Pain in lower left back when coughing

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I have a pain in my left lower back when I cough an when pressure is applied what might this be?

Here is a simple remedy until you see your doctor.Massaging the back muscles will reduce the pain.Apply an icepack to the affected area. This will make the area numb and reduce the pain. More details and remedies at

I have really bad lower back pains and pain in my left side. It hurts when i breath in and cough, Any1 know y?

you might have popped a rib out or strained a rib. this is very common if you've been coughing a lot

Pain in my lower back on the left side of my back, do I need to go to the doctor?

I have pain the lower left side of my back. I haven't been eating a lot lately and when I do my stomach hurts really bad. I also have been sleeping more than I usually do(I slept for 13 hours last night!) and I'm tired all the time. I also have a really bad cough. My mom thinks I have something wrong with my kidney or bronchitis or something so she is making me go to the doctor. I just want to know if other people think I should go or if my mom is worrying for no reason.

earlier the better

I'm 26 weeks pregnant, have been having lower LEFT side pain for a Week+. It hurts when I walk, is it Normal?

It mostly happens when I walk, cough, or stretch. Also it hurts to add slight pressure on the area. I don't go back to my OB until the 21st, should I try to get in sooner or is this normal in pregancy? ((This is my first))

If this is in the hip area the relaxin hormone that makes your hip joints loosen up can cause pains like that. Also the baby could be on your sciatic nerve which can cause pain low and when you walk etc. If its in the front, likely it's round ligament pain. Very common to have lots of hurts and aches during pregnancy. Anything that becomes severe you should call your doctor for, but otherwise it's like to have a pretty simple explanation.

I have a weird pain on the left side of my lower stomach and my middle back. Could this be appendisitis?

In my lower middle left side in my stomach, there is a horrible pain that hurts when I walk, brethe, cough and sneeze. When I put pressure on it, it feels hard, and as though it is throbbing. The pain is also in my lower middle back. Could I possibly have appendisitis?

You may, but I would be on the safe side and go to the ER. You may have a kidney infection or stone. Both can cause severe pain, burning urination, all over body aches, tenderness in the abdomen and flanks. Start drinking lots of water (half your body weight in ounces) and see your DR only get one body...don't guess,,,go get checked!

Pain on lower left side, congestion in the nose?

my first thought was kidney temp is 97.5, and my normal temp is 96.5 or so. so i doubt its a fever.
its gotten worse over the past hour, and kills when i cough. and hurts when i breathe or stand up.

my symptoms:
pain in the lower left side (back to the front, right over pelvis)
nasal conjestion
pressure in my ears
mucus-y cough (slightly yellow, more clear)
no fever

what could this be?

any ideas? what should i do?

pleurisy-it is when you have an infection in the lining around the lungs. Go to the doctor.

Pain in lower left abdomen/pelvis below naval - the search continues....?

I went to see my doctor, as you guys recommended, and I was referred for a scan - which showed nothing untoward going on, so I am back to square one. My doctor thinks I might have a teeny tiny tear in my abdomen wall (hernia), despite the scan showing nothing, and has advised no exercise for another 4 weeks - so by the end it will have been 8 weeks in all. I have reached the end of my tether with this - the thought of not going to be gym for 4 weeks fills me with dread - and I am not closer to finding out what is wrong with me. To recap, I get a shooting pain in my pevlic area (below naval, to the left), when I do anything that causes me to tense or strain my abdomen. Apart from exercise, this includes coughing, sneezing, getting in and our of bed. At all other times it's fine - no pain at all. Any ideas what it might be? Any suggestions for 'safe' exercises?

Yes, it sounds like a small tear.

You've been overdoing it.

If you don't take your doctor's advice and rest up then you'll make the tear bigger and end up in won't be able to exercise for even longer then.

I think that perhaps you need to examine why you need to exercise so much that you're injuring yourself. Do you have an eating disorder too?

Your health is worth everything. Don't put it at risk.

Exercise is supposed to be good for you......not lead to injury.

Pain in left side near hip and lower back?

This morning around 5am I woke up with pains in my left side near my hip area and lower back. It eventually subsided but now it hurts again. Anyone ever had this? The pain is when I'm sitting up or laying down, and I have a feeling like I have to fart or poop (sorry TMI!!). My period is supposed to start either today or tomorrow. I have a nasty cold as well that involves more coughing than any other symptom. Someone please help me and answer my question, I have an anxiety disorder so this problem is making me freak out!!

It sounds like a kidney stone.

Severe upper left thigh and lower back pain - i'm only 17?

About three weeks ago, my upper left thigh started aching for no reason. I just thought i'd slept funny and forgot it. In the next few weeks when i stretch it hurts so much and now whenever i move it hurts terribly, today i couldn't even walk without limping and i can't run at all. It feels like my upper thigh is going to rip when I walk or run. Today the right side of my lower back started hurting. It's got worse through the day as i can't even just sit down without it hurting. I feel like can't move because of all this. My mum has told me to book a doctors appointment and i'm going to but i dont think they will know either.

The pain in both parts arent the usual aches, as it doesnt hurt if i put pressure on the parts. The pain is more severe and i cant stay comfortable, my back even hurts when i cough!

Does anybody know any possible reasons for this or what is wrong with me? I'm only seventeen and it's all happened for no apparent reason so i'm quite concerned.

ok my mom is a doctor and i asked her...
she says its sounds like u pulled a muscle...
she also said that it sounds as if u might have fallen and if u fall on ur butt it can cause pain where u are hurting
i did that n i had the same pain..u possibly have an inner bruise...idk how to describe it.
she said since she doesnt fully know ur medical history that u shud go to the doctor and ask for their help
they can prescribe some medicine to relieve the pain
u need to talk to the doctor and wat ever it is they can help

anymore questions email me n i can help u to the most of mine...and my mother's....knowlegde

hope i helped some

I feel sore pain in the upper left chest and in muscles of lower back,above kidneys.?

I have sore pain in upper left chest and when i stand up,feel painfull pull at this place.I had a prolonged cough for months which subsided last month but now again i feel occasional cough and a sort of tickling in throat/larynx.I also have
lumbago which makes rising and straightening of back painfull.
there is no pain while walking but when i lie down therew is severe pain in the mustles of both sides of lower back.while ascending,sometime i feel my back would break at lumber vertebra.

The pain in your upper back is most likely due to a tightness in your diaphragm. When you cough the diaphragm is used excessively and if you have had a bad cough it may tighten. The diaphragm causes shest pains and if on the left people can believe they are having heart problems due to its location. Being on the rightwill mean it is the right side of the muscle that may be tight.

As for your lower back, if you have had this a while, you need to seek help. There are many self help techniques you can use to rectify this - see… which gives you a free e-course on back pain.

Otherwise if you aren't going to use effective self help techniques at home, you need to consult with a expert in the field.Being a Chiorpractor, don't feel you need to see one, seek help from any professional structural expert and get help.

If the pain is not bad when you wlk, rest assured it is a lesser problem that should ease quickly with some help by yourself, or a therapist.The muscles that tighten when you lie down are most likely due to the lowr back and pelvis being out of balance - this will create tension when you lie down, hence the muslce spasms.

Any problems feel free to contact me.

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