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Is Zumba a good option for those who have back pains?

I have a back pain problem (lower back) and I know that if I lose weight this will improve. My question is: should I do Zumba or try something else instead? I don't have any major back problem (went to a doctor already).

That's going to depend on the severity of your pain and any underlying cause. You could absolutely try Zumba (or Yoga, or any number of other stretches and exercises) but the most important thing to remember while doing it is to know your limitations. If something hurts, ask the instructor for a modification so that you can continue to work out without exacerbating any back pain you may experience. Always stretch well before and after and drink plenty of water. If your back pain worsens, consider seeing a chiropractor or physical therapist who can give you some guidance in regards to the exercises you can do safely and some good stretches that will help you reduce pain and increase ability with the exercises you're wishing to do.

Why am I having such bad abdominal pain and no one can tell me why?

I am writing this to find some help for my partner.

We visited the ER of a hospital we happened to be near (not our "normal" ER/hospital) last Sunday. She was having pain in her stomach in intense episodes to the point of tears and inability to walk.

The pain is in her lower abdomen, just above the pubic bone. The pain also radiates to her back, upper groin, and down her legs.

The doctor we saw was concerned, as this pain was different than any other abdominal pain she had experienced. She has IBS, but her problem presented with NO digestive symptoms of any kind.

They found, in the doctor's words, "a slight urinary tract infection," and Mesenteric Lymphadenitis, which usually occurs in children and teens, most often after or during a "stomach virus". She is 27, and has had no stomach virus or digestive problems.

They discharged her with pain meds and Cipro for to treat the problem. They also gave her Levoquin before we left the ER.

He told her she should not work until Wednesday, but should probably be fine by then. She rested, took the meds, and went back to teaching ballet on Thursday.

Thursday evening, another incredibly intense episode of similar pain drove us back to our "normal" ER. The doctor we saw was incredibly rude, and said she just had "chronic abdominal pain," and there was nothing anyone could do to help or treat her. All she did to follow up with the other hospital's CT scan and urine screen was blood tests and another urine screen. This urine screen came back clean, and she said all the bloodwork was "fine."

She told my partner she just needed to go home and rest, change her diet, and continue taking pain meds, even though they were not helping at all, only making her more tired. She said that she shouldn't be working, as my partner teaches dance, but the classwork she had been doing prior to Thursday's visit was light ballet with preschool children, not Zumba or something. The level of activity was no more than normal walking.

We are at the end of our rope! I am listing her symptoms below. If anyone has any thoughts, please let us know. The pain episodes are becoming more frequent, and it is not getting any better; if anything, worse.

* Intense episodes, as well as constant pain in the lower abdomen, just above the pubic bone

* Constant drowsiness

* Elevated liver functions, to the point that the doctor she was seeing did not feel comfortable putting her on medication for high cholesterol.

* Back pain, radiating from the abdomen and down her legs

* Excessive thirst, despite drinking more than the average required daily water intake

* Frequent "hot flashes"

* Sensation that she is going to pass a huge blood clot (as one might during menstruation), yet without any bleeding, and not in the PMS or period time.

* She is on several medications, some very recently prescribed. The new medications are listed in all CAPS.

* Metformin
* Celexa

Please help! If you have any thoughts, please share them with us.

Thanks so much.


I wish I could say what exactly was causing the problem, but I can't. What I CAN tell you is that I, for the life of me, CAN NOT figure out why she is on Potassium supplements AND Spironolactone. Spiro was originally developed as a medication for high blood pressure and is basically a diaretic. Most diaretics are Potassium depleting, however Spiro isn't. It's actually a Potassium sparing medication, which means that if you don't keep an eye on your diet in terms of your Potassium intake, it could reach toxic levels and actually be fatal. I'm on Spiro & Sprintec for acne, because spiro is also effective in controlling hormones and is best used w/ a birth control pill. I would see another doctor ASAP and present to them the list of meds she's on. She needs another blood test and don't leave until you have some solid answers, this doesn't sound like a "virus," and "Chronic abdominal pain" is just rediculous. It doesn't come out of the blue w/ no cause and pain meds are just going to mask the symptom of potentially a larger problem. Good luck, I hope she gets better soon!

Oh, By the way, if Potassium levels get to a toxic level, they can cause Kidney damage as well as heart damage, that's how serious it is.

Foot pain while shoes?

So, I've checked out previous arch pain questions and no, I don't think I have plantar fasciitis. I don't have pain in the morning, they don't feel tight, etc. But I do have overwhelming pain in the arches of my feet while exercising. I recently started getting serious and (as much as I can) trying to do 30 min of in-home exercise a night (stationary bike, wii fit, exercise videos, etc.). I'm not technically overweight (my BMI is high-average), so I don't think I'm overstressing my feet...I'd just like to get back to a certain size for which I own some neat duds ;) I did a belly-dancing video barefoot (thats what they called for...and I've done a class and you're supposed to do it that way, but it just killed my arches). On wii fit you're not supposed to wear shoes on the balance board, but the running (not on the board), step aerobics, and "bicycling" absolutely kill my arches. I LOVE Zumba and that's the only video I've been able to do comfortably, but the last two tries I've had to take breaks and today stop the video because it was killing my arches. (If I go and ride my exercise bike though, it feels better after a while). I tried a Billy Blanks Boot Camp Tai Bo thing, but that killed my thighs (different story there!!!). Ugh. Should I just take a few days off...will that make whatever is bothering me go away so I can restart my "training"? Or, did I screw something up and need to go to the doctor? Should I wear shoes, or not? What does everyone else do?

