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I am experiencing middle back pain and constipation.Could these two be linked?

My pain is a catching, kind of breath-taking pain especially when I get up from sitting or lying. I have read that back pain constipation is sometimes felt in the lower back, but mine is definately in the middle. It woke me up during the night two nights ago and is still hurting. I have had two bowel movements, but very hard, firm and small amounts.

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I Have severe lower back pain, constipation, abdominal cramping, get nauseous after eating. Any ideas?

Have severe lower back pain, last week I had Diarrhea and this week I am constipated. I have abdominal cramping and I get nauseous when I eat. Any ideas of what may be going on?

Are you pregnant?

7 weeks pregnant with severe mid back pain and constipation?

I am 7 weeks pregnant and suffer from severe mid back pain and constipation. I can not sleep at night because of the tossing and turning trying to get comfy. I put a pillow between my legs and it doesn't help for too long.

I also noticed that I have not really moved my bowels properly in a while.

Should I be concerned or is this normal at such an early stage? I do not have any discharge or bleeding.

Also, is it safe to take ex-lax or such?

Thank you for your help!!!

Constipation is very common during pregnancy because of the increased progesterone that slows down your bowels. I wouldnt take laxatives, stool softeners may be ok, but honestly what works best for me is Benefiber. It's mixed in any drink, even water, and it doesn't alter the taste or texture, you don't even know it's there, and it's 100% natural and safe. I was severely constipated before, and would even spot a little after a bowel movement form all the straining, now i have no problems at all. It's in a green plastic can, and you can get it at Target, wal-mart, the grocery store, or the pharmacy. I just mix the powder in w/ my juice when i take my prenatal, no extra pills needed! :) As far as your back pain, if it's severe I'd call the doc and find out what's going on. I know moderate back pain is common in any stage of pregnancy, but sever pain anywhere should be looked into. Good luck & best wishes!!


Can severe constipation cause back pain?

I've been told by a doctor, after going in for ongoing nausea and pains in my side, that I'm pretty plugged up with stool.
Recently, I've started getting lower back pains. They're not very sharp, but they're in all the areas that my bowels are on the other side and it's more of a cramp.
Are constipation and lower back pain tied in with each other?
I've also been having stomach cramps lately.

Defining Constipation
Constipation is a term used to describe having infrequent bowel movements and it affects many people every year. However, surpassed only by cold and flu symptoms as “motivators,” having a sore back is the second most common reason people visit their doctors. While the most obvious symptom of constipation is difficulty in having regular bowel movements, another prevalent symptom is back pain. Most of us will experience some sort of pain or discomfort in our backs at some point in our lives, and constipation could be the underlying cause.

Structure and Function of the Back
The back has many muscles attached to, intersecting, or covering the spine. The spine itself is made up of an elongated, curved stack of bones called vertebrae. These vertebrae are basically circular in form and between each of them is a special disc. These discs are composed of rubber-like tissue and provide flexibility of the spine. Without this flexibility, we wouldn’t be able to bend over, twist, sit, or walk. However, we wouldn’t want to be as flexible as a snake either. Along with the discs, we have strong ligaments spanning from vertebrae to vertebrae for added support. The spine also has the critical job of protecting the spinal cord, which sends messages back and forth between the body and the brain, so we can see the logic of having spinal “armor” shielding it.

It’s no wonder people end up with sore back muscles, “slipped discs,” and other lower back problems because we have so many different parts to twist, pull, tear, and strain! Back pain can be caused by lifting something too heavy, twisting too suddenly, or even sleeping in an awkward position. Back pain can even be related to something unusual like constipation. The lower back receives continuous impact from walking, running, and many other everyday motions. Constipation only worsens the situation as the lower back feels greater strain when natural movement is obstructed or hindered by an over-full or impacted colon.

When to See a Doctor
People with severe or chronic constipation can also develop a condition known as fecal impaction. Impaction occurs when the rectum is blocked by a hardened bowel movement and it can lead to back pain, cramps, bloating, and even feelings of lethargy from the toxic waste remaining inside the body too long. Most people endure these types of problems without realizing a solution can be obtained; they find ways to work around any lower back pain they might be experiencing and just trudge along with the added difficulty. Nonetheless, pain is always a signal that something is wrong. Consult a qualified healthcare practitioner if you have any of the following symptoms:

•The pain is constant and doesn’t improve by resting your back or lying down.
•The pain developed suddenly and you are under 20 years old or over 55 years old.
•The pain travels up the back and into the chest area.
•The pain came on slowly and gradually became worse (most back pain results from sudden injury or stress).
•Recurrent nausea or loss of appetite affects your normal diet patterns.
•You experience weakness or numbness in your legs, feet, or buttocks.
•You are also experiencing problems with your bladder or bowel function.
Of course, if you’re experiencing back pain constipation, once you begin having regular bowel movements again the pain should subside. But what if you’ve had back pain recently, and it feels better now, yet you are still constipated? Surprisingly, back pain constipation can also be related to taking medications such as painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs.

Medications and Constipation
Stronger painkillers (like Codeine and Hydrocodone) and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have a tendency to constipate. The following are medications you may not recognize as potential causes of constipation:

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Can constipation add to already existing lower back/hip pain?

I already have sciatica/disc issues and was wondering, due to my recent inactivity due to the back pain, if my current constipation could be adding to it?

Yes, it's possible that it could be adding to the already existing pain. I would recommend asking your doctor if it's ok to take Colace (a stool softener) to see if that helps to ease some of the pain that is coming from the constipation.

Why am i having lower back pain and constipation?

About 2 days ago I started having lower back pain and I can hardly make myself do # 2 now. I haven't had a period this month yet but it has been messing up on me going from the beginning to the end of the months. I am overweight and i am 23 years old. I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not. I haven't had sex since October and we were protected and he pulled out. So what could the problem be??

Some intestinal issues can present with constipation and low back pain. You ought to see a doctor.



It may possibly be duodenal ulcer. I have this problem for 14 years, and bloody stools and sharp chest pain (especially upper abdomen, in the middle), as well as right back pain (mid/upper).

Missed Period, Some Pelvic & Back Pain. Constipation?

I'm 2 weeks late for my period, I took 2 pregnancy test both negative. I've been have front pelvic pain and some back pain when I lay down. I've also been having some constipation, maybe it's all related. I'm 32 years old and have 3 children, 3years, 18 mths & 6 mths.

You can check with your doctor. Are you taking any medicines? You can sleep on solid bed will help. For constipation some medicine like Trifle or what ever available can be used, more salad & fruits, more water will helps.

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