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Why do you have back pain with pneumonia?

I have been diagnosed with pneumonia and I'm being treated for it. But the worst part is the crazy back pain. It's on either side of my spine, about the middle of my back. Back pain is a symptom of pneumonia, but why? What is it that causes the back pain?

The reason behind this is as the lungs are infected in case of pneumonia, they undergo alteration in stiffness.This is due to the fact that in pneumonia, the lungs develop what is called 'consolidation.' Which means that the lung consistency changes from pliable into semi-solid mass increasing in weight. This tends to press on spinal/intercostal nerves resulting in back/chest pain.

Back pain is observed only in case of bacterial pneumonia. Most of the time, it is also observed that the chest and back pain aggravates with breathing. Therefore, if a person complains of back pain that worsens while breathing, it is considered as a symptom of pneumonia.

How do I get rid of my back pain from pneumonia?

I have awful back pain caused by my pneumonia. I can't fall asleep because it hurts too bad. I've tried alieve, it didn't help. Please help me!

Back is the primary symptoms of pneumonia. The pain from pneumonia happened when a person's lungs becomes inflamed and it is painful on breathing. It is really hard to breathe if you have pneumonia.

You can do yoga for back pain. It is a great help for relieving back pain. But you still need to consult a health care professional for medication to get rid of the pain caused by pneumonia. Exercise and drinking lots of water will give a you a big relief.

There is also another way to help ease your back pain. You can try using a posture brace corrector. One of my friend is using it. She said it really helps her a lot and it is so easy to use.

Is back pain normal with pneumonia?

My 7-year-old son was just diagnosed with pneumonia. He is on antibiotics. He has been complaining of back pain for a few days now. He has a little cough but it was worse before. I was just wondering if this is possibly a pulled muscle from coughing or something to do with the pneumonia.

yes. pulling muscles in your chest is pretty common. they are called intercostal muscles and it can hurt, but a good cough is nessessary to expactorate mucus from you lungs.

he may also have a little plurisy, its an inflammation in the lining of the lung. this could cause chest and back pain as well.

Back pain with pneumonia? Is this normal?

My grandmother was diagnosed with pneumonia this week. She is 80 years old and in fantastic health for her age. She has not been coughing, like most do with pneumonia, but has upper back pain. Is this a normal symptom? I checked on Web MD and it wasn't listed as a symptom. Plus if she isn't coughing anymore, why would her body react this way?

she can have retained secretions in her lungs and that is why she isn't coughing. the back pain is normal if those secretions are in the upper posterior (back) sections of her lungs. if the secretions are then, she needs meds from a doc to her get it out. at home, use a warm mist humidifier to moisten her airway. also, if the secretions are in the posterior sections of her lungs, she needs to lay on her stomach with her head slightly down. while on her stomach, you should beat her back gently to loosen those secretions. to do this: cup your hands (like you are holding water in them) and gently percuss on her back. she should feel it hard enough but it shouldn't hurt her when you do it. (it will feel good). good luck!

Pneumonia and back pain??

i have pneumonia and my back is killing me, is this usual? and how do I get it to stop?

Yes, back pain is common with pneumonia. You could try OTC meds or talk to your doctor to get ahold of something stronger.

Gradual back pain from the flu? Pneumonia?

Early this morning, I noticed a slight discomfort in my upper back, mainly on the right side. This discomfort was made worse as I took a deep breath or when I coughed. As the day progressed, the discomfort would occur during normal activity. At the moment, the pain has gotten a bit worse and is present as I do relaxing activities, such as laying down.

In the previous weeks, I suffered from the flu. Last week was nothing but sniffles and heavy coughs. And today I seem to be doing much better as compared to last week, besides the pain in my back.

I was worried this could be developing into something more dramatic like pneumonia. My brother suffered from strep throat a few weeks ago, and he still has plenty of antibiotics left over. I know this is what the doctor would give me if indeed I had pneumonia. I am not one to take pills, especially ones that aren't perscribed. Should I take these pills anyways? Or just go to the doctor and see what's up? Help? I am a bit worried.

first off, your brother should have finished his antibiotics. you need to go a doctor because it does sound like it could be pneumonia and you need a FULL regimen if it is. By not taking all of your antibiotics you help create drug-resistant germs. Tell your brother to PLEASE finish antibiotics when prescribed them and be sure to do the same yourself.

EDIT: no, he should not take them now, but for future reference... :) Stopping meds when the symptoms go away even though you might have 2 days left of drugs creates drug-resistant germs. It is vital to always take all of your antibiotic, even if your symptoms go away before you take them all.

Pneumonia: pain in lower back and right side?

I'm asthmatic and was sent to the hospital last week . During the attack, it felt like my lower right side and upper chest were SQUEEZING so tight, not giving me relief. After numerous doctor visits, the doctor said she didn't like the sound of my lower lungs so she sent me for a chest xray. Suspects possible pneumonia. I have been experiencing a dull pain on my lower right side / back. Not coughing at all - it's just a constant soreness / ache, somewhat like a dull charlie horse. I've been very achy and weak all week.

Could pneumonia make this happen?

Yes, your lungs go down a long way - remember the ribs are there to protect the lungs and other organs, so where your lower ribs are is around the lower lung. The inflammation from the asthma coupled with pneumonia in the lower lungs and likely the strain you are having breathing would absolutely cause that type of muscle pain. You can try using a heating pad to relieve some of that pain.

Back pain... is it pneumonia?

OK, had a really bad cold a month or so ago and I still am coughing up some stuff since I had it. Today, I woke up with a bad pain in my right lower chest area. It hurts to breathe in deep and feels like it might be a pulled muscle, but I am not sure. Took some pain killers and they are not doing much. Just feels really uncomfortable. Don't think I am running a fever lately, but have been sweating a lot at night. I do plan on calling for an appt if it doesn't ease up in a couple of days, but I am just wondering if anyone has a similar experience and how it turned out. Thanks!

From what you've said, I'd go and visit your GP as soon as possible.

Pain like you describe, when you breathe in deeply, can be a sign of Pneumonia. I had it when I was pregnant and at first I thought the pain in my lower chest was the baby kicking me, or a pulled muscle. Then it started to hurt a lot on breathing in so I saw the doctor and it turned out to be pleurisy which quickly led to pneumonia. I was prescribed antibiotics and it went away quite quickly with no lasting ill effects

Definitely get it checked by a doctor so you can get treatment if you need it. Good luck.

Back pain?

I'm 15, and I have had 5 spinal taps.
2 from having pneumonia
1 from having meningitis
2 from having pseudotumor cerebri
I'm about 5'6 1/2 and weigh about 140-160 ( I don't really know)

I have back pains when I've been sitting for too long, or laying ect ect. Also when I bend over and get back up Not really from physical activity...
Would having that many spinal taps have anything to do with that?

Help please. (:

Here are a few links to sites that will provide you with good, free medical info from professionals……

And since you are 15 you might also like this site…

With all the taps I wouldn't go to a chiropractor unles a MD sends you. A chiropractors 'adjustments' disabled me for life.
Mom and Dad are the best ones for you to talk to about this problem. Maybe have one of them look at the links with you. Good luck

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