My question is...sounds like the orthotic insoles are the way to go, but what about activities with no shoes? I tried my Zumba video with and without shoes and some moves were better with shoes/some without.

Are your arches of normal height? Wet your feet and leave prints on a visible surface. Ideally, 1/4 of your foot ought to appear. If half or more of it does, your feet are flat and it would explain the foot pain.

Pain and tingling left knee started 5 hours ago. please help.desperate?

had a fall a few months back landed all my body weight onto my left knee. since then it has never been as strong as it was. around 5:30pm i started to get a pain in my knee but i could'nt pin point where the pain was coming from since then it has gone a kind of numbness feeling i still feel when my hand touches my knee but its more of a cold feeling on the inside (like when you have a drip in and they flush it with saline and its cold you feel it through your arm) but since then the same cold numb feeling has gone to my toes and up my thigh. i did do excersize for an hour yesterday (zumba) could this have flared a pre existing condition? what should i do? its 1:30am here now should i go to Emergency? what if its Deep vein thrombosis? i have bad circulation as it is please help. i have tried heat packs and gels moving it around etc.

Sounds like u might have messed up a nerve when you were exercising or maybe when you fell. If it were deep vein thrombosis, your leg would most likely be a little bit swollen and turning blueish or purpleish. If you dont have any of these symptoms, I would take a couple of aspirin and rest your leg/knee for a few hrs to see how it feels. If its still hurting as much or worse tomorrow morning, I would go see a doctor.

Does this sound like a blood clot in my leg?

Hi. Here's my question. Last night about 11:30PM I woke up from my sleep with HORRIBLE pains in my left leg. Usually when I'm due for my period, I get cramps in my legs--but NOTHING to this extent. I had a throbbing pain in the front of my quad. I got up, walked around and layed back down (waiting for the pain to go away) by 2AM the pain had started to radiate down my leg and my foot was freezing cold/tingly. I take BC pills and got really nervous that it was a clot so i went to the emergency room. After examining my legs (did no blood work or xrays, tests, anything) the doctor said that it doesnt appear to be a blood clot. That my legs were both the same real redness, swelling, etc. He told me I may have pulled a muscle and the best thing to do was put ice on it and take anti inflamatories. I went home. At the time on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst) my pain was about an 8. I couldnt even step on it. I woke up this morning and my leg feels better, but not much better. I'd say it's about a 4. It's still crampy and it now hurts in the same spot on my thigh, behind my knee and into my calf. My primary pcp called and wants me to go for an ultrasound tomorrow afternoon just to be safe. Does this sound like a blood clot to anyone? Earlier last night (before the pain started) I was doing zumba and showing my mother some moves....I don't know if that could have caused this pain..but it was horrible. Im just still nervous b/c it hurts today even though it's not as bad. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

I would be suspicious of any pain like that, especially if I didn't know for sure what caused it. An ultrasound is a good idea, I wouldn't take the answer from the ER. An ER tried to send my husband home once and there were clots in his lungs and a huge one in his leg (knee to groin)...and the only leg symptom he had was what felt like a charlie horse in the redness or swelling. Anyway, there is also a simple blood test you could ask for called a D-dimer, which checks the clotting levels in your blood.

Knee gave out and then kneecap popped out?!?

[sorry for the epicness of this. I need answers! so, thanks in advance!]

some info ahead: i'm a 17 year old female, 5'6", and 150. filipino & black [i know some injuries & diseases are common in a certain ethnicity]. i'm athletically built, and athletes always have problems with their knees. it scares me!

earlier today, around 3:30 pm, I went to take a shower. I turned around to grab my body wash off the counter, but then my right knee gave out... and at the same time [idk if it was, or which happened first], my kneecap popped out to the right side! needless to say, I fell onto the bathroom floor in agonizing pain. but I looked down, touched my kneecap, and pushed it slightly, and it immediately popped back into place.

after that, it hurt really bad to walk. I layed on the couch and elevated it for a while. now, the pain isn't as intense as it was earlier, but there's still pain.

this isn't the only time i've had knee problems. my knee started hurting around february '08, but the doctor only told me to exercise more and it would go away. in september, I was having horrible knee pains, as if I dislocated the kneecap, but I didn't, and that pain lasted a few weeks, which I didn't go to the doctor for. my knee occasionally has pains when I exercise. last wednesday, as I was exercising [zumba, at school. which I highly recommend!] I had a sharp pain, like when you first dislocate your kneecap, but it went away immediately.

should I go to the doctor? do you think there's anything wrong with my knee?

after a dislocation it is always a good idea to see an orthopeadist and get an MRI just to be sure that u didnt tear any ligaments... or do more serious damage...
also after ur first dislocation u may need to be in an immobolizer for a few weeks and then do some rehab

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