Newborn straining to have a bowel movement

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My newborn is constipated or strains when she has bowel movement. What can I use to help this problem?

She is on breastmilk and on enfamil lipil formula. She has not been having a bowel movement every day, but when she does have a bowel movement she is very upset and strains.

Is her poop soft and mushy or hard and pebbly? If it is soft, then she is not constipated. If it's hard, then she is constipated and you can try inserting a rectal thermoneter into her bottom to hopefully cause a bowel movent by stimulating the muscles. Normally you could try giving her a little bit (about 1 tsp) karo syrup in her bottle to get her poopies softer, but since she is a newborn you should consult her doctor before giving her anything. Check her formula to see if it has iron in it. If it does, you need to switch to one without iron. Babies don't need any iron their first 6 months because they have plenty stored up already. Extra iron can make them constipated. Hopfully this helps her out!

Is it normal for newborns to strain and sometime cry when they are trying to have a bowel movement?

I ask this cause my daughter is 3 weeks and 3 days old and she strains to have bowel movements. When she finally has a bowel movement its soft and yellowish - green ( and thats normal color). If anyone has anything to tell me it would really ease me a bit.

Yes it is completely normal. this is all new to them so they will strain untill they get the hang of it.

Help, My newborn hasn't had a bowel movement in 2 days?

My baby girl is only 6 days old and is having a hard time going to the bathroom. I am breastfeeding and formula feeding (because my milk hasn't came in yet). She is constantly straining and she just looks so uncomfortable. It has been 2 days since we have had a dirty diaper. She is drinking Similac soy formula, because she was having a hard time holding down the regular formula. I don't know if I should try the normal formula again (because she was pooping when I fed her this) or not. Is there anything i can eat that would help my breast milk become more of a laxative? Any suggestions?

i would say drop the formula feedings. you need to breastfeed as often as you can you build up your supply.
PLUS.... A breastfed baby will very rarely get constipation because breast milk is more easily digested.
breastfed babies have several helpful types of bacteria in their large intestine that are capable of breaking down some of the otherwise indigestible proteins in milk. As a result, their stools are softer, making bowel movements easier.
hope it helps ya!
Kudos 2 u for breastfeeding!!!

Excessive gas in newborn or just normal bowel movements?

My 5 1/2 week old (breastfed) seems to strain and grunt a lot when having a bowel movement-sometimes for 30 minutes to an hour. She'll cry (not screaming, just a little crying) and fuss until I finally hear a gush. She has VERY regular bowel movements so she's definitely not constipated, and I do hear her tooting a lot just before and after a bowel movement. It seems to wake her up during the night because she's straining so hard. Is that normal or do I need to give her gas drops?

It is very normal for young babies to struggle with bowel movements. They are still learning how to push with one muscle and relax with another, if that makes sense. It is also normal for said BMs to be pretty explosive, thanks to all the gas they have. From what our dr said, it pretty much doesn't hurt to try gas drops if you think they might help (about half the people I know who use them say they do, about half say they don't). Something that helped us a lot was doing tummy massage - scoop down on the tummy toward teh diaper area, massage tummy in a clockwise motion, and then gently but firmly plunge baby's knees into their tummy. Repeat a couple of times and you will usually get a squirt of gas or a BM out. I found that doing this at every diaper change helped get things moving for DD, so that she had an easier time getting things out. Also, I could often get a BM out right before bedtime, so she didn't have as much during the night. You can also try bicycling the legs to help the gas, and as a fun game for baby...

What to do about a constipated newborn?

My daughter is 7 days old today. Today, she has been having a hard time with bowel movements. She has been having them, but they are hard and she strains to make a bowel movement. I have been holding her legs to her stomach so she can pass it. I will be calling her pediatrician tomorrow, and she already has an appointment scheduled for Wednesday, but is there anything I can do to help her?

My son had the same problem from day one, but something you did not say is if she is breast feeding or is on formula. My son started on Enfamil Premium Lipil and then was switched over from that to Good Start because his doctor told me the way proteins were easier for his little digestive track to break down the formula and cause him not to be constipated.
I would also take a little vaseline and a q-tip and insert it in his butt to loosen the stool and then hold his legs up and slightly press down to help his poop come out.
Also my doctor said to give him an ounce of juice anything that started with P except pineapple and an ounce of water.

Bowel movements in my newborn (constipation??)?

My 6 week old son has appeared constipated since he was 15 days old. He strains to go constantly but to no avail. We took him to the doctors who prescribed lactolose. He has only managed to go by himself twice since going to the doctors although if I hitch his legs up (as long as he doesn't get frustrated) it allows his bowels to open. His stools have been soft but not runny. He is definitely suffering from Colic. I took him to the hospital 2 days ago and explained the situation only to be told it's my fault as I am overfeeding him. He was in Special Care when frst born as he was 4 weeks premature and since birth has taken twice the amount of feed he should have for his weight (this was encouraged by the nurses at the time as he was premature). I have tried cutting his feed down now but he just screams until full. I have given him cooled boiled water between feeds, brown sugar in his bottle, Infacol, Calpol, Gripe Water and Colief (colic relief drops) yet he still suffers badly with stomach ache and is still unable to pass stools without having his legs hitched up. His stools are NOT hard OR runny so doesn't suggest constipation. The colour of them is sometimes a dark green and sometimes a mustard yellow. He is formula fed (couldn't get him to breastfeed after coming out of Special Care Unit)

I don't believe that it is the amount of feed he is taking that is causing the problem as suggested by the hospital, and the medications were all introduced at seperate times after a previous failed to work. Can anyone offer any further advice to help my son and to help us all get a good nights sleep?

