"Diet and Exercise" Articles List

  • Determine what your weight should be

  • Do you lose weight when you using hydroxycut?

  • Eating to keep trim

    The Keep Trim Plan is a two week period of time designed to readjust your basal metabolic index to your lowered weight. The purpose is to maintain what you've lost so far and reset your body's metabolism setpoint.

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  • How to lose weight fast?

    How to Lose Weight Fast - To learn how to lose weight fast, try one of these diets. They work, they're free and come with instructions to get the weight off fast!

  • Scarsdale diet

    Scarsdale Diet. Lose Weight, Look Great. The Secrets To Weight Loss Success Free

  • Steps to lose weight fast

    Want to slim down fast for that beach vacation or high school reunion? While there are many things you can do to shed pounds, losing weight too quickly, like any sudden change to your body, can be dangerous. While fad diets, diet pills, and fasting may indeed induce rapid weight loss, these methods can cause you to lose muscle and may also injure your heart and other organs fairly quickly. The best solution? Don't go for an overnight miracle. Instead, follow these steps to lose fat rapidly, healthily, and sustainably.

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