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Is there a way to prove back pain?

I got a back injury from working while lifting a heavy item

I got myself a funny and weird sensation every time I pick something over 30 pounds, now I'm kinda scare to pick anything somewhat heavy in fear I end up like those people with canes or walking stick at the age of 50.
My manager thinks I'm faking it, but is a real pain to me.

My cousin who got into a injury last year told me, is hard to prove it, because the doctors can do all type of test and you can still be in pain

I would like to know how true that is? can you actually still have pain after an MRI or any type of test out there? because maybe you can fake back injury, if not, I would like to have these test taken to prove my legitimacy

A spinal MRI would prove any serious damage.

You could have a pulled muscle that will heal in time, or it could be more serious, like a bulging or torn disc.

You most certainly should have the MRI, because you very well could be one of those hunched over in pain older people in a few years.

A chicks harassing me what do I do?

This chick used to be my best friend, she got me in a lot of trouble and totally stabbed me in the back, she spread rumors, she has physically hurt me and she has texted me calling me offensive stuff.
When I was friends with her she would spread rumors and she still does that, she also has acted as though she was puking every time I passed her until a month or so ago. She still spreads rumors about me, she says I'm emo and goth, she says I cut myself. I don't cut myself and I'm not emo or goth.
In the halls when I'm switching classes she and this other girl on a daily basis throw themselves into me on purpose. Once when they did this they twisted my ankle and almost sprained it. I talked to the other girl who was doing this just being friendly not bringing it up and she hasn't done it since.
The girl just recently texted me because she thought I liked a comment on some body's status. She texted me saying to "shove my rude comments up my a** and stop being immature" and that I am "ugly, b****y, anorexic, and gross" I'm definitely not anorexic, I am skinny but it's because I have a high metabolism. This girl is anorexic, she rarely eats and when she does she picks at it.
I told the school principal and the Dean about this and she only got told not to do it again. I've tried working out a peace treaty, but the last time we did that her family ended up suing my family. I have ignored her a lot. If I were to even bump into her in the halls her parents would probably end up suing my family saying I brutally attacked her.
My mom won't call her family because her mother is very mean, she actually fakes back pains in order to get pain killers, I looked at her police record online.
How can I get this to stop, I told my friends about it and they want me to "tell the media" but I don't want to bring that much attention to the subject. I'm really sick of her torturing me, especially since she has her on cult pretty much of people against me. The people she has against me though have never held a conversation with me, all they've ever said was stuff like "you look like a freakin lesbian!" I'm honestly done. Please help me to stop this stupidity.
Thank you in advance.
P.S. any comments saying something like go up and b**** slap her I will report you.

Harassment is illegal. I don't know how old you both are, but you've definitely got grounds for a lawsuit there.

Back Pain and Doctors not helping me.?

Well i been having this pain for a year i can't sleep at night it hurts on a scale 1-10 a 8 every night. I went to the hospital 3 times this year. The first time they just gave me pain killers with no x-rays or scans or anything. and week later the pain got worst to a 10. So i went back and the doctor told me What do you want me to do for you? He acted like i was faking it and he even told me i don't think your in pain so 10 mins later my pain got worst that i passed out and the doctor said it was just stress and gave me a shot in the hip and just took a quick x-ray and sent me home. 2 weeks later i felt like someone just cut open my side and just put it back together i felt like something was just hanging off my side. The doctor told me there is nothing he can do for me cause i went to the hospital 3 times for pain and there not a pain center. So i asked them can you write me a referal and they did but the doctor doesn't accept my insurance and one thing i think these doctors are trying to get rid of me cuase they think i'm seeking drugs and i'm on free insurance. My back pain right now is horrible i can't sit in a chair i cant sleep it hurts when i lay down on the ground. I talked to my Care doctor and he said he can see me in a month to write me a referal and after that month it will take 2 months for the pain doctors to see me i really can't wait that long i'm in serious pain the doctors won't help me pain killers don't work i'm about to just kill my self thats how bad the pain is getting!

If your doctor isn't telling you the right answers, I would try another doctor. If another doctor says nothing is wrong, then you know that there is nothing wrong with your back.

Who's to really say if Shawn Andrews is telling the truth or not about his back pain?

Now I will say that Shawn is really out there now. In a wacky sort of way that is lol. The hairdo and the talking in the third person thing. He's funny though. But maybe he's telling the truth about his continued back pain. The back is a tricky thing. Only the person with the back pain can say how their back is feeling. Some people think that he's faking it. But I heard that he was in training camp last week so he might be suiting up soon.…

its the preseason. shawn andrews is the starting tackle. if a starter even sneezes during the preseason they take time off and say they're injured. if this was october-january he'd be playing and playing just fine

Question about back pain...lots of details?

