Can allergies turn into a cold

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Can respiratory allergies turn into a cold?

I initially had bad hay fever due to ragweed, and now it seems like Im fighting an annoying cold that wont go away. Any tips on getting rid of the cold too?

When you suffer from severe allergies, this causes a lot of swelling in your nasal passages and can block your sinuses from draining properly. This can then cause on overgrowth of bacteria in your sinuses leading to a sinus infection. You may need antibiotics to get over this.

Can allergies turn into a cold?

My symptoms started out as sinus pain/congestion, itchy throat, itchy inner ears, slightly itchy eyes, clear runny nose, sneezing, post-nasal drip which caused a scratchy throat and dry cough. My symptoms have now developed into a very runny nose with more color (yellowish green), and a more productive cough (I can feel the chest congestion). I'm still experiencing the itchiness in my throat and ears (just not as strongly). In the beginning it seemed like an allergy, but now it seems like a cold.

They can definitely turn into a cold. I was told by my Dr. that when your body is being aggravated by the allergies and compromising your immunity you can get an infection. The post-nasal drip comes from the sinuses and is really miserable. I think allergies are at a real high right now because I know of three other people excluding myself that are having problems with their sinuses. My eyes are so sore right now. If you start coughing coloured mucous, get on antibiotics as soon as possible. That is a sure sign of infection.

Can allergies TURN INTO a cold?

Yesterday night I had what I thought were just allergies because I kept sneezing and runny nose, (only symptoms)

well I took claritin for my "allergies' it didn't really work. The next morning I got a headache, kinda felt like a headcold but kinda milder, runny nose,sneeze, sore throat still no cough.IT DOESN'T REALLY FEEL LIKE A COLD BUT FEELS A LITTLE WORSE THAN ALLERGIES

Allergy is a chronic condition. It is caused by a defect in the immune system. When you are having an allergic reaction, there are specific things going on in your body. When you have a cold, you have been infected by a germ. Your immune system is fighting the germ, that is what causes the symptoms. Basically, when you have an allergy attack, your body is fighting a germ that is not there...when you have a cold it is fighting a germ that is there. That is why they can feel the same. There are a few differences. Allergy will never cause a fever.
Your sneezing and runny nose were the onset of the cold. The Claritin didn't work because you were coming down with a cold not having an allergy attack.
If you don't treat your cold it will last 10 days. If you treat it, it will last a week and a half :o)
The only thing you can do for a cold is to ride it out and try to relieve the symptoms. Drink plenty of fluids, get lots of rest, and be sure to eat properly. This will help your immune system fight the cold germ. If you run a fever, take a NSAID. If you get stuffy, have some chicken soup, the steam will help open the nasal passages.
Hope you feel better soon, in the mean time, here is a link to an article that explains the difference between colds and allergy

Can an allergy turn into a cold?

I started out with sneezing and wheezing---much like I do with an allergy attack. Except now I have a low-grade fever 100.5 and I am very tired and still sneezing like crazy.

Can an allergy set you up for developing either a cold or bronchitis???

an allergy cannot become a cold - a cold is a virus, and an allergy is your body's reaction to something in the environment.

However, allergies can lead to sinus, ear, or throat infections. If you think your illness is related to your allergies, than this is much more likely to be what occurred.
You may have also just caught a virus of some sort, but do not mistake correlation and causation; just because you caught a virus and had a problem with your allergies, does not mean that one caused the other.

If the symptoms persist, go see a doctor and see if you can get on some antibiotics. good luck.

How can I tell if I have allergies or a cold? Is there some way to tell the difference?

A friend told me I might be allergic to my Christmas tree, but when I left to visit my family my throat continued to hurt and the hoarseness in my voice remained. My sister has an artificial tree. There is a heaviness in my chest but my cough is dry and I have bad post-nasal drip. I do remember being sick last year and did get put on antibiotics. Is it possible allergies could turn into a cold?

