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Wine allergies?

I get severe hives when I eat anything cooked with Madeira wine, as a result I avoid such foods. I'm just wondering for curiosity sake since I can eat food cooked with other types of wine, what is different about Madeira wine? I don't know much about wine, I thought a grape was a grape. :)

First off, there are no sulfites in Madeira wine as it is a fortified wine using only grape alcohol (not brandy) to slow down fermentation and stablilize the wine. You could be having a reaction to the alcohol or a particular type of grape. Because of the alcohol, there is no chance of corking or the contents turning bad because of mold or bacteria.
Unfortunately, you may just be allergic.

Do I have a red wine allergy?

I love wine, but for some reason, I have a terrible reaction to it, especially when I drink red wine.
Even if I have one or two glasses, I get a terrible headache, flushed cheeks, a racing heart, diarrhea, and what feels like an awful hangover.
Is it possible that I have an allergy to red wine?
I sure hope not!

Googled this...obviously its not completly rare or uncommon...

A third school of thought blames histamines. Histamines are 20 - 200% higher in red wine than in white, and those who are allergic to them are deficient in a certain enzyme. Some experts believe that the combination of alcohol and that deficiency can cause the headaches. But a study of 16 people with an intolerance to wine, reported in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (Feb 2001) found no difference in reactions to low- and high-histamine wines.

Hope that helps

Can i take benadryl allergy and drink wine?

I need to take some benadryl allergy, but I also like to have wine in the evening sometimes. Is it okay to drink wine after taking benadryl?

This is not recommended. The wine and benadryl potentiate each other, thus increasing the sedative side effects of this drug.

How can I drink wine or beer without getting hives?

I believe I have recently developed an allergy to wine and beer. Hives form after a glass. I don't drink very often, but do enjoy wine or beer occasionally and would like to still be able to have some. Is there something I can do to prevent the hives, itching, swelling that comes with it? I have been enjoying wine and beer for years, and only just recently started having this problem.

That's a tough question. I suffer from allergies myself, and I have reactions to certain red wines-they give me terrible hangovers even if I only drink a glass.

I would advise you NOT to take an antihistamine, since it tends to make you drowsy-it will probably intensify the effects of the alcohol.

If you really and truly enjoy the taste of wine and beer, then go to an allergist and see if they can run a prick test on you to find out which ones cause you the most problems. I would try white wine, since it has a much lower level of histimines (red wine is high in histamines!) and it might be easier on your system.

Another thought: an allergist once told my sister to think of allergy tolerance like a bucket. If you are avoiding other allergens and aren't having any other reactions, then you'll probably have fewer problems with one glass of beverage, (think of it like a single drop in the bucket) but if you are already reacting to something else, that one last drop in the bucket will make it overflow-your reaction will worsen.

Also consider organic beverages-it may be residue from a chemical or pesticide which is the source of your allergy. You can get these at Whole Foods and similar supermarkets and whole foods stores.

Drinking wine with a sulfite allergy?

OK I would like to drink wine every now and then. In fact I would like to actually TRY wine to see if I even like it.

My problem is I have a severe sulfite allergy, and since sulfites are in almost every kind of wine, I never get to drink any.

Does anybody know if there are any common brands of wine that do not contain sulfites? I'd really hate to have to special order wine off the internet.

Well the ones you are going to find at the store are shipped and they usually have it. You would probably have more luck looking at local wineries that aren't trying to bulk ship it in conditions that aren't always the best. You will have way more luck that way. I know of several in the southwest that don't use them at all.

Is it possible to develop an allergy for wine?

2 or 3 times a month I drink some merlot. Last week I had 2 glasses and became drunk and totally sick. What's up with that?

Could be a lot of things. A lot of people have started to claim to be having allergic reactions to sulfites, but these occur naturally in food, so if someone was having a reaction, you would expect the same thing when they eat lettuce. Some folks get headaches from tannins, the pigment in red wine. If so, try white. If you just got sick... maybe you had some bad food, or no food, and it just didn't sit well. Try something lighter than a merlot, like a pinot noir.

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Can you develop allergies later in life. Specifically wine or other drinks.?

Yes. It can happen overnight. Well not literally overnight. Over time toxins build up inside of you and can definitely do their damage. It sounds to me like maybe you have a sluggish liver and possibly are having problems in your colon as well. I would try a liver flush and a colon cleanse. It also wouldn't hurt to try a parasite cleanse. There are a couple of companies I would recommend. One is Uni-Key and it is recommended by Louise Gittleman the author of Fat Flush and other fine health-related books. Another one is DrNatura. It's a great site with fascinating material and testimonials works. Good Luck and let me know how it goes!

Does white wine have any medical benefits?

I can't drink red wine because of an allergy. Does white wine have any benefits?

White has a small amount of anti-oxidants, but nowhere near that of red. If you can't drink red though, it's possibly due to the enzymes which aged white or even aged cheese contains, so white may not be an option unless it's fresh rather than aged. Check it out and good luck !!!

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