I'm 17 and I have had horrible back pain for the past 7 years. It continues to get worse every day. It feels like somebody is drilling on my spine with a jackhammer. I also feel and hear a popping noise in my lower back when I walk. I have had 3 MRI's, 3 bone scans, been checked for RA, and no telling how many x-rays. I have scoliosis, mild spina bifida, and a missing lamina, but I'm told none of these are supposed to cause pain. I've seen over ten doctors. I have tried physical therapy and chiropractors for a few years and absolutely no relief. No medications have ever helped, they just put me to sleep for awhile. I'm no longer able to enjoy any of my activities or sports. I missed so much school with pain and doctor's appointments that I had to withdraw and finish my senior year in homeschool. The doctors won't take my pain seriously because of my age. Several of them have told me I'm faking and to "get over it". I'm completely desperate. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

First and foremost do not go around thinking that eveyrone thingks that you are fakingit- that is the worst thing for chronic pain and the quickest way to be depressed!!

You feel this way be cause of the cycle of pain that you are experiencing..

It could be possible that instead of RA that you have RSD/ and definitely CRPS chronic reflex pain syndrome

Have you ever heard of a spinal column stimulator
There are 3 companies that provide stimulators for this treatment
Advanced Bionics (name changed to Boston Scientific neuromodulation)

Medtronics (Jerry Lewis has one)


You are not to young to be considered for one of these if it will certainly help with pain.

Go to the websites and sign up for the FREE info they will send you a video and pain diary - BRING THEM TO TO A DR

I have 2 of them myself.and would definitely talk with you if you want to know more

You are NOT faking pain - PLEASE try and get that out of your head -- i have had to deal with pain from a young age, but chronically for 20 yrs i think that the dr's are taking your pain seriously.. PLEASE discuss with them what you are feeling
An idea would be to search for someone to be your pain advocate, you have to be able to confide in them and have them go to the dr with you. I would thing that your family does that for you...
anyway i am not here to put you down, just encourage you to go to the websites and seek the info -- and ask the physicians if they would consider implanting one.

Something that i have found - have 2 of these
The trial didnt provide much, but it isnt explained , and often misunderstood that the implant is so much better then the trial -- go thru with the implant , and give it time
know this that the setting after surger are alot higher then after a couple of weeks

let's talk...SOO MUCH EASIER -OK and I can give you so much more information

there is help for you!

Private investigator?

how much would it cost to hire a private investigator to follow a man who is suing my dad for back pain? I would like the private investigator to take photos and video of the man faking his back pain what would be the cost per hour? ...or flat rate? the distance is not a lot. It is a couple of miles

I called a private investigator once; their average price is 10000 to 14000 for one or two hours, inclusive of photos. They usually ask your motive and do a background check on you.

A fake coupon for a colleague?

It's my colleague's birthday and she has been complaining about her back pain and saying that she feels like she is 80 years old. So, we have decided to give her a care package (for fun) that includes old people stuff like dentures, polygrip etc.

What I am doing is, i have to make a coupon of a free trip to the restroom for her, but i am not sure what to write on it! or how it should look.

you guys got any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

You could do a whole strip of them that get rolled up on a toilet paper core.

Or do one with two halves: one half for #1 and the other for #2.

"This coupon entitles the bearer to one free visit to Le Maison d'Crappe" (that's "House of Poop" in Fringlish.) Good for one year from date of issue (be sure to include a date of issue) This coupon only valid for transactions involving bodily functions and will not be accepted for activity including but not limited to: brushing teeth, combing/brushing hair, applying deodorant, picking errant pieces of salad from between teeth, applying make-up and re-insertion of contact lenses. This coupon is non-transferrable.

Back pains/ lower abdominal pains?..... at 19-20 weeks prego?

back pains/ lower abdominal pains?..... at 19-20 weeks?
i woke up about an hr ago with sever back pain, and in tears.... i turned every way i new how, and it would not go away.... so i went to take a bath.... i had to go to the bathroom while the bath filled up, and then when i took the bath, the pain did not go away, and i noticed it was also in my lower ab....
could it be fake labor at 19 to 20ish weeks??(one dr thinks 19 weeks and so many days, another thinks im two weeks ahead oif that) im not leaking or spotting, and i feel the baby kicking, so im not freeking out.... my hubs thinks it may be that we were in the car for 7-8 hrs yesturday.. could that be it??

im thinking it is your sciatic nerve.... i was in tears it would hurt so also would shoot down my butt to my leg sometimes. the ab cramping is normal...your growing hun! also it can become sore from the back pain. if you have any Q give your doc a jingle! im sure you will be just fine! =)

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