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Should I move out or no just because of my allergies?

I have really bad allergies and I am allerigic to pet dander, dust, all that stuff. My mom has 3 dogs and she wont give them away for anything! I went away for the weekend to another city and I never sneezed, sniffled, gotten red itchy watery eyes, nothing! But the moment I stepped into my house my allergies got HORRIBLE! I started sneezing and everything! I really want to move out just for the sake of me not having to go through this every single day. And right when i tell her something about me moving out its always...I dont think so! And she says the only way you can move out is if your married, and im not getting married for another 3 years because of college.

I really want to move out but im scared that if i do she will like disown me! Shes paying my car insurance and cell phone bill, i dont have the money to pay for those on my own.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do?

I think you are in a difficult position, because it involves your mother.

But I think that your mother, as a mother, should have realised how bad allergies can get, and how much discomfort it causes you.

Perhaps what you could do is to try to get her attention. Instead of you going to see the doctor by yourself, get her to bring you. Tell her that you are feeling really uncomfortable and you cant drive on your own. Perhaps when the doctor suggested your mum to get rid of the dogs, it might work.

Marriage is not something imminent, when you are just about to go to college. Moreover it does not solve the problem at all. Perhaps you should try another way of communicating with your mother, or perhaps you can try to get dad's attention on this matter. I seriously think that it is not going to do your allergy any good by letting this go on.

Should I move for my asthma?

I lived in Chicago all my life for 25 years. In October 2009 my husband and I moved to San Antonio, TX. In November I started getting digestive problems- later determined as GERD, gastritis and IBS. Off and on my allergies seemed to be much worse than in Chicago. In March they got really bad. In April I got pneumonia which came back in May as double pneumonia. In June I was diagnosed with asthma. Since then I've been sick all the time- sore throat, ears plugged up the past 3 months, bad headaches, breathing problems, sinus problems, digestive problems, anxiety (had it before moving here but much worse since here) and now I was diagnosed with Bronchitis in August. Today I woke up with a pain in my left temple spreading around my head and my head feels like burning. I've been on literally about 30 medications prescibed by doctors in the past 5 months and nothing is making this go away. I'm currently on 2 inhalers, 2 nasal sprays, Prevecid, an antibiotic and Zyrtec. I really think I have an inner ear or other inner sinus issue and that something more serious than medication needs to be done.

My question first is, does anyone have any idea what could be going on since the doctors can't seem to figure it out? Second, I've learned that San Antonio is one of the worst places to live if you have asthma and allergies (I was tested for both and have both)... should I move back to Chicago (based only on my health not on other circumstances that I have to take into consideration)? I hate feeling sick every day of my life and I haven't been able to get a job here because of being sick. The reason we moved here was for a better economy and I never had health issues before moving here.

Note- Dr's have done ekg, head ct, chest xray and some blood tests. Ruled out heart problems, brain issues, pneumonia again, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

The biggest issue bugging me that will not go away for many months is my plugged up/constantly popping/pressure in both ears. The dr. said something (don't remember what) is pushed far back in my ear canal and there is a lot of mucus in my head/swelling in my nose.

Sorry to hear your story. I just can not believe that you are only 25 and your body is at peak of functioning. I assume that the location you are living now are very bad in terms of air or water. Check it out the building is old or new, any polluter around your place. Or check some official website find out any environment related information. They can be valuable since you are new to the area and check out with some old people who live there all their life. They may provide more evidence to move out of that area. Good luck.

Should I get a mouse or something? I have allergies, but...?

I'm pretty allergic to a lot of animals, especially rabbits and birds. I got a degu one time and man I found out they're related to rabbits pretty fast. I had some rats too who were awesome, but I had to keep them in my room, and that was just horrible for my allergies. I thought I had some wicked bad cold for a while, but then it kicked in "OH IT'S THE RATS." Anyway, I'm 17 and my parents moved everything out of the basement because we were gonna move, but we're not anymore for a while, but there was still nothing in the basement because they sold it all. So, I bought a couch and TV and set up my video games and drum set down there... I hang out there quite a bit now. What I'm saying is, do you think I could get a mouse or something, and keep him in the basement, and not have my allergies affected too much? I'd see him (or her) plenty and I know I'd take good care of it because I've had lots of pets and like a big nerd research about animals all the time. Right now I have a dog and a leopard gecko in my room, but I miss those days when I had a tiny, furry pet I could hold in my hand... I went to my ex-girlfriends house today and she has a a few hamsters and mice and it reminded me of having them. Man this is way too long... to sum up, what kind of small furry pet would be easier on my allergies? Is there anything I could do to make it not as bad? Would keeping it in the basement help? I would also rather not get a hamster, and rather not get something that needs to be held and loved everyday, because that wouldn't help my allergies at all. Maybe a mouse or two? They're small, could keep each other company... any input you have is helpful and I'm really sorry this is crazy long. If you actually read through it all, I salute you. seems that you're allergic to caged animals....

