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Pain in my lower back which moves around to my front... What is this?

Today at college while we were cleaning out animals, a pain which had been on and off for the past few weeks came on again and now it is still hurting. It's a dull, sharp pain which moves from my lower back around to my front (just where my ribcage ends). It only lasts for a couple of seconds and then goes. But the occurence is loads more frequent than usual.

Any ideas? This early into the term I am reluctant to make a doctors appointment... I know that is a little stupid.

You should definitely make an appointment with your doctor, they may give you an noninflammatory medicine though. If the pain doesn't go away then urge them for scans. There are a literally dozens of problems that could be causing this from inflammation, damaged tissue, ulcers, damaged nerves, internal organ diseases, cracked or bruised ribs, digestive problems, pleurisy (pain intensifies when breathing deeply), muscle spasms, and even cancer. I nor anyone else would be able to appropriately diagnose your problem over the Internet so please, do see your doctor ASAP. Any pains in the abdominal area shouldn't be taken lightly.


Edit: If you don't feel like your doctor is taking you seriously then complain to the centre in which you attend to see if you can switch to seeing a different general practitioner, or if you wish then go to an entirely new centre.

You don’t need to tell your current GP that you’re changing to a different practise or why you want to leave. Moving to a new practise is quick and easy and you don't even have to tell your current GP why you are changing. The new GP will ask you to fill out a GMS1 form which they will then send to the Primary Care Trust (PCT) - you will then be ready to see your new GP. You may also wish to attend your closest Walk-in-centre (WiC), although they don't usually specialise in this area they legally have to attend to you.

(Although if you do move to a new practician, then I would personally suggest you do tell your GP you're moving to a new GP - your files will be transferred quicker).

There is also the NHS Symptom Checker - although this may not be accurate and I still suggest you see a doctor -…

You can also contact NHS Direct if you are feeling unwell on 0845 4647.

Why would lower back pain from an injury move around to different spots?

I fell down and immediately had pain right between two vertebrae in my lower back. There was also pain in my right gluteus and on the bone above that area where the doctor found a knot. Then the pain moved back to the middle, then back to the right. Now, 10 days later, the pain is on the far left side above the gluteus and its pretty bad but seems to get better when I move around and gets stiff when I sit. My doctor said it's a good sign if the pain moves around like that. Why is this?

I'm guessing that when you fell you hurt different areas in your back. The swelling from the fall perhaps dissected down the muscle plains and giving you pain in different areas. You didn't mention an x-ray of your spine so I'm guessing that the x-rays were negative for any bony abnormalities. The shooting pain down the buttocks is probably just irritation of the sciatic nerve.

Lower Stomach Pain That Moved Around to the Side of the Back?

Okay, my sister has had stomach pain that had then moved to the side of her back (its been 1 week since the pain started). She is around her 40s. However, she does not have any other symptoms besides the pain. We went to the doctor and they said to come for an X-Ray. But I would like to know if any of you guys could tell me what could be the cause of this pain?

Best guess would be a bladder infection that has spread upward to one of her kidneys. Be sure she goes right away, since long-term damage can occur if she is not treated soon.

Mid-back pain around my spine, please read?

For a long time now, my upper back has given me a problem. Several years ago I went to a neurologist that told me I have degenerative arthritius in my upper back/neck. I have pain in this area almost daily and its normally in the morning when I first wake up, but after I get up and at myself, it starts to feel a little better. Some mornings hurts worse than others, but I almost never take a pain relever and it goes away on its on within an hour or more.

Last Thursday I got this pain in the lower right part of my back after I got out of the shower. I thought it was odd and I grabbed my corn pack on the way out the door on my way to work. I used it twice and took Motrin that day. By the end of the day neither heat or pain relievers really helped, so I went to the doctor. He just prescribed me a muscle relaxer and some strong pain meds. The next day I kept taking the relaxers and pain meds to help ease all this tension in my lower back. It seemed a little better on Saturday so I did typical house work and didn't take but maybe one pill of each for the whole day. Sunday (yesterday) came around and this time the pain was in the middle of my back.. .around my spine. I took a relaxer, but no pain meds. Last night around 7, I took just a relaxer. I was afriad the pain medicine would make me groggy for work. I didn't sleep much at all last night. I kept tossing and turning all night trying to get comfortable.

