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4 DPO, cramping, back pain, temp drop (see chart)?

I know 4 DPO is too early for implantation, but why else would one's temp go down so early? I am also having lower back pain & cramping. Any ideas?

if you're having lower back pains... a great releiver of that is an inversion table...

it is great for releasing pressure on the disks of your back... I've had one for a few months now.. and my back no longer hurts!

they're a tad expensive though... but well worth it...

I had a very sharp electric type of pain in my lower right back. I think according the my chart i am 3-4 dpo.?

So, My temps are a bit up this past 3 days and i have been cramping. My husband and i have sex with no protection 1/3 of the month. I am very dry today so I believe I already ovulated and i think it was 2 days ago because the consistency was the most creamy of my whole cycle so far. Today during work I got this crazy stinging sharp pain in my right lower back for like 4 or 5 seconds and then it was gone. Do you think i'm pregant

if u only ovulated 2 days ago its too early to get symptoms, but everyone is dif. wait until the day u are late for ur next period then test UFMU.

I am 5 DPO and wanted to know who else was in their TTW?

Here is what has happened to me over the past 5 days....

1 DPO- Nothing
2 DPO-Extremely Tired Slept 5 hours after dropping DD off at school
3 DPO-Severly Bloated, I mean Bad (DH and I DTD and it hurt), Again Tired, Light Back Pain
4 DPO-Severly Bloated Still, Terrible Back Pain, Sore Nipples
5 DPO- Woke up witha sore throat, I had a ton of energy (I mowed the Front and back yard, DH usually does this but I needed to do something with this energy, the house was already clean) Nipples feel weird.

I'm on 5 dpo. I've had cramps since 1dpo and today we BD'd and it kind of hurt. I've had a sore throat the last couple days too. i hope i wake up with energy! Fortunate for me, I've got only 10 day waits (my period being due may 1st). it sounds like you might be, but it's so early. I wouldn't test if I were you until a couple days before may 4th, like may 1st, with a first response test.

4 weeks pregnant: back pain and slight cramping - normal?


I am 4 weeks pregnant. I got 2 positive pregnancy tests 8 DPO. This is my 2nd pregnancy. I've had lower left dull back aches. I also have been feeling a little "activity" in my lower left pelvic region...slight cramping. No bleeding and no severe pain. Is this normal? I don't remember it with my 1st. Thanks ;)

Hi, I'm about 4 weeks pregnant too and feel the same thing. From all the reading I've done it seems normal, it's just things moving around and stretching to make room. As long as there's no severe pain or bleeding you should be fine. Though this is only my 1st so i'm no expert. Good luck!!

Question about bad lower back pain and abdominal cramping at 10 dpo?

OK, just wondering if any of you ladies out there had really bad lower back pain that radiated into your thighs along with persistent dull abdominal aches before you found you were pregnant? I pretty sure I'm 10 dpo and this back pain is killer! Heat and tylenol aren't helping at all and AF (if she's coming) is due in about 4 days. I know I could take an early test, but after 3 pregnancies, the last that ended in MC, I've never experienced pain/symptoms like this and I thought maybe someone has and could let me know? Also, my others didn't show up on hpt's until after I missed AF for a couple of days, so I'll wait to test.

Thanks in advance for your answers!

I would help you, but i only have those symptoms really bad when im on my period lol sry! wish i could help more but im only 15 1/2 so i dont know how good i'll be at helping you. i dont really know what all your abbriviations mean...

Am i having signs at 4 DPO..???

yesterday at 3 DPO i felt pulling sensation in my uterus, i had pain all day on/off in both my ovaries, mainly the right one. also had pains in my chest about 3 times throughout the day and had a mild to medium back ache in my lower back. wet cervical mucus but not as bad as the past couple of days!......

today 4 DPO have got lower back pains again when im standing and my stomach feels like its hungary but i dont want anything!! felt abit sick but thats gone now and hardly any cervical mucus...

are these signs atall???

this is our 1st month ttc and i really hope i get a bfp!!!!!

many thanks for your answers!!


