due to the lower back pain. Lower back pain was caused by my baby being in a posterior position (lying on my spine). I was advised to sit on my knees and lean foward and that would move the baby. I sat like that in the bath for couple of hrs and it sure moved the bab off my spine slightly and the back pain stopped. Soon after my contractions became more regular and water broke. i immediately went to the hospital and bab was born 5 hrs later.

Gd luck...

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