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Can allergies make you feel dizzy/lightheaded?

So for the past 2 1/2 months i've been feeling kinda dizzy/lightheaded on somedays, my ears have that crakeling ear popping thing. I went to the doc when i first started feeling this way & she said its just allergies. I'm 15 average weight pretty active girl, it kinda freaks me out sometimes.

All my symptoms: One swollen tonsil, Post nasal drip, mild headaches, asthma, dizzy/lightheadness, eyes sensitive to light, fatigue sometimes etc.

Does anyone get this? i'm just tired of feeling this way & wonder when it will go away.

All of that can be a result of food allergies. I have gluten intolerance, which I found out about recently and I also have had terrible problems with nasal allergies. When I cut out gluten, I wasn't allergic to the other stuff anymore. I thought I was just weird, but it turned out it's a real phenomenon. i suggest cutting out the most common food allergens one at a time to see if foods are affecting you. Start with gluten, then go to milk, eggs, nuts, etc.

edit: oh, yea, I didn't explain myself well enough. I meant that I am allergic to all kinds of things and the foods make you more allergic to things. When I stopped eating certain foods, I was no longer allergic to pollen, dust, cats, etc. The reason I bring the food thing up, is that these symptoms seem like more than just common seasonal allergies. Fatigue, sensitivity to light, dizziness, asthma sounds like a more systemic type of thing.

Can chronic allergies and sinus congestion make you feel dizzy and unsteady?

Yes. The sinuses are connect to the inner ear - which controls your sense of balance.

Can green tea make you dizzy?

So my throat felt scratchy(I don't feel that sick) so my boyfriend and I went to the grocery store and bought some green tea. This is my first time drinking green tea. I hardly drink tea which I know it's bad. Im not allergic to anything. So I know it's not allergies. I feel dizzy and tired and sleepy/ sluggish. I feel weird like I'm high in a way but I'm not. I feel a little relaxed? I don't know if anybody has experienced this? Is this normal ?

Green Tea is a type of tea to start slowly. Maybe you can drink half a cup to start.
It is a rush of caffeine that is causing the dizziness. Green teas is a strong tea however it is good for you.
It is full of antitoxins and it cleans out your system. It would pay off to drink it.

Can a mold allergy make you really sick if exposed to it 24/7?

I just bought a foreclosure and had it renovated. The bathrooms were FULL of mold and mildew (an inch thick) and a few windows have a little bit of mold on them. The bathrooms were gutted to the studs and completely redone, but the windows haven't been replaced yet because I ran out of money. The mold is in-between the window panes and I can't get to it to clean it.

The house still has a moldy smell to it, even though all of the flooring was replaced and the entire interior was repainted.

Every time I'm in the house within one day I start feeling really sick. My doctor said I have a mold allergy, gave me some allergy meds and that was it. But this is worse than just a simple sinus allergy. It's making me dizzy, nauseous, headache, and just plain feeling like crap. When I leave the house it seems to go away after awhile, then I come back and it starts all over again.

Can a mold allergy do this or is it possibly something else in the house I should be looking for that's causing it??

It is definitely the mold. Stay away from the house until the cleaning is done. You may need to hire someone to do the cleaning as you are allergic to mold. Or you may get someone close or a friend to help out. Visit the website below for the instructions to clean mold using white vinegar.

Getting dizzy during the morning?

Hey all- I recently started (okay, two weeks ago) a lifestyle change. Basically I just started eating healthier- I replaced chocolate with fruit, pop with water, fries/potatoes with tomato and cucumber heavy salads. Instead of pizza or take-out I've been having home cooked chicken/fish, so on and so forth. I've been careful about keeping track of what I eat, making sure I get enough calories, protein, etc - I want to get fit, not starve myself or pass out. I usually eat three good meals a day, and a snack before working out.

In terms of working out- I'm up to 30 minutes a day or so of lifting weights/using our machines, plus the extra physical activity I've been doing at work, walking, and other things like playing sports, biking, or whatever tickles my fancy.

Now before I started all this, I was always at the computer (AKA not moving) except for the 3-4 days of work per week where I just stood around waiting on customers. In already two weeks I feel a difference- I was a fine worker before- but even my boss commented on my performance, energy and increased laughter among other things lately.

Now my problem: It seems that when I wake up in the mornings I find it almost impossible to get up. I'm SO tired, and SO sluggish, and sometimes I feel a bit dizzy (that's my main concern). I'm getting about 7.5-8 hours of sleep every night, but I literally have to roll myself out. Every part of my body hurts UNTIL I exercise. I'm unable to muster the energy or feel stable enough to exercise for at least 2-3 hours- by then I still feel like crap (just not as much).

