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HORRIBLE seasonal allergies, worse then ever before?

so every year since around 3 years back, i get allergies during the spring season when there's plenty of pollen, seeds, dust, etc in the air. this year has been especially dreadful because the wind has really blown the pollen all over the place. I have terrible reactions to this, usually sneezing fits that i cant even control!! i'll sneeze once, then again, three times,and four times in a row. And its not a light-hearted sneeze, its like an EaRthQuake!! -just shook me. I have never had such allergies on this severe of a level. My nose is also constantly stuffy and running, and my sinuses are all clogged up, as are my ears with fluid, so my hearing is muffled pretty bad and no liquid will clear it. i have gone to the doctor, but its not like their prescriptions are free.

and yes i am on zyrtec, and when i'm on that i still get these symptoms, though the sneezes die down a bit, though my sinuses stay the same.

anyways i wanted to aslk two questions

1. is this season especially dreadful for allergy sufferers than the ones before? - or am i the only one to notice the drastic pollen uprising (and its like i live next to a wheat field or anything, lol)

2. I see a lot of people prescribe seeing an allergist, but does regular health insurance cover the costs of the tests taken, or procedures done, etc. I'm 15 btw so its not like i will be paying for an allergist visit.

Thanks for any help, and if you know any, what else can i do to help with my allergies, i already take vitamin c, and raw honey.

I feel your pain. I'm allergic to dust mites, animal dander, and alot of different pollen. I'm in Illinois, and this year has definitely been especially dreadful for me. It's the first time I've agreed to take prescription allergy medicine everyday for a couple weeks. Here are a few suggestions you might consider:
-- Although allergies do not directly make you sick (I mean, with an infection of some kind) they do weaken your immune system because your immune system is busy attacking harmless things like pollen and dust instead of viruses and other things that find their way in and really can make you sick... So if allergies are not controlled, you're setting yourself up for ear and sinus infections, flu, and whatever else. Mine almost always start with an allergy attack. So at a time like this, you need to support your immune system, and sometimes that can actually help the allergies some too. Some things that I have found works for me include:
-- eliminating white flour from my diet, replacing things like white bread and white spaghetti noodles with whole wheat, rice, oat, or multigrain pasta/bread. I don't know exactly why this works but it's commonly suggested and it does work. The whole grains are more nutritious and easier to digest too.
-- if you can possibly get your hands on it, raw unpasteurized milk is great because the milk still contains antibodies in it that are destroyed during pasteurizing. It's the number one way to prevent ear infections. I drink raw goat's milk, and although I still have allergies I notice they are worse when I don't have the raw milk and I have fewer ear infections with it. But in some areas that can be impossible to get as it's illegal to sell it in commercial stores--it can only be sold for private use straight from the farm. Where I am, we don't have cows, but we have two goat farms near me so I get that. Also cow's milk will make mucus thicker and more irritating, so unless you have some raw cow's milk I'd suggest you either switch to goat's milk or avoid milk altogether until your sinuses clear up some.
-- Ginger root tea really helps clear out my sinuses, though it doesn't work for everyone. You can use two teaspoons of ground ginger or get tea bags from the store and steep two of them in a cup of hot water and drink that right before going to bed. If it works you can drink it up to 3 times a day if needed.
-- stick to eating zero to one sweets a day. Although a little sugar is good for you, most people eat way too much of it and too much sugar can interfere with the way your immune system works. This includes soda!
-- It would be great if you can visit an allergist and get a test done so you'll have an idea of exactly what you're allergic to. For example, since I found out that I'm allergic to dust mites, I took the carpet out of my room, put an allergic protection cover over my box springs, mattress, and pillows, and put a door on my closet that stays shut when I'm not getting clothes out of it and moved all of my books and stuffed animals out of the room or put them in a china cabinet type thing with doors. This really got rid of the dust mite allergy problem, then in spring when the pollen becomes a problem its not allergies stacking on top of each other, it's just pollen allergy so it's more mild. Hope I'm making sense here. If you can get your doctor to recommend you go to an allergist, most health insurance plans will cover that. My insurance won't cover the allergy medicine I'm on, but because it's so bad this year my doctor faxed them a letter saying it was necessary and then they did cover it.
-- Another thing you should know is that all allergy medicines have the possible side effect of flulike symptoms. That is why I normally refuse to take them--while they really do help if, say, I'm going to visit a friend who has a cat, if I take them everyday eventually my nose runs even more and I really don't feel better. Zyrtec is pretty strong stuff, and the stronger the medicine is the more possibility for that side effect. For me, sometimes it's better to stay with the more mild medicines because, even though they don't work to completely stop my allergies, they do help some and don't have that side effect so my allergies become tolerable. Right now I'm taking cingulair. Unfortunately, you'll have to try different ones until you find what works for you. Most ear-nose-throat doctors and allergists have different allergy medicines as samples so you can try them free then pay for the one that works.
It should be noted that these suggestions do not eliminate allergies, but they can help you control it. Not everything works for everyone, but it's worth a try. Hope some of it helps you :)

