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What approx. percentage of people are (or are not) allergic to GoldenDoodles?

I was reading about Siberian Cats and how they are better with allergies than other cats. I read this - "About 75 percent of the people that come out to test have little or no reaction."

So, I was wondering what percentage of people are not allergic to Golden Doodles.

(Please help me find an answer. I've tried online, and it's tough.)

I don't know the answer because any dog mixed with a poodle doesn't guarentee anything - and more likely then not you WILL be alllergic and the dog WILL shed. Why do you think all these poodle mixes are sitting in shelters across the country? Because the owner has allergic reactions and the dogs shed far more then the backyard breeder claimed it would shed.

Current dog with a new dog and suppose allergies? what do you say?

I currently have a Yorkie who is 4 years old and in a couple of months i plan to get a Siberian Husky. Im really into more active sled dogs since my yorkie is more of my little lazy lap dog lol. So right now i live with my mom and she does agree with the new dog but she swears she will be allergic to him because he has fur to remind you i have had other dogs and cats in the past even rabbits and chickens and birds. She has never had any reactions but she does sneezes here and there but i do notice its always in the summer (like pollen). My current dog and past dogs use to lick her ,go on her bed, i mean everywhere and she doesn't react. But just to make sure i would like to know are huskies prone to give allergies i wouldn't want one and then my mom suffering and me with the pressure of thinking to give the dog away. your thoughts? Is there like a high percentage of people suffering of allergies with huskies? I don't think she is but i would like to know other opinions.


i'd say a husky is not a good idea yet, they shed like forever! and they are a lot of work, plus i dont think ur mom would be happy cause of all they hair, one sneeze and she'd say " all this dog hair is making me sneeze, i knew getting that dog was a bad idea" and if shes a nag she'll never stop. lol

Scared to go under anesthesia..?

I am going "under" for the first time in my life to get my wisdom teeth removed next Thursday. I admit, I'm scared out of my wits if something happens to me, like not coming out of anesthesia. I know there is a small percentage of people who don't come out of anesthesia. How do you know if you are allergic to it? What are the chances of not waking up? I am a healthy 24 year old with no known allergies. I'm only going under for an hour, but I'm so scared... I keep thinking about a cat I adopted a year ago that never woke up after the anesthesia the doctors gave so that they could spay her... :(

Ask for a tranquilizer pill to take in advance of the removal.
That will help calm you down.

Better asleep than awake while these things a being done.

Cat survey: please answer honestly?

Please answer the following questions honestly:

If any of the following situations came up, would you give your cats away?

A) You or your child developed allergies (if you dont have them already)- would you take medicine for the allergies, or give the cat away?

B) If you were moving into a new place that you absolutely love, but the landlord doesn't accept animals in the building, would you search for a different place to live or give up the cat?

C) If the cat became aggressive ( are you willing to try to solve the behavioral issues? or would you drop the cat off at a shelter?)

D) If the cat became injured and you had no money to take it to the vet - would you keep the cat and let it suffer (if there was no possible way for you to get money)? or drop it off at a shelter?

**Please note that I will be keeping track of these answers and I will also be re-posting this later for people who dont see it the first time. If you have any other scenarios for me to add to my list, please advise so I can add them later! Please try to keep it to a yes or no basis with a brief explanation, i will be calculating a percentage later tonight and I will update with the results.

A) i would take medicine if it was my kid, i would have to rethink that option over, i don`t want other people to suffer.

B) Search for a different house, and keep the cat.

C) I would defiantly try to solve it dumping it would un-acceptable.

D) if i had no money to take it to the vet, i would borrow money or go on a money plan.

If if it was suffering really bad and no way to get money i would have to put it down, better then letting a cat suffer till death.

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