As soon as I work out I feel fantastic, I feel awake, and I go the rest of the day with no problems whatsoever. I normally would leave it as that, but my mornings are driving me insane. If I was getting dizzy during exercise, or before eating I would either exert myself less, or review my diet. I'm not quite sure what to do (or what not to do)- it almost seems like being sedentary is making me dizzy??? Doesn't sound right. This has been going on for about 5 days consistently (as in the time before working out has not been increasing or decreasing, and I haven't started to have any fits of fatigue, big or small, at any other time).

I've never had hospital-worthy health problems, no tendencies to get sick, no known allergies. I have no idea what could be up! The dizziness is the most alarming, I feel.

Anyway, thanks for any help or advice you guys can offer!

first of all congrats on living a healthier lifestyle;)
just go to the doctor i guess.

What can cause someone to get really dizzy?

I used to have a problem with constant dizziness. The Docs couldn't give me an answer as to why I was getting dizzy. It finally stopped, now its been at least two or three years, and two days ago I started getting dizzy again. And I mean dizzy to the point of nearly vomiting. Someone once told me that it could be from allergies, can this be true? And if so, can I just take an over the counter allergy medicine to stop it? I don't seem to have any other symptoms, just dizzy. What can cause this if other than allergies? I am planning on going to the Doc yet again, but I would like some advice from others before I go. They didn't tell me much the last time, and now I wold like some idea of what it could possibly be before I go, so if they try to blow me off I can bust their chops and make them actually do something about it! Thank you.

You should get your head examined you might have acute seizures not epilepsy just mild seizures. Even with these the docs have troubles finding the problem.
You may also just not be eating right or just need glasses, I would try and get a second opinion from another doctor. That can be mild or more serious than you think.

When you have hypothyroidism and get sick, can it make you extra fatigued?

I have either bad allergies or a slight cold. No fever. Actually temp is low 97.6. This is the first time I have been sick since I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism over a year ago. I am super fatigued, a little dizzy at times, and hands feel cold and clammy. I've been to the dr. this week, but nothing came of it.
Is this normal? How does taking an antihistamine affect a person with hypothyroidism?

Depends, ask your doctor.

How sensitive are you to medications, pills, and such? Why?

Okay, so diet pills make me sick and puke and fell really rotten,(like the flu and worse!) allergy pills make me loopy wierd and then pass out, sleep aids keep me awake. I get light headed and dizzy from other medications and I swell up because of some allergy meds. So basically I can't have them and what is so wrong with my body I can't take them?

i cant take alot either. everything bothers my stomach. so dont feel bad. i cant take nyquil or alieve and stuff like that. its a pain but i found to take some other things.

Dizzyness, foggy thinking?....?

So when I'm in places like the mall or costco I'll randomly feel dizzy. But it's not the kind of dizzy you feel from dehydration. It's more like "where am I?" even though I know where I am... And also I can make myself dizzy like that by just thinking about it. But it only happens on it own every so often. I tried going to the doctors but I couldn't explain it to her so she said it's probably just allergies but to me it feels like something in my mind. Some extra info; I'm a 13 year old girl, a tiny bit overweight, I work out, play tennis and volleyball and I do tae kwon do and dance. Can anyone tell me what this is please?!

If you have been checked out by your doctor and everything was fine, it's probably anxiety. Try to do some relaxation techniques by relaxing all the muscles in your body. Slow down your breathing. Take slow, deep breaths. Make sure you let out enough air. I hope you'll be feeling better:)

Extremely dizzy, and exhausted!?

It started yesterday. I woke up and was sooo tired as if I had stayed up all night, when in fact I had a very good nights sleep! My bf literally had to drag me out to tennis, and the entire time I was just tired! Today I woke up and was again exhausted after a good nights sleep, and when I got up physically I found my self basically falling over, stumbling around, and with a headache! The WHOLE day I have been dizzy and could hardly make it down the stairs! I feel more weak than tired now that I had a 3 hour nap! I am finding my self incapable of doing my normal things such as exercise, clean read, etc. I had NO other symptoms so far other than a headache this morning.I eat every day drink the required amount of fluids, and am a healthy person (no health problems, or allergies) I know you are not doctors, but maybe someone has had similar problems? I have NOT been doing anything out of the ordinary and am not stressed, and take birth control so not pg. either plus my bf can't make babies. I don't know. any advice!

Well first of all....what is up with your b/f not caring about how you are feeling just so you can play tennis? tsk tsk

You could have Meneire's or Tinnitus that has come on suddenly...but with the heat, I tend to agree, you could have some form of heat stroke. Migraine headache (there are many different types).

You should stop doing anything that puts you in a place of being dizzy...that is a big flag that something needs to be investigated. It's dangerous....plain and simple.

Please, please see your doctor and get your blood tested...anemia comes to mind too...vitamin doesn't have to be something drastic...but obviously something needs to be done and looked into.

I wish you all the best!!

Take good care of you....that means learning to say no when you don't feel well too : ' )

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