Any doctors or medical students?? I've had a cold for over 2 months and is this typical of a sinus infection?

Hello, I've had sinus infection/cold-like symptoms for about two months, and I am not getting better. For the first two or so weeks, I assumed I had a cold, and then got better, and got another cold. My mom thinks it's my allergies, but I have never had allergy symptoms like this in my life other than hay fever in the spring. This is like a super-cold, I feel so lethargic and my nose keeps running and I just feel rotten. I am allergic to cats and dust (I have 3 cats) but I take 2 antihistamines daily and it has never been much of an issue unless i sleep with them in my face or something then it might irritate my breathing because I have asthma, but why would it just start giving me horrible symptoms at random NOW? It goes away for about 3-6 days, and then at random I will be sniffling and sneezing and totally miserable within like 30 minutes I'll go from being completely fine to full-blown cold. Then it lasts for about 4-5 days and I'm fine again. This cycle has been repeated about 5 times. I went to the doctor and he prescribed me antibiotics (Sulfamethoxazole) for a sinus infection, which is what he said it sounds like I have. I haven't been sleeping well at all, my nose is so irritated and I can't stop sniffling all night my nose stays completely plugged. So of course every morning I wake up with a horribly raw throat from breating through my mouth while I'm asleep. To top it off, I got my two upper wisdom teeth pulled this morning. I canceled my original appointment for one week ago because my symptoms had come back in full the night before my appointment, and the same thing happened last night before my wisdom teeth appointment this morning, but I went. The oral surgeon made me use Afrin in my nose before we started so I'd be able to breathe through my nose better, but I feel way worse than before I had my teeth removed. It could be a coincidence and my symptoms are just escalating like they always do, but hat nose spray irritated my nose very badly. My eyes are red and I feel so icky. What is this?! Is it a really bad sinus infection, a remarkably long series of colds, or WHAT! How do I get better?? I'm so stressed because I feel so awful while my symptoms attack, and I can't get any rest because it's so hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. I'm prescribed percocet for my teeth (or lack there of)--will those help my sleep at all? But seriously, what is with this never-ending cold??! I've been taking vitamin C and a multivitamin and drinking a lot of liquids (water and cranberry juice) as well as Mucinex to try and clear out my sinuses and lungs. What else can I do????

This actually sounds like something serious. The first thing that comes to mind is Epstein Barr virus, the same virus that causes "mono." This should go away on its own but you need to have some routine blood work done to rule out other more serious things, like certain types of blood disorders such as leukemia or aplastic anemia. Tell your doctor that you want a CBC with a differential performed and you want your blood tested for "heterophil antibodies." In addition tell him you want a monospot test.

If your doctor continues to act like a jacka$s and dismisses you, tell him you want a referral to an infectious disease specialist.

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