Lower back pain 8 months pregnant

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Please help excruciating pain in my lower stomach, pelvis area, and lower back..8 months pregnant?

I am about 8 months pregnant and just went to the Dr. Tuesday but for the last few weeks I've had these bad 'aches' in my pelvis area. It feels like someone stretched my legs way too far apart. The Dr. felt my lower stomach and said the head is right down there and when I told him about my pain he said it's the weight of the baby, well this pain has gotten really, really bad. The only time it feels fine is when I'm sitting. Once I stand up to get something or do something (I have a 3 year old that I take care of 24/7) all these pains radiate thru my pelvis, lower stomach, and lower back. I can barely move and I grab my lower stomach. My first was 9lb 6oz so I'm sure this'll be a big baby too but I never felt these pains with my first. Does anyone know what I should do, it almost feels like my pelvic bone is breaking. Will this cause me to go into early labor? My Dr. is an hour away and I agree with the Dr. that it's pressure but the pain is so bad. Any advice, please? Oh.and.

take doctors advice.. a baby is considered between 38 to 40 weeks full term so u are out of any real critical stage. keep an eye on if water breaks cause sometimes it might just come out a little at a time like u are going to bathroom... if u can sit in a recliner or chair and prop your feet up cause u mentioned that was comfortable cause the next few weeks are going to be very uncomfortable...... i had big baby's too.. rest as much as u can i have 4 kids so i know it can be hard .. try to take it easy and see if some friends or family will come over and help ..try a body pillow for laying down.. or a pillow between your knees when laying down..this will take pressure off and try one under your belly it will keep gravity from pull baby forward.. good luck ..wish u the best .. and i hope this helps..

8 1/2 months pregnant, lower back pain, got UTI. Please advice.?

My wife just got UTI and the doctor gave anti-biotis to cure the bladder infection. Now it's the second day on that anti-biotic and she is complaining of severe lower back pain, she says it's her kidney. Does anyone have any remedy ?

There is no remedy. Everyone's saying to drink cranberry juice...but they're wrong. Cranberry juice is to help prevent a UTI, not cure it! The only way to stop the UTI is for her to take all the anti-biotics. If she doesn't take all the medication as indicated, then it will spread to her kidneys. Which will lead to her bloodstream if not treated on time. The best thing for her to do is take all the medication, and get to a doctor as soon as possible.
Wish the best of luck to the both of you! I'm sure everything will be alright.

8 months pregnant and lower back and stomach pains.?

I am 8 months pregnant. I have been experiencing lower back and stomach pains all morning long. I don't believe its the baby stretching anymore. I also have been having loose stools.

You're right it's probably not the baby stretching anymore, it's probably braxton hicks contractions or the beginning of labor, the baby is getting ready for the birth. See your doctor for sure if this of concern to you.

Back pain 8 months pregnant?

i am having really bad back pain and its unbearable. Its shooting up from my lower back to the center of my back, also i am having bad pain under my ribcage. what can i so to get rid of it i don't take pills while i am pregnant.

You should talk to your doctor or midwife about this. They may recommend you see someone like a chiropractor who may be able to assist you with gentle treatment /advice/exercises. You may find this blog useful in the coming months. http://healthybacks.wordpress.com/

8 months pregnant and having back pain?

I am currently 8 months pregnant and I am having some extreme back pain mainly in my lower back but also between my shoulder blades. I am also experences some sharp pains in my right side. Also I am having feelings of nausea. I am not sure what I should do. I have taken Tylenol but it is not helping at all. Should I got to the doctor or just wait and see how I feel in the morning and try to contact my doctor?

Try laying down on your side with your back againist the couch or if lying on your bed or floor lay pillows behind your back. That usually worked for me. When it didnt work for me I would go in and take a warm bath and just lay there and let the water relax me. If neither of these work Id suggest call your doctor and tell him/her your problems. Im a first time mom so I think my doctor got tired of me calling.

3 months pregnant with lower back pain?

This is my second pregnancy.i already have an 8 and a half month old daughter and while i was pregnant with her i didn't get any back pain.So i want to know why im getting it now with this pregnancy? Is it normal?

Every pregnancy is different. Being as you just had a baby under a year ago your body is not completely back to normal from giving birth to the first, you will experience different pains and aches with this pregnancy than with your first. Just use a heating pad on LOW and keep well hydrated. If it's intense pain get seen, that could be a sign of kidney infection, or several other things. Most likely it's just your body's way of growing for the new baby inside. Just relax and take care. Congrats to you as well.

8 weeks pregnant and lower right pelvic pain?

It's nothing severe, but it is also very annoying and only on the right side. I'm absolutely horrified that it's ectopic or something. I miscarried back in Feb. and got pregnant again 2 months later.
However, I also have lower back pain on the right side, too. So i don't know if i'm confusing this pain with that..

