Newborn has grey eyes

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My daughter is almost 5 months old and still has the blue-grey newborn eye colour...?

I just asked this but everyone wanted more detail.

My eyes are brown, daddy's are blue. There is no one in our family with blue/grey eyes, all are very blue.

My kids' eyes didn't change color until they were older -- more like 8-9 months old. My husband and I both have hazel eyes, but our fathers and brothers have blue eyes, so we didn't know if we'd both passed on a recessive gene. But our kids ended up having dark brown eyes.

My newborn has gray eyes whats the chance they will turn brown eventually?

me and my husband both have brown eys so i thought he most likely would have brown eyes too, i know they could change to brown but when i was born my eyes werent gray like that they looked black almost so why arent his like that?

On either side of the family doe's a grandparent have blue eye's. Its a recessive gene. Most babies are born with blue or gray eyes at birth, then change in a couple of months.
My father had a blue and green eye, they were so close it was hard to tell. I have blue, recessive on my mothers side. My children wish they had blue. I say wait for your children. Why aren't his as yours at birth. The beauty of the world, genetics, makes us all a little different from each other.

Eye color question! Anybody's newborn ever have the usual grey/blue eyes but eventually turn chocolate brown?

I was wondering if my baby has a chance of being a brown eyed baby even tho he has the traditional greyish blue newborn eyes? I read if they are gonna be brown eyed sometimes they are born with them already.
This is my last question I know i've asked a few today! Just not much going on here today, holding a sleepy baby and my toddler is taking a nap!

My first child (now 6) has the grey/blue eyes and his eyes are now brown. His eyes turned pretty quick though. Probably by the time he was 4-5 months old. My daughter (5 months) was born with grey blue eyes and they are just now starting to turn. I can't tell what color they are going to be yet though. Her daddy has blue eyes and I have brown. That's where my son got his eyes. You still have hope!! :)

:::What color eyes did your newborn have at birth and what color are they now?

are all newborns born with gray eyes?

no not all babies are born with gray eyes im hispanic and all the babies born in our family were born dark brown and still ended up being brown not just as dark.

When do newborns eyes change color ?

my 6 week old has blue eyes and i know that all ligh skinned babies are born with blue or gray eyes i want to know at what age do they change to her permanent color?

I just read in my book that they can stay light grey or blue until up to 6 months...then they start to change to the color they will be.

Newborn baby?

When does a newborns eyes change color my 2 week old has deep blue/grey eyes and i am hispanic with hazel eyes and my fiancee is half hispanic with brown eyes but being hispanic brown eyes are dominate in both of our families so i figured our baby would have brown eyes

it totally depends on which two genes your baby gets,,,,, brown is dominate, so you could have a hazel and hazel, or a or hazel and blue,,,,,,if you are hazel eyed, you dont have two brown,, you dont have any brown,,,, , the same with your fiancee,,,,,, he might have brown /brown, brown/green or brown/blue,,,if you each passed a blue eye gene to your child, it will be blue,,,,,,,, but the eyes dont change this soon, i would give it a couple of months
ps : i assume by hazel you mean green, i am green eyed, my husband was brown,,,,, my daughter is blue eyed,,,,,, my husbands mother was blue eyed, so he carried the gene for it,,,, and so did i

Why does my baby have gray eyes?

my newborn baby was born with gray eyes and now only 10 days she still remains with gray eyes. her dad is caucasian with light hazel brown eyes. I am of mix mom is mix with portuguese father and carib/scottish mother. my mom too has hazel brown eyes. However i have dark brown eyes. but i dont understand where the grey eyes came from? is it a sign of illness to come or will it change? or is it of her dad's white ancestry?

Chances are that your baby's eyes will change color to match one of the parents. I read somewhere that exposure to light is what helps develop the color of the iris. Don't sweat it honey, things will change eventually. Sometimes, it can't take months for eyes to change colors.

Is it possible for a baby's eyes to change color at different rates?

Our daughter, who is 9 months, seems to have one blue eye and one hazel/dark green. She was born with gray eyes (like our other two children). I was wondering if she will always have two different colored eyes or if eyes can change color (as they do anyway from newborn to toddler) separately? Anyone know?

i think shes probably alright ...a babys eyes can change color for up to a year im not too sure about at different rates but my guess would be that her eyes will be the same color

When do newborn's eyes start changing to the color they will really become?

My baby is 2 weeks old. Her eyes are still that dark blueish gray color. But I think I might be seeing them turn blue around the pupil. The dad and I have brown eyes but MY dad has blue eyes. Both my husbands other daughters have light hazel brownish eyes but their mom has blue eyes. So, what is the likelyhood of my child turning blue. How long till I know they are what they will be?

usually around 3 months old.

Can brown eyes change color?

When I was a newborn baby, I had grey colored eyes. It only lasted for about two months, and now my eyes are a chocolate color. My mother just told me that i used to have grey eyes, and I'm pretty mad. I only have a common color for eyes. So I was wondering, can my brown eyes change color? I'm older now, and just want to see if it's possible, and if not, why did they change in the first place? i really don't like brown eyes, and grey is so uncommon. i just really want my old color back, and it really kind of sucks. Why couldn't my eyes just stay the same color when i was a new born?!?!

i was also born with blue/grey eyes when i was born. its common among newborns who are born with pale skin, maybe your fair skinned ask well. my eyes are now hazel/green and they get lighter/darker depending on the weather.

[edit] Eye color change
Often, newborns have blue eyes, which change to green, hazel, light brown or dark brown. This is possibly the origin of the idiom "being blue-eyed" (i.e. naïve; gullible) or having "baby blues", or striking blue eye color.

It is thought that exposure to light after birth triggers the production of melanin in the iris of the eye. By three years of age, the eyes produce and store enough melanin to indicate their natural shade. While changes in eye color of infants are more common, even in adults, eye color changes are seen, most often as a result of exposure to the sun. Sunlight triggers melanin production in the eye, as it does to the skin.


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