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Upper right back pain, hurts to breathe and cough?

I've been sick with a cold for a few days but today I'm in serious pain to the right of my spine and a little above the middle of my back. It hurts to breathe and cough and pretty much do anything. Help please :(

you need to see a doctor the flu, influenza and pneumonia is going around!!

Terrible chest pain and back pain, hurts to breathe!?

I'm a 14yr old girl who is having sudden horrible chest and back pain in the past hour. I can't breathe without it hurting. I'm scared. It hurts so bad that i'm on the verge of crying.
My parents are asleep and I don't want to wake them and it's not going away.
Please, any suggestions? It hurts so bad.

Hon it's possible that you are having an anxiety attack. Anxiety attacks are extremely scary but are harmless. Compare your symptoms to those at and you'll feel better. If this lasts for more than 2hours it could be serious and would be best to waken your parents. Try drinking a nice cool glass of water and taking a deep breath you'll feel much better.

My upper right back hurts when i bend down or breathe deeply. I have a lot of pain and what can i do to heal?

I play football for my high school and 2 days ago I started getting this sharp pain in my upper right back. It hurts when I breathe deep and when i lay down or walk. I dont know what to do and I need ways to treat my back pain. Thank you

Get an X-ray and make sure you haven't fractured a rib!

Mid to upper back pain that hurts when i breathe?

i am a lifeguard and we were putting chairs away at the pool and i was lifting chairs and i had a sudden back pain that hurt so much i couldn't breathe. i had to go sit down and it still hurt when i breathed. this was yesterday and it still hurts by my spine and shoulder blade today. could it be a pinched nerve or something else???

I had a VERY similar incident. I went to my reg. Dr. they prescribed pain killers that did help (if I did nothing - no activity) otherwise it was still painful. After a few weeks I visited a chiropractor (per the advice of my mother-in-law) and POOF - after 2 visits I was 100% better! Pinched nerve, YUP! Do not just settle into taking pain meds forever. Try them if you like, but if it does not 'fix' itself soon, see another Dr. (chiro maybe). Good luck!

I have middle-upper back pain? It hurts when I breathe.?

I've had pain in my back - below my shoulder blades and towards my spine. It mostly hurts when I breathe in.

It started when I took a hard fall onto my right shoulder.

What type of injury is this and how should it be treated?

It has happened once before to the other side of my back.

Ok - unless you really took a hard direct fall on your rib, more than likely you did not fracture it. However, it is common with a fall like that to cause the rib to become misaligned. This causes extreme pain and difficulty with breathing.

I would recommend that you go and see a chiropractor. They will diagnose your condition ( and rule a fracture ) and more than likely be able to treat you. They will be able to realign those ribs and you should receive quite a bit of relief.

I really wish you the best

Ive been having weird symptoms the past 2 weeks, eye twitching, lower back pain & now hurts when I breathe....

For the past 2 weeks my one right eye has been twitching on & off. It has slowed down on twitching & I read it could be from stress or lack of sleep, which I dont get enough sleep at all so I figured that is what it was from. Since Ive been trying to get more sleep its less frequent as before. But then Ive started getting lower back pain on my right side & have no clue what its from at all, I havent strained it so Im not sure whats going on there.

And today, I woke up feeling like my chest felt heavy to breathe, like when I breathe deep, my chest hurts a little...Im only 27 years old, am I falling apart!??! Anyone have any idea what is going on here?? Thanks!

Your case needs medical attention. Consult your doctor immediately. Hope you'd get better.

I have back pain and it hurts when I breathe in.?

I am 13 and I have had back pain for a long time somethimes it is worse than others....but recently it is hurting really bad and I know cracking it is really bad but it is the only thing that makes it feel better.....and the wierd thing is when I breathe in it hurts! It feels like muscle pain when I breathe in but other than that it feels like bones or something....and usually I can crack it by bending it back slowly (that is when it hurts) and it is hurting bad enough that I cant go to sleep...anything you can tell me will help.....thank you and if you have any like stretches or things that can take away the pain (both immediatly or long term) thank you

Is this upper back or lower back?
From what you describe i would guess its lower back pain and the fact that it hurts more when you flex your back it would appear you may have a pinched nerve in your spinal column.
Try laying flat on your bed no pillows and then raise each leg in turn as high as you can, if this causes pain in your back then you really do need to see an osteopath or an orthopaedic consultant.
You may only need a short course of physio.
Good Luck & happy new year

I fell pretty hard and landed on my back it hurts to breathe and sharp pain when pressed is ita pulled muscle?

I was roller blading and i fell pretty hard onto my back. It didnt hurt at the time but alittle bit after that, it hurt to breathe and move, also i get a sharp pain when it is pressed on. The pain is about mid back. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if it sounds like a pulled muscle or if i should go to the hospital and get my back checked out to see if its a cracked rib?

Since it's also hard to breathe besides the back definitely sounds like a broken rib...go to the er. Good Luck Dear. Also check out this link and see if it sounds like you.…

Pain in my back, hurts to breathe...?

It's making it difficult to breathe and it worsens if I move, even slightly, or take a deep breath.

About three nights ago while I was in the bathtub, I felt sharp pains near my shoulder blade. But they went away. The night after, while laying in bed, my right leg began to hurt. It felt like "growing pains" but they were much worse than I remember. And finally, last night, it became difficult to breathe because of the pain beneath my right shoulder blade. It is still here this morning. Should I be worried?

I'm an eighteen year old female. And I smoke. I'm not sure if those details will be useful, but any answers are appreciated.

If this keeps going on too much longer you need to definitely see a doctor. You might have pneumonia or bronchitis. Its not good when it hurts to breathe. Do you have any asthma issues?? It doesn't really sound like asthma its just if you do have those issues it could make whatever going on worse....Please see doctor asap.

Lower back pain, stomach pain and some blood in my phlegm. I am a smoker and it hurts to cough or breathe hard?

Hurts mostly when I breathe deep or move in a weird way. Hurts in both my back and front in same approximate position. I smoke dope and that is it, but not sure if that is it. I could have hurt it golfing and hurt my back, but would my stomach hurt in the same place (few inches lower than breastbone)??

If you are coughing up phlegm and blood from your lungs, you need to see a doctor immediately, as you may have lung cancer. The phlegm isn't really such a big deal, it's the blood that worries me. If you're coughing a lot, that might be where the pain is coming from, but it might also be something else.

I can't stress how badly you need to see a doctor for that. I was coughing up phlegm from my lungs for a week and when I got to the doctor it turns out that I have pneumonia right now, and I'm really sick because I should have gone sooner. If the meds don't work, looks like they're going to have to give me a shot in my backside, which really doesn't seem pleasant at all. The sooner you go, the better.

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