It sounds more like a cold to me, although allergic reactions to a fresh cut tree can occur. (It's not the tree, it's the schmutz on the tree)

One good sign of a cold would be a fever, but also true colds (rhinovirus) tend to stay in the head. the cough and the heavines in your chest point more towards a Flu virus or Bronchitis.

Of the three, cold, flu or bronchitis, only bronchitis will respond to antibiotics as it's usually a bacterial infection and the other two are viruses.

So if this is similar to last year...I'm gonna bet it's bronchitis.

But don't listen to us, go see your doctor.

Hope you feel better soon.

Is this an allergy or a cold?

2 days ago i sprayed a spot on our carpet with a mixture of orange peel oil and water. Purely natural. The smell was quite strong and was irritating my noise and i became sniffly. I went to sleep with that smell around and woke up feeling like I had a cold. I posted on here yesterday asking if an allergy can turn into a cold and was told no. I have been in the house for a week so I havent been exposed to a cold virus but today when I woke up it was worse. Dry throat, stuffed nose, sneezing, sore eyeballs, headache and slight chills. No fever tho. So now I am left wondering if this could really be a cold which would suck bigtime since I have been 8 months free of getting sick and I am 8 months pregnant. I cant really take much of anything to get rid of this whatever it is. If this is an allergic reaction what can I do? I got rid of the smell by closing that door, cant smell it at all now but we are also sanding drywall too..I keep the bathroom door closed but theres dust tho.

Although its unlikely, you could have an allergy to a mixture of substances in the drywall called VOC. it is just a typical irritant. I can understand preparing a nursery however you should try and distance yourself from the dust as much as possible. no permanent damage can occure but im sure you would like to be in tip top shape for the new birthday. try wearing a dust mask when walking through the construction area's and keep the windows open with the fan on to expell as much as possible.

I have a can I prevent it from becoming a sinus infection??

I end up getting a sinus infection about once a year, usually after allergies/colds. My sinuses hurt, and I'm wondering what I can do to prevent my cold from turning into a sinus infection

Well if you get it once a year, why not just get one and then you will be all set for a year?

So. I'm getting sick. Bla, bla, bla just hear me out?

tuesday woke up with a super bad sore throat and i had it til last night and i woke up this morning with a stuffy kinda runny nose but on a scale of 1 to 10 its only about 4. and of course phlegm in the throat but its not too thick yet. key word here: yet. i knew this was going to happen too this is how it always happens really bad throat for a couple days then bam either sinus infection or some other type of infection. don't yell at me though! lol i've been so effing busy all week- the earliest i was able to go to sleep these past couple nights was 12:00. i know theres no way to stop me from getting sick or whatever but theres ways to boost the immune. this is definitely allergy turning into cold possibly ****. so this is what i plan to do:
-drink as much water as i can
-sleep as much as i can
-wash my hands
-gargle with salt water a couple times a day
-take a couple "emergen-c" packs a day
-saline spray for my nose
-cough/sore throat drops
-drink hit tea and orange juice if im not drinking water
-take some type of cold allergy pill (any suggestions what i should go buy?)
-also, i have allerplex. should i take it?

..and i can't think of anything else right now. whats this list missing? say anything that has ever worked for you, or if you swear by anything. i really REALLY don't want to have to go to the doctor next week its my spring break :( so im already pissed that i'm sick ha. so once again, what else should i add to this list?? THANK YOU :)

That's no good I'm sorry that your sick. Maybe go to your doctor.

Could this turn into long will this cold :(?

sunday i felt a cold coming on, but i thought it was allergies. today my throat is really sore, my neck is sore, my throat is muffled, mucus is draining in my throat and i have a slight cough. in december i got pharyngitus and it was terrible. will this turn to it? what can i do to help kick this faster. i am already drinking this really expensive all natural stuff for the antioxodants, gargling vinegar and salt water, and taking dayquil. please help me!

try checking out Dr. Mercola's site to see what you can do naturally.

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