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Pain below left shoulder blade on back, shortness of breath?

I'm experiencing pain below my left shoulder blade on my back, and the pain worsens if i move a certain way or breath in deep. Also, I feel like i'm not getting enough air or if i move around a lot i'm not. I have a cold right now, i'm very stuffy i was wondering if this could be it.

its possible you may have phnomonia,but there is another question at at hand some expeirance pain like this when they suffer a heart attack-take an aspirin really-if the pain persist call your drs, ofice i know hes closed but there is someeone on call theyll let you know to go to E.R. just get to the doctor

Back Pain below left shoulder blade?

I have searched and searched on the internet, but not really found anything. I have not gone to the doctor yet, but willl make appointment. About a couple of months ago, I noticed a pain on the left side of my back about 4 or 5 inches to the left of my spine and just at the bottom of my left shoulder blade. It doesn't hurt all of the time. If I sit straight up (like your suppose to) it doesn't hurt. But, I don't sit like that all of the time. Anyway, when I take a deep breath or move wrong it hurts. It's not like a 10 pain. I've been to the chiropractor two times and it hasn't helped. I expressed my concern about my lung and he said it wasn't my lung, that it was probably a muscle. It's kind of like a mild burning pain and just a pain (don't know how to explain). Can anybody please let me know if they know what it could be?

Hi Mommaq20

If you can sit straight and the pain eases, firslty it is nothing to worry about and unlikely to be your lung.

Most common cause of this is either a rib not moving correctly and the muscles around it being tighter - this will cause the pain if you bend slightly forward and take a deep breath in. Certain movements - especially twisting - will jam the rib head and make the pain worse.

It may also be a minor diaphragm tightness. The Diaphragm can refer to this area and has similar pain characteristics as the rib. Add in a few spinal joints not being 100% and it can become quite annoying.

Most Chiropractors (being one I should know) will not look at the rib cage and very few assess the diaphragm. In my practice both of these are very common with the pain you describe.

As to fixing it...

There are a few things you can do at home to ease it, some breathing techniques will help relax the diaphragm but you should try to get your entire spine to work better.

The link below will give you a few things to do which should ease things quickly. If you don't feel better, feel free to email me.

All the best
Dr Graeme Teague

Back pain below the shoulder blades help?

I'am 15 years old (Male) and I'am having a horrible back pain in the middle of my back below the shoulder blades.
It only happens when I'am laying on my side and try to get up(And it is rare) But It hurts so badly that i Get up or turn over on, so i just lay there for maybe 40minutes.
I know i have Scoliosis, but the doctor says it is barely noticeable. Other than that I'am a pretty healthy person!

Is your school bag too heavy?check it out..............try a hot bath with addedmedicated oils like oil of euculptus!

Morning back pain..below shoulder blades?

Every morning im awakened by excruciating back pain.. The back pain is in the center of my back just below my shoulder blades. It wakes me up and i cannot go back to sleep. After i get up it dulls after a few minutes then goes away after about an hour.I only get this pain after a night sleep. I had this same problem about 5 years ago but then it went away. Its been back for about 4 months now. Anyone else have this problem or any ideas on what might be going on?

There is a high probability that it is because of your bed and your sleep position. You may need to try a different pillow so that there is no stress on your neck. If you had this problem 5 years ago, think about what you have changed since then in your life style in regard to work, exercise and sleep. It could be that you have an injury in your cervical or thoracic part of your spine ( such as a bulging disc or pinched nerve ). You may simply need to just do some stretches and exercise specifically for that area, and higher up. If this continues, and is not bearable, I would go see your doctor.

Relief for back pain just below right shoulder blade?

I am having sharp pains just below my right shoulder blade lately. Like stabbing sharp pains. Sometimes it feels like there is a knot there. I've had my boyfriend try rubbing it but it doesn't go away. Hmmm additional details... I spend a lot of my nights at work washing dishes leaned over a sink all night but i try to stand up straight to stop back pain... umm i just got a new mattress, hmmm oh and i have a very slight curve in my spine but that has never been where it hurts. I have some Lodine that was prescribed to me recently when i fell down the stairs and hurt my hip. should i just take that? its an anti-inflamitory. maybe i hurt my back and didn't realize it until now??

Hmmm, you said you recently fell down the stairs and hurt your hip ? Maybe you also injured your spine? Or your shoulder blade on that same side ? Did you have xrays taken or just tell a doctor you had back pain ? It could be a lot worse than aches and should have it checked out at a hospital, if possible...

Back pain below right shoulder blade?

I was getting ready for school this morning and i bent over to pick up my wallet from the floor and all hell breaks lose on my back. It's to the point where i can't move all that well and no matter how many pain killers (well what a 14 yr old can get her hands on ie asprin) i take, the pain is still unbearable. Its only to the right of my spine and is in the mid section of my back, not the lower part where i usually get pain. Any clue whats wrong because honestly this doesnt feel really nice and I'm not really one to rush to the doctors with every injury.

If the injury is more than 48 hours old, try applying heat for 20 minute periods and try some gentle stretching in the area (shoulder stretching will work a treat. REST and in 3-4 day if there is NO improvement you should see a doc/physio.

Hope this help and hope your OK


Very painful back pain below right shoulder blade?

I race motocross and was practicing today and I came a up short on a 160 foot jump. I basically dropped out of the sky from 30 feet in the air. Now I have a sharp pain in my back and it won't go away. I tried having somebody rub it and it didn't go away. I rode 4 more times after the initial injury. What do you think is wrong with it? And my friend is a physical therapist so should I have him check it out? It is killing me. Also I broke my lumbar vertebrea 2 years ago from motocross if that helps at all.
Thanks in advance

I would go to the Doctor or ER at the hospital and have it checked. It could be serious. You don't want to wait too long as some injuries need to be treated as soon as possible after an accident for the best recovery. You had a terrible fall.

I hope you are well soon.
Best Wishes.

I have a terricble back pain located right below my shoulder blade.?

Do you think it could be lung related?

check your sitting posture. try a ergonomic chair at work or home. whichever place you spend the most time sitting.
spiritually you lack sufficient emotional support. get closer ro you friends and family.

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