I know you're not doctors, I just need a little comfort I guess. I already have an appointment for this Friday.. Just scared is all.

I had the same exact lower right pelvic pain and lower back pain. The two are sort of unrelated. Both related to pregnancy but pains aren't related to each other. The doc told me that the pelvic pain was from when the egg settling in and coming down. Sure, there is a small risk it didn't come down all the way but very small and doc will check it out for you. Of course, if it gets really bad then go right away.
The back pain is from hormones released from pregnancy which loosens up all the joints in your body and can loosen your disc joints too, whereby the disc hits the nerve and creates pain. Try pilates for pregnancy, it's the best solution!
Good luck and check out our site for all info and advice (straight from top docs around the country) on your pregnancy:

I have severe chronic back pain & I'm 8 weeks pregnant, will vicodin hurt my baby? Yes, it's prescribed!....?

Here's my situation, and it's a crazy one, and I feel all alone. If anyone has had this experience, please please offer me a little piece of mind, or just good advice! I'm 22 years old, I've had chronic back pain throughout my entire life. I've had 3 spinal operations, all of which were timely and extremely extensive. I have a condition in which the nerve blocks that a pain clinic could offer, will not work for me, b/c the roots of my pain are way to low and deep into my spine. I have a fusion of my spine at L4 through S1. I am always in soooo much pain. If I don't take my medicine, I lay in bed, usually in tears and unable to keep up with my daily life responsibilites, like cleaning and such. I just found out that I am pregnant. I'm 8 weeks today!! I'm sooo excited, but also so scared, this is my first time. I had a recent surgery in April 2008....I have a fresh incision on my back and lower abdomen. My main concern is having a healthy baby. Needless to say I've been on pain medication on and off through most of my adult life, b/c it's all that eases my pain, and sometimes it's only barely!...In the past 6 months I've been on Oxycontin, Ultram, Perocet, and Vicodin. I am off everything except the Vicodin, it's prescribed to me, but I only have a little bit left. I only take it when I need it. But that is definitely on a daily basis. I take only 2-3 pills a day. They're 500 milligrams....My family doc will not treat me for my back pain any longer (he was prescribing my medication) b/c I'm pregnant. He says I must see my obgyn for pain medication. My obgyn gave me a small amount of vicodin (20 pills) and told me to see the family doctor for further medicine. The obgyn is a periantologist, but he makes my fiance and I uncomfortable and he's rude!! I think he's maybe assumed b/c I'm so young and on this medicine, that I must have abuse issues or addiction. He told me I need to go to a pain clinic, the pain clinic told the doctor themselves they will not see me b/c I am prego! He has no more options for me. I feel he's giving me unproper care, seeing as he's assuming that I'm a medication abuser, and refuses to look at my spinal xrays to even know what's the deal with my back!! He's only going off his opinion....it's so frustrating. I want whats best for my baby. I also want whats best for myself though. I try to suffer through the pain, but I just can't do it. I've heard that severe pain can cause just as many problems for the baby. What do I do? I've considered switching to a different obgyn, but I don't even know who to trust or where to go....I'm absolutely lost! Is there ANY girls out there that did take vicodin throughout their whole pregnancy?....How are your babies? Healthy? Happy? God has truly blessed my life with this baby, and I do feel confident that he will bless us with a healthy baby as well. I pray for that day in and day out!! I cannot take Darvocet b/c it gives me serious stomach problems....I feel like I have no options! Grr! Pleaseeee Help!!

I also suffer from chronic pain in my back and now that I'm pregnant I have severe migraines also my ob has me on lortab i did hours upon hours of research on this subject as well as I have a friend who is a labor and delivery RN and I had her grill the obs at her hosp and the only thing I found to be negative is that you have to be very careful in your last month or so or the baby can become addicted
my ob assures me they are ok to take as prescribed and they DO NOT cause fetal abnormalities I'm now 22 weeks along and all my check ups are perfect
also you need to becarful of stoping them cold turkey if your body is dependent on them you will go into withdrawal and that will cause much harm to your baby
my advise to you is to find another ob asap chronic pain is not good for pregnancy at all it can cause fetal distress
also you can check out this website call MEDHELP.COM and look up a L&D RN named betterlife1234 she can help you with questions much better than me until you get to a new ob
best of luck and congrats

8 months pregnant with horrible pain!!!?

Im 8 months pregnant and have a horrible sciatic pain that begings in the lower right side of my back and goes down to my butt!! It started on friday and today its just getting worse I couldnt even sleep last night from the pain, I cant walk because it hurts and cant even sit, and its really really bad ! should I go to the ER? Will they be able to help me in any way?

I would not go to the ER because there is nothing they can do for you. The pain comes from the position the baby is in, maybe he/she will shift their position to relieve you. I know it is very painful, I had the same thing happen with my son.

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