It's hard to say, pms symptoms and pregnancy symptoms are very similar. Because you are only 4dpo it could just be ovulation pains My body had me totally convinced that I was pregnant last month. I had all of the same symptoms I had with my other two kids...but AF came, it's crazy what your mind and body can do when you want something soooo bad. Good Luck and baby dust, I hope you get your BFP

14 DPO, low back pain, cramps, slight line on HPT?

Yeah, it sounds obvious...I should take a test in a couple of more days. BUT, I feel like AF is coming, my lower back feels like someone kicked it with a steel toe boot. My luteal phase has typically been 12-13 days long. I took one of those cheap dollar store HPTs tonight and I saw the slightest pink line...Not sure if I should wait another 4 days or call my doc and sound like a crazy woman who JUST WANTS TO KNOW???!!!! Anyone else in the same boat?

You don't need to wait. You got a positive. A faint positive is still a positive. Cheap tests work just as well as any other. I use Dollar Tree tests all the time and always get accurate results.

You ARE pregnant. Call your doctor to schedule your appointment.

Add: It's very normal in early pregnancy to feel like you are going to get your period. That's just how many women feel because it's actually your body getting used to being pregnant and for the rest of the pregnancy. That is actually a pregnancy symptom.

Strange pain after BDing last night. 4 dpo. Also on clomid!! please read?

Has anyone experienced pain like this before. My husband and i were bding for about 5 minutes before i had to stop because of pain in the vagina area. It would like come in spurts. Like a dull pain and then get intense for a min then go back to just dull pain. But it was really wierd. I could like feel it in my ovaries ( in that area) down to my vagina. It stopped after about an hour or two. I took my 3rd round of clomid this cycle so i was wondering if this may have had an effect. Maybe cysts. Or maybe it was because my cervix was low with all the hitting it. IDK what do you think?

Could be implantation! maybe you got a baby in your belly! i got the weirdest twinges around 3 to 4DPO and ended up pregnant!

4 dpo...what do you all think?

I am 4 dpo and here is what I'm feeling...I'm having lower back pain and mild aching in my lower almost feels like a mild cramping sensation. My back feels like I slept wrong and now aches in my lower back but I didn't sleep wrong. (just trying to describe my symptoms) I go to the doctor next week....3 days before I'm suppose to "start" so hopefully I'll know for sure but just wondering if any of you out there had symptoms this early after ovulation. Maybe these are delayed symptoms from ovulation (because I cramp then back ache but who knows) but I'm hoping different.

I had the same signs and now I'm 5 weeks pregnant so anything is possible!!!! Good luck!!

4 DPO & loads of EWCM?

Hi there,

Today I am 4 DPO and we have made sure that we have BD'd on days before (when I thought was ovulation) and after. I thought O day was 4 days ago but strangely last night there was loads of very clear, stretchy EWCM. This is confusing! We BD'd anyway but could it be that I got the O day wrong before (yet I was so sure)? I have had EWCM for the last week but not as much as last night. I have also had a dull lower back pain the last day or so. Has anyone else experienced the same as me and got a positive result?

Thanks :-)

It's you are, trying your hardest to get pregnant..and then on Yahoo answers, you see 13 year olds posting questions about how they became pregnant, whether they should or should not have the baby, and how they're so scared because their parents are going to find out and the kicker is...they weren't even trying to get pregnant in the first place!

It's almost a joke, really.

Just as a little story, My husband and I tried to conceive for a while year. Last year around Thanksgiving time, it finally happened. I think it wasn't happening for a whole year because I was stressing so much over it. I kept thinking about the baby. I kept counting days, researching my ovulation charts, reading about all kinds of crazy methods to conceive a child. I had baby on the brain. Finally in November last year, I gave up. I had a move to think about. I had to pack things, clothes, furniture...had to get an apartment, start paying new bills with my husband, make a road trip to our new state..things were hectic and I forgot about baby-making, and somewhere around that time, it happened. I think when you are anticipating a child, your body isn't going to respond only because of how the stress hormones are high even though you don't know it. And this can even put your cycle off. It sucks, really. I have some really helpful sites for you should check them out:

*Find out when you are ovulating:…

*Side effects of personal lubricants when TTC:…

*Tips for Conceiving:…

*Increasing chances of getting pregnant:…

Good luck..I know it's so frustrating...but it will happen. Like I said, we tried for a I am a mom to a beautiful baby who was born in August 2008.

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