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How do i find the pictures of newborn babies on the internet?

when someone you know has a baby and it gets posted on the internet the photo of your new born or whatever how do i look for that website

you can also go to and type in all the information there and see. good luck

How could i get Best pictures Of Newborn babies online?

For posting your own pictures, Flickr is the best free Web service. You can set the preferences for public or private.

What do I type in to get pictures of newborn babies at Central Baptist Hospital, Lexington, KY?

My grandson's picture is supposed to be on in Lexington, KY. I cannot seem to find it. He is a newborn baby, born last Friday, June 16.

i found it for you

click on the mothers name

How long does it take for the web nursery to update pictures of the babies?

I am trying to find pictures of my newborn baby cousin. She was born this morning. October 8th. She is not listed yet. When might she be on there? Thank you.

Typically about 3 days. At least, that's how long it took for my son, for neices and nephews etc.

Nancy Ajrams Newborn Baby Pictures?

does anybody have a picture of her new baby girl Mila Hishem ?

there's nothing on the internet at all
i'm also looking

Is it strange that i don't want people holding my newborn baby and people taking pictures?

i have a newborn and i don't want people holding my baby becuase as you know babies are sensitive and can get sick easily i also don't want people taking pictures of my baby i want to give them professional pictures but i don't know if this is strange or ok as a new mom thanks!!! please don't judge me i just want to know what you think as mothers too!

My husband and I are the same way. His sister is 16 and thinks she needs to take hundreds of pictures to take to school, and I don't want hundreds of people I don't know seeing my baby, and you are a mom, you have a right to say something. I also HATE when other people ask to hold her, esp. people in a rest. or at the mall. She is 5mths, but only 10lbs (2mths preemie), so everyone still thinks she is a newborn, and I am still not over it. Don't feel bad!

When is the best time to take professional baby pictures?

We want to get professional pictures taken of our newborn baby. What is the ideal age to have your baby pictures taken during its 1st year? At what age will a newborn baby sit still enough and smile for a camera during a professional photo shoot?

With my first, we had professional pictures taken at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year points. Since they grow so much that first year, it was fun to have the collection of the different milestones to look back on. Chances are good that you won't get the baby to smile (or sit on his/her own) for the 1 month picture, but some babies are up to the task by 3 months.

Whatever the age of the baby, the best time to get their picture taken professionally is after a good nap and when their belly is full enough that they're alert. Hungry/tired babies tend to be cranky. I guess that's true of kids of just about any age, though...

Some of it has to do with the photographer, too. Make sure you pick one that's had plenty of experience with the age group your child falls in to. Photographers that are not necessarily kid-friendly tend to make the photo shoot more stressful and frustrating for parents and children--resulting in smile-less pictures. When the photographer can stay relaxed and focus on the baby (instead of the phone or waiting area) and takes the time to interract with them, the pictures tend to turn out MUCH better!

Have fun! and Congratulations!

Don't you hate it when people use pictures of their babies as their avatars?

I know you think your little newborn baby is so cute and adorable and you want to show them off to the whole world, but we don't care. Plus there are a lot of pervs out there on the internet. Do you really want some sick pedo looking at pics of your children? I know I wouldn't. All that aside, why would you use a pic of SOMEONE ELSE to represent YOU?

its a sick world we live in when we cant put picture of our children on things like this and it gets me so angry, i agree with you on that and i wouldn't do it, im not brave enough to put a photo of myself as my avatar, id love to but just couldn't, anyway its more fun this way, i can ask or answer a controversial question without anyone knowing who i am...

Pictures or videos of newborn babies addicted to drugs?

In geography on Friday, my class had to watch a video about drugs and newborn babies being addicted to drugs when they are born. I left school before the baby addicted to drugs part, so i did'nt get to see it. I wanted to see it, so i could learn not to grow up and do drugs.My friend watched it and told me i REALLY need to watch it, to learn about it. I am in 7th grade, and i would like to look at any pictures, or videos that helps me learn this. Anything would work. I would just like to learn about it, so please if you can, look for any pictures or videos of newborn babies being addicted to drugs.Thank you so much, and have a good day! :)

Contact your local planned parenthood or march of dimes to see what they have.

When is it safe to bring a newborn out to get his pictures done?

My mother in law is giving me crap all because I want to bring my newborn son to get his baby pictures done at a department store. Now my newborn is 2 weeks old and I wouldn't be having this issue if the hospital continued to do the baby pictures. She refuses to let me bring him there. I had to cancel the appointment all because of her.

I just need to prove to her that it is fine to bring him only if we go and then leave once the pictures are done.

My kids were out within a few days and they are fine. However if you have trouble telling strangers to keep their hands off you may want to wait awhile. It is nice to get advice from relatives and friends but ultimately the choice is YOURS. A general rule of thumb some people go by is their 2 week check up is their first outing. I wanted mine to have newborn pics too and since the hospital didnt do them I went the day after I got out of the hospital. You can always put a blanket over the carseat/carrier so that he is nice and blocked in away from germ ridden strangers but make sure he dont get too hot. I went out as soon as I felt physically ready and mentally cabable of dealing with my child in public.

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