A hot shower didn't do the trick, nor hot pack, nor motrin (taken 5 so far today) has done much for the pain.

I don't understand what has brought all this pain on because it wasn't from an injury or any heavy lifting...

Should I just take a "knock-out" pill tonight? or go back to the doctor today?

I don't know what to do with this pain, actually. I'm not even sure why this pain moved from my right lower back to the middle.

And suggestions?

A little advice would be avoid the hot showers, hot packs, heating pads and go for ice instead. Heat actually draws more fluid to the area increasing inflammation. The only reason it relieves pain is because it overrides the tract pain sensations travel along in your spine not because it is helping the problem. Ice on the other had helps drive fluid out of the area thus helping the problem.
It could have moved due to compensation. Remember the spine is like a series of bones and muscles. If you adversely effect one area it impacts the other areas because they are all linked. It's like if you hurt your knee you will most likely end up with hip problems because you change the way the move your leg cause of the pain thus effecting your hip. So it COULD be that when you were doing house work you changed the way you normally move due the pain in your lower back and put more strain on your middle back accidentally thus injuring it. Or some muscles run the length of your back and if you injured one of those your just feeling the pain in another part of the same muscle.

Try avoiding the heat and icing it instead. Stay on your prescribed care and remember when you are taking a relaxer you feel better that's just because you can't feel the injury it is still there! So because cause you can actually injure the area worse and not feel it. If it continues to get worse or doesn't improve go back and see your doc. Since you have already been diagnosised with degenerative joint disease they may want to take xrays to see if you are developing it in other parts of your spine as well. Hope this helps :)

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Back paint that moves around?

ive had back and neck pain for over a year. its seems like one day its my shoulders, then another day its my neck, then my mid back, then lower back, now its in my lower back and can back pain move like that.?

Too many things to give an explanation. Could be nerve damage, infection in muscle tissue, even problems with spinal fluid. Check with a doctor.

Is it normal to have lower back pain in your 3rd trimester?

I have been having some pretty bad pains in my lower right back that moves around into my stomach. It is really painful to walk, and almost impossible to sleep. I am almost 30 weeks pregnant. I know i need to call my midwife, but she is out of the office today due to the new year. I was just wondering if this is normal and if so how can i lessen the pain? Thank you.

Does the pain come and go on a frequent basis or do you just hurt for like, an hour or so at a time?

Anyway, it is perfectly normal for everything to hurt during the third trimester. Your body is suddenly bigger than normal, your center of gravity is thrown off, and you are using muscles all over that you don't normal use just to balance yourself and carry the weight. You will ache.

Lower back pain on left side that goes down to the top of my gluts?

i got hit weird on my back playing tackle football. i thought nothing of it until i came back from my run one day and my lower back (left side only) was killing me. Whenever i expanded my legs i could feel the pain. the pain moves around from my lower back down to the top of the gluts. It is like where my back sort of gives out on me when i move. But then 4 days later ill feel almost 100%, it's still a little tight though. this pattern has continued for 3 weeks. 3 times in the 3 weeks breaking out with pain that makes it hurt to walk. please help.

Sounds like a slipped vertebral disk. Get an MRI.

Does "heart pain" that moves around deal with heart attack?

I have had for several days a pain in the middle of my chest occasionally down my back and it kind of moves around. It was bad one day and is nowjust more of an annoyance. Is there a chance this deals with my heart? There are no other problems and no high. Blood pressure.

it sounds like non cardiac chest pain.

PpLeassze HeLp!! i feel some pain on my back around the spinal cord at the upper part. what wrong with me?

i was sitting down doing my hw and i felt something crack or move in my back. it hurt only a little. then to figure out what was wrong i moved my back around a couple times and bent over. all that caused a little pain and as i'm tping and slouchingg my back hurts too. idk whats wrong. do you? plz HeLp.

You could be having back pains,or growing pains. You should take some aleve that will release all pain from your back. You could of poped a bone but don't do it again because you could break something.

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