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I am 5 1/2 months pregnant and I am having horrible back pain on the whole right side of my back?

I am 5 1/2 months pregnant and I am having horrible back pain on the whole right side of my back. Its not just whille standing... I am getting sharp stabbing pains up the whole right side while im sitting, laying down, walking, standing. It's very uncomfortable. Is this a sign of a problem?

It's not something I would ignore. I'm also 51/2 months and most of the pains I'm experiencing are coming from the round ligaments and it can spread nastily. I'm sure this is probably what you're getting (and perfectly normal) but f it's really painful, I'd call your Dr and just run it by them to be on the safeside.

I hope it is just normal pregnancy aches and pains :)

Look after yourself.

Blood in pee , lower back pain 5 months pregnant I think doctors dont know what they are talking about !!!?

I went to the doctor today because I was peeing blood , that didnt hurt . The only thing that hurt was my lower back . They ordered an sonogram for the baby . and put an Iv in me . They said its probley a kidney stone from lack of drinking enough water . and gave me macrobid . My lower back is still hurting and I still have blood in my pee ,. he said I will probly pass aother stone and to come in if I do .... PlEASE HELP IM CONFUSSED!!!!! I dont think its kidney stones dont they hurt??? Ive never had a health issue before .

actually when u're passing kidney stones, majority of times the only pain u feel is in ur kidneys. yes, it'd feel like ur lower back is hurting, but the pain would be mostly only on one side, depending on which kidney it is. what ur pain and blood sounds like is u still haven't passed the kidney stone. the blood is from the stones scratching the tube on the way out, it might have been too big to pass, therefore it got stuck, which is why u haven't felt it coming out yet. that would give u the lower back side pain, also it can cause nausea. it doesn't matter how healthy u are, kidney stones can be caused by anything and can happen at any time, it can be caused by anything from pop drinks to calcium from too much milk or orange juice. drinking lots of water does help the kidney stones get flushed out, but just bc u might not be drinking enough would not cause the kidney stones.

i've had kidney stones for 4 years now. it's not that painful every time, if it's a small stone passing through, the pain is tolerable, if it's big, than it's more painful. sand in one kidney, and over 15 stones in the other. no1 still knows what caused it bc i haven't been able to catch one coming out bc i never felt the actual stone coming out, i've only felt the pain in my kidney. also when i had a pain that lasted 2-3 days, after x-rays it turned out the stone was too big and it got stuck, i had to have a surgery to get it pulled out. so try drinking cranberry juice, eating watermelon, and drinking lots of water, all this will help ur kidney stones flush out.

Back pain at 5 months pregnant?

I am having horrible back pain in the middle of my lower back. Its not the muscles, but my spine. It almost feels like someone punched me there. Is this normal? What can i do?

At 5 months it's hard to say for certain that the baby would be causing the back pain unless you've been sleeping on your back still. The baby shouldn't be big enough yet for his position to put you in pain. But like I said, if you've been sleeping on your back, your uterus,baby,amnionic fluid, and placenta are all weighing down on your spine and other organs.

If it hurts after you've been walking, you might be arching your back and poking out your belly when you walk. Try getting on your hands and knees at the end of or beginning of the day and rocking back and forth and then keeping your knees up, but lower your arms and head down, keeping your back straight, not arched. It will help to take pressure off your back.

And if the pain is pretty constant or getting worse, call your OB and make sure they check you for a UTI or kidney infection. That could also cause Lower back pain, and the other symptoms of urgency to go and frequency of urination might might be confused for normal pregnancy pains.

~Good Luck!

7.5 months pregnant and severe back pain?

I'm 7.5 months pregnant and having severe pain in my lower back I've been in preterm labour before and didn't even know it. Any ideas on what is going on?

It sounds like preterm labor.

Back pain at 5 months pregnant?

Ive just turned 5 months a few days ago and eventho I am getting a bigger, rounded and more noticable tummy, its still small and i havent gained much weight, just a pound at 18 weeks so I dont think my problem has 2 do with weight gain. Well lately every night Ive been waking up in the middle of the night with some what bad, dull back pain on the right side that goes 4rm my lower back up 2 the middle of my back. When I wake up later in the morning it doesnt hurt anymore.2day however when I woke up it was hurting on both sides and hurt alittle more than just a dull pain and now that Im awake and about the right side still hurts but not 2 bad.I am worried that this is not normal and that i need 2 go get an ultrsound. Any advice?

It is possible to be a kidney infection (caused by a urinary tract infection maybe) sometimes UTI's have no symptoms until the develop into a kidney infection, and UTI's are not uncommon during pregnancy (I had one with all 3 pregnancies) (most common symptom, pain during urination but not always the case if you have one).
Also kidney stones are possible...
Either way you should get checked to be 100% sure....

Back pain whilst 5 months pregnant?

i have got a twinging pain in my back, and its only goes when i lay sidewards, its going to be imposs to go to work as i have to sit all day at my p.c, but i just dont know what to tell me work!! have i got a trapped nerve do you think??

does it effect ur legs aswell at times i had simular pains but it was my legs to and that was due to the baby layin on a nerve n no matter wot i tried it wouldnt shift lol

I'm 5 months pregnant and I already have lower back pain and cramping?

Is this normal? When I went to the doctor a couple weeks ago I told her this and she didn't even seem concerned? I'm not bleeding or anything but sometimes the cramping is unbearable and I would think the baby is too small to have such back pain. Has anyone else had this?

I'm 27 weeks with my first and i have terrible back pain! and i am more than sure this is pretty normal. I get some cramping but not alot. If it is unbearable i would get checked out just incase. But your insides are doing alot of stretching and pulling and everything is moving up so things are bound to be hurting and aching a little. But i always think if you are in ALOT of pain it is your body's way of telling something is up so get checked out anyway. Good luck

5 months pregnant and pain on my left side and back?

I am having pretty bad pain on my left side, it goes from my back to the front and down the side of my belly. Does this sound like I pulled some muscles or does anyone else have any ideas what it could be and how to help it? I am at work and its getting really hard to do my job. Thanks for any advice!

You would be carrying most of the weight in the back. I did that with my first pregnancy and with this second one as well and my back hurts all the time. sometimes it comes to the front as well but that is when the baby is moving inside. I dont think its anything to be alarmed about, but take it easy if you can. Keep a cold compess on your back when it hurts, even try it on your belly. It always helped for me.

If you are really concerned about it contact the local nurse at your doctors office or your doctor and explain what is going on there could be something serious going on.

Take care and Good Luck

Im 5 months pregnant and having bad pain in the back of my legs near my butt what could be the cause of that?

im 5 months pregnant and having bad pain in the back of my legs near my butt what could be the cause of that?

Probably a nerve compressed due to the extra weight you are carrying. Use of Arnica 30 and Hypercium 30 single doses may correct it. Medicines should be used in consultation with homeopathic doctor..

I'm 5 months pregnant and I'm having really bad back pain sometimes it hurts to even get up?

this is my first child, but the pain isn't everyday its on and off. And its only on my right side. Everything else is pretty normal just my back pain hurts!!!! Any help on why?! Thanks!

Go to a chiropractor hun, seriously it helps so much! Otherwise tylenol, heating pad.

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