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If Aciphex is the only thing that works but is too expensive?

My husband is currently taking Aciphex, the best thing he has found to help his GERD. Unfortunately we aren't able to afford the prescription. Just wondering if anyone knows the next best medication he can take that won't be as expensive.

You can try OTC Prilosec. It is just as effective as Rx Aciphex.
Prevacid will be going OTC by the end of the year.

How expensive is Aciphex and how many tablets do you get at one time.?

I got a sample form my doctor of the drug Aciphex. I was just wondering how many you get in one bottle and how expensive it is.

I get 30. But you can get more. The cost really depends on (and if you have) insurance. Mine costs, last time, 100$. I have insurance. So, yes, it is very expensive. Though it might be different for you. But, IT WORKS!!

What is the difference (use, effectiveness, etc.) between Aciphex and Prilosec?

I used to use Aciphex 2-3 times per month to control esophitis and heart burn, but I had to switch to Prilosec for insurance reasons. I am wondering if I should use them differently? I used to take Aciphex whenever I didnt' feel well, and it worked fine. Do I do the same thing with Prilosec? Or do I take it regularly weather I have heartburn or not?

I hate prilosec cause it is delayed release. When those acids flare up you need releif immediately, and you have to take prilosec every day for 2 weeks before it helps.
See if your doc will put you on Prevacid. If cost is a problem they also make a generic version. I have terrible esophitis and have tried everything, and prilosec was just about the worst thing I tried.

Aciphex helping with dairy trouble at first?

I take aciphex twice a day for heartburn and dairy trouble, at first it worked perfectly but lately it's been loosing it's effectiveness, any tips?

Stop dairy products or take lactaid. Try switching to spy products. You can get ice cream and anything that come sin COW dairy.

Aciphex does not treat the symptoms of lactose intolerance.... just the GERD that can be worsened by the dairy.

What is the usual dose for the medicine AcipHex?

My doctor gave me AcipHex samples today, but I don't remember how many he said to take, and how often. For anybody that takes it, how often do you take the medicine? Thanks

Call the doctor in the morning and ask him how much to take. Do not rely on anyone on here or you may find yourself taking either way too much or not enough. Good luck!

Why is my insurance company denying Aciphex?

I have been taking Aciphex since 2003 for GERDS treatment. Now my insurance company is no longer going to cover it. They say the only coverage they now offer is for omeprazole. I'm certain it boils down to a matter of $, but I'm uncertain I'll be better off. Any advice?

Have your doctor tell them that he wants you on this. Have the doctor tell them that you tried the other stuff and it didnt work. He probably needs to fill out a prior authorization form. Your pharmacist should have told you all this.

Is there any difference between Aciphex and Protonix?

I'm taking Protonix which is sort of working, but I'm still getting breakthrough reflux. My friend gave me Aciphex and I got cramps in my stomach by the 5th day. Not sure if it was from the Aciphex or the beer I was drinking.Yes, I know, I shouldn't be drinking beer with reflux. Well, I'm not anymore, but I still want to know if the cramping came from the Aciphex or the beer because if the Protonix isn't working, I want to switch but I'm afraid.

They are in the same class of medication (Proton Pump Inhibitors)..,but it's like some people swear by Excedrin & others by Bufferin.
Do you take Protonix 2X/day? If not, ask MD to increase dose.
If Aciphex would cause stomach cramps take with food.

You might also add Mylanta or Maalox for break thru acid (both OTC liquids).

Google: mayo clinic>>diseases>>GERD

Don't be afraid...speak with your doc

Hope you feel better

Do you have to take Aciphex 30-60 minutes before a meal like Prontonix?

I had been using Protonix and had to take it 30-60 minutes before a meal. My doc late yesterday gave me samples of Aciphex because the Prontonix appears not to be helping anymore my larynx/silent reflux. I forgot to ask him if with Aciphex there is the 30-60 wait or it can be taken right before/after a meal? Thanks.

AcipHex can be taken with or without food. Having food in your stomach does not decrease or increase its absorption. Protonix can also be taken with or without food.

Both of these drugs are PPIs, which means they inhibit the proton pumps in your stomach that cause stomach acids to be excreted.

However, since your physician told you to take the Protonix 30-60 minutes before a meal, you should also take the AcipHex that way.

If you forget to take your AcipHex and have already eaten a meal, it is OK to go ahead and take it. At the worst, it wil have diminished effects but it will still help stop that stomach acid.

I took AcipHex for 2 years, and in my opinion it is the single best GERD medication available. I took mine with and without food, and it helped my esophagus heal rapidly.

Does Aciphex heartburn meds (or its generic equivalent) cause coughing and a constant tickle in the throat?

I have been coughing at night for weeks now. Mostly at night. I will be fine and then go into a coughing fit. I use sugar-free cough drops that surpress it but as soon as it is gone the cough returns. I have heard that heartburn medicine can cause a cough. Is this the kind of cough it causes?

Try raising the head of your bed by placing 2" blocks under the headboard. This will keep the acid from coming back up into your esophagus and irritating your throat. It may be that a bit of acid is getting into your throat when you lie down. If that isn't the case, perhaps you have a sinus issue that drains in your throat when you lie down. Good luck my friend! Oh, I haven't heard of any Gerd or heartburn medications causing this problem, but perhaps it's possible.

what is the best way to control constant diarhea i take aciphex and bentyl and zantac? any help would be great

i have had test done i have ibs and colitis i have become weak wondering if there is anything else i can do to help contol it sometimes i have hunger pains in my stoamch real bad and nauseau and vomiting. i also take phengran and had colonscopy and endoscopy.

My heart goes out to you. I have IBS, which is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I go from bad to worse then back again. Its awful living like this. I always have to stop when I go anywhere in my car and use the restroom. They say diverticulitis is worse. You really need to go see a gastroenerologist if the doctor your seeing now is not helping you.

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