My question to you:
Have you ever considered that maybe it was the bedding? Did you use the same bedding for all of these animals?

It would be pretty silly to think you're allergic to most small animals, just to find out you're allergic to a product, not an animal. :P

Anyways, you say "tiny, furry pet I could hold", then say "rather not get something that needs to be held...wouldn't help my allergies"

How bad are your allergies, and have you tried medication, like Claritin?

It's up to you what you get (if anything), but it doesn't seem fair to any pet, to have an owner who's too allergic to handle them.

Girlfriend's cat makes me want to move?

I am living with my girlfriend. We have been together over 8 months. She has an adorable cat that is driving me nuts. When I try to talk to her about the problems with the cat, she dismisses my feelings. She doesn't spend any time with the cat (holding it or petting it), she never cleans the litter box, and the cat is driving me nuts. On top of having a cat all over the counter, cat litter all over the floor, and my allergies (which are getting really bad because she doesn't vacuum) the cat will sit at the bedroom door and cry until you get up and open the door. Then it proceeds to run away, and less than 5 minutes later it is doing it again. This is every morning.
I understand that she doesn't want to get rid of a cat she has had for several years. I get that. But to refuse to address these issues makes me feel like I don't want to live in that environment anymore. I have thought about just getting my own place, and if she continues to refuse to address issues (in general) I will definitely move. She says I am just threatening her that I will move out because I want her to get rid of her cat. What should I do?

You need to talk to your girlfriend about these issues. Make it clear to her that you don't want her to get rid of the cat, but you are becoming frustrated with her appearing not willing to help take responsibility for the cat's care. If you do it all without bringing it up to her at all, she may just assume that you'll do it so she can continue her negligence.

You guys should put together a routine where you both share responsibilities for the cat and a few rules. Maybe alternate who cleans the litter box every day, and try and set aside time for you two to play with the cat together or brush/comb him or her (this will help with your allergies too). By involving yourself in these plans, she will see that you are trying to be helpful while solving a problem and will also show her that you want to keep the cat also. Of course, if you honestly have no desire to involve yourself in the cat's care, then you also need to be willing to tell her that too.

I have a problem with my cats on top of the counter too. What I do when I catch them up there, is clap, say NO loudly, or give them a shot of water from a spray bottle. Set a day or several days when vacuuming will take place, and stick to the plan. If you notice she is avoiding her responsibilities, gently remind her of them.

As far as the cat sitting at the bedroom door and crying until you open the door, that cat now associates them whining by the door with getting attention. They know that if they whine long enough, they will get attention--even if it's negative. I know this will be hard, but you need to ignore the cat when it cries. Don't get up and open the door, don't yell "Shut up!" or anything at all to acknowledge the cat. After awhile of being ignored while whining, he or she will realize that nobody is going to pay attention to him or her unless they are quiet.

You need to tell her that by refusing to address these issues, it is pushing you away from the environment and causing friction in your relationship. If she is still unwilling to work with you on this, you might have to decide if keeping her as your girlfriend is worth the frustration you're dealing with, or if you would be able to continue the relationship living separately. You shouldn't have to sacrifice your happiness because she isn't willing to budge on her ways. If the issue is serious enough, she should be willing to compromise if she wants to make it work.

Hay Allergies.... Getting Small Sores on my Arms, What Should I Do?

So somehow, I'm just now realizing that I have a hay allergy.

I've been riding for nearly 9 years now, but the barn I was at for 8 years always did straight alfalfa cubes and hay.
The only time I would handle regular hay was at shows with my mare, and only a few of those shows were in the summer. So it was never really bad.

But I moved to a new farm (and am moving to yet another new farm tomorrow), and I'm handling a lot of hay every day, and it's not about to stop, because we are working on selling our house and buying our /own/ farm.

At first I thought it was poison ivy, but it only itches once I come in contact with hay.
But the rest of the time, it looks like I've got red welts/sores all along the outside of my arms, from my wrist to elbow.
(For some reason, it's on the outside of my arms. Not on the top or bottom or inside.)
I don't have any other symptoms; nothing respiratory, and no problems with my eyes.
Right now I just wash my arms up to my elbows when I get home, and have been putting stuff on it throughout the day, like fluocinonide, calamine lotion, and hydrocortisone.
I also take Benadryl and Claritin in the morning, and Singulair at night, but it doesn't make any difference.