Please do not reply to this question if you don't have anything constructive to say or if you are going to slate the methods used so far. Everything I have given my son has been on the advice of medical professionals and pharmacists.

We always used prune juice. I got this off the Net.
A common treatment for constipation in babies is to feed them prune juice diluted with water. This is a viable option in babies older than six weeks. Fill a bottle with one ounce water and one ounce prune juice and feed it to baby twice a day.

Prune juice should be given in addition to regular breast or formula feeding, not as a substitute. Though it may not seem palatable, there is no need to sweeten the juice with sugar, and you should not do so. Most babies will suck as a natural reflex and ingest some of the juice.

Can a newborn have hemorrhoids?

My son is a little over two weeks old and has been having a normal, wet bowel movement but he cries a lot when he is trying to go. The Doctor said a baby can strain a bit when going because his muscles aren't quite developed yet. It didn't occur to us that he might have hemorrhoids until today, and now the office is closed. My wife thinks she might see something like a hemorrhoid but she isn't positive.

i would also like to know. my son might have them as well.

Final Conclusion...i think its an allergy to the formula...what ya think?

Ok so these are the symptoms my newborn is having:
-Spits up alot even though we burp her after every ounce or so and sit her up for 15-20 min after feedings
-Cries so bad when she is having a bowel movement
-Strains until her lil face turns actually purple(she is a light-skinned african american)and even after all that strainig she may not have anything in her diaper or she may just let out a lil gas
-Her bowel movements when i was breast feeding her they were really watery but since the switch they are thicker, green & stink!!
-Her face, ears, chin, and neck broke out wit a lot of lil red bumps i dunno what they are but my in-laws say its from ppl kissing her?!...i dunno...i feel like i cant help my baby she isnt comfortable and i cant help her i tried medicine for gas(when she'll swallow it) and she still does the same thing my sis-in-law says to add a drop of table syrup to her milk but i dont think i should would that help?!?!

First off, she has to be evaluated by a doctor. He will be able to determine what the cause of these things are. There's alot of reasons why baby's can have hard bowel movements ( gas ), and spits up and alot of reasons why they have rashes. And whatever you do, please do not give your child table syrup. Your family may disagree that you don't want to give your child that, because it's what people used to believe. I hope your little one feels better soon and you have things figured out. It really could be nothing, but it's always better to get it checked out.

My newborn seems like he is in alot of discomfort but I cant figure out why?

About two days ago I started to notice that my 2 1/2 week old has become more fussy and cranky. I know it sounds typical as he is a newborn, and if it were him just being cranky I could deal with that. But what he does is he gets really tense and grunts and strains like he needs to have a bowel movement. But he has been having GREAT bowel movements, he is purely breastfed and is still eating. I feel horrible though because he cant sleep for longer then 5 minutes without waking and stretching out his legs and grunting and moaning and turning purple. Also he has been spitting up more then normal, not like a normal spit up right after he eats, but any random time he will just spit up, sometimes it still looks like milk, other times it is just watery. He has not been running a fever at all, and seems fine otherwise, I just dont know whats wrong, we are all losing sleep because he wont sleep longer then a couple minutes at a time, and it doesnt matter of we hold him or if he is in his bed. Before this started he would wake to nurse, we would change him, then he would go back to sleep for at least 2 hrs before his next feeding. The only thing that has changed is that after his appt last week the doc told us to start giving him Vit D drops, because he is breastfed. So he gets that in a bottle everynight.

**Also we did take him to the peds yesterday, he didnt find anything that concerned him...and had nothing to say about the matter, but I just know something is wrong, and he goes in for a follow up tomorrow, but any suggestions I could take with me tomorrow would be greatly appreciated!!

ask about acid reflux my baby did the same thing she would hold her shoulders back and get mad an constantly spit up no matter wen it was they put her on zantac an she had to use formula instead and she now is on soy wen h e does it lift him up an pat his back with my daughter they told me she had spit up in her throat an she would spit it up and then be fine i hope this helps

My newborn has gas - what can I do??

He's 4 weeks and 2 days, will be 1 month tomorrow.
I'm breastfeeding and he has really bad gas .. is it definitely from something I'm eating????
I'm trying to cut out milk .. I haven't had any all day, that's the only thing I can think of that could cause it (I don't eat/drink caffeine, or chocolate, or orange juice, or anything else on the "avoid list".)
Is it possible he just has gas and its from something else??? and why ONLY at night??? he wakes up crying and straining.
He's having several bowel movements . . but it's like he's got air that he needs to burp out .. and I keep burping him and it's not coming out.
I also tried the Mylicon and that worked for a bit .. but not anymore (not with the night gas).

**someone said mint in water - but I can't give him water yet. His Pediatrician said NO water.

he's my first baby .. thanks! :)

Yeah I think that it must be from something you're eating and it's affecting the baby.Try talk to your doctor and see what that may be.Try holding his legs up for a few seconds and rub his belly to make him take the gas out easily.Do that a couple of times and I hope that it will work out for him.

Good luck

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