Has anyone here had experience with this?
Does anyone know of anything I can do about it??

I've thought about wearing some sort of sleeve when I handle hay (maybe like a glove that extends up to my elbow?)
Does anyone know where I could get something like this?
Or do you all have any other ideas?

[[Where I live, it's 90-100 with high humidity every day, so I /cannot/ wear a long sleeved shirt...just /not/ an option haha]]

You might trying wearing, after the toes are cut out, knee hi cotton socks. Pull them over your forearms when you work with hay. They are easily washed and minimum upkeep. Keep hay brushed off of them. Keep cortisone 1% percent on hand to apply over the sores; you have a contact dermatitis. I've also had some itchy problems when handling hay ...…

These "sleeves"contain steel threads....there are also sleeves made of "Kevlar"...(used in bullet proof vests). I sincerely doubt any hay ends will penetrate these. (Kevlar thwarts knife tips and bullets)....

Also when handling hay bales be sure you use hay hooks...they'll keep your forearms and hands away from the hay bales. (Hay will make small cuts on your arms and hands). I think alfalfa is worse than grass hay for this..cuts.…

"Oral antihistamines such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl, Ben-Allergin) can also relieve itching".

"A corticosteroid medication similar to hydrocortisone may be prescribed to combat inflammation in a localized area. This medication may be applied to your skin as a cream or ointment".………

What do you do when your allergies are SO bad, that nothing's working?

I'm at the point where I've tried it all tried all of the over the counter and prescription meds, zyrtec, claritin, xyzal, singulair, benadryl nasal sprays....but they just can't seem to help my allergies. I don't know what it is, but everytime I step FOOT inside of my house...within 5 minutes or even 10, I develop a complete allergist/asthmatic reaction where everything, mylungs give me sensations I feel faint,'s just not a pretty picture. It's disturbing to say the very least.

But my concern is...I can't just move out of my house, and my partner owns it. He also has two dogs so that may be it. I don't know what's causing it.

But I can't even get myself to get off of my drugs for a week or a few days to get the allergy tests because i feel like I'm going to convulse or just have a horrid reaction or something. It's just that bad it's unbearable.

Nothing is working. I'm out of ideas, and no one seems to care, the doctors just postpone the dates...nothing NOTHING NOTHING gets accomplished, feeling like **** regardless.

When someone is at this piont....what do they do?

Should I try increasing the dosages on those meds to more than they tell you to take? That might work, I mean maybe for my height/weight and other stuff I take, it's not enough?

I just don't know what to do anymore.

Someone help please...b/c i've had allergies/asthma for SO long now that it's killing me.

Kinda sounds like me. I am o.k.ish outside, and then when I am in my house, I start having reactions. My allergy test showed that I was severely allergic to dust mites. You will live without medications for a few days to get allergy tested, I thought I was not going to make it, but I did! Get tested to get the correct medications for you.
Good Luck.

We're moving to a new house - where should my dogs crate be placed?

We live in a townhouse right now.
And our 2 year old rottweiler sleeps in the basement in his crate.
I know that sounds bad.. and theyre supposed to sleep with their owners
but he actually enjoys it down there... when he's out of his crate he actually lays down there because it's cooler for him.
We're moving to a new house in acouple weeks and I wanted to put him in his own room next to ours. Or would that be a bad idea? One of the main reasons he doesn't sleep in our room is because my husband has bad allergies and he seems to shed ALOT while in his crate the hair outlines the outside of his crate) and he does bark alot when he has someone in his view.. once you can't be seen he'll lay down and go to bed.

I also wanted to put a fan in his room with him so he won't get too hot.. or should we place him in the basement again where it is cooler? Would a fan be a bad idea? Would it bother him more then help?

A dog doesn't necessarily NEED to sleep with it's owners. In fact, sometimes this can cause a dominance or behavior issue with the dog. So if he is fine sleeping in his crate, by himself. Let him. As long as you husband's allergies are not confining the dog to the basement 24/7, he should be fine to continue to sleep there.

If you want to put him in the room next to yours, do it. If it does get hot, put a fan in there. There should be no problem with it, unless your dog is freaked by them, it shouldn't bother him.

He probably doesn't shed A LOT while just in his crate, it's just that because he is in there for a great deal of time at night, every night, the hair builds up. It's the same amount of shedding he does normally just condensed and collected around the crate.

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