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My pill bottle says to take one for anxiety... but im having a pretty bad attack... would it hurt to take 2?

no it won't hurt to take 2 just make sure your not gonna try and drive.

Prescribed Atarax for anxiety, how can I get stronger medication?

Atarax doesn't seem to do anything for me and I have been on it for 3 years. How can I convince my doctor I need better medication without sounding like a crazy? What is stronger then Atarax?

just explain to your doctor that your anxiety levels havent decreased, and that you were wondering if you could try a different medication to see if it helps any more?

does the prescrption for atarax really help anxiety and panick attacks?

i am now taking atarax for my anxiety and panick attacks. it seems to work but idk if its bad for my body or heart to take it.

Hey, I truly understand how you feel...

The uncomfortable symptoms like sweaty palms, "jelly" legs, extreme alertness, "impending doom" feeling and the fight-or-flight response.
I've been there. I'm an ex-victim. Sometimes the deep breathing or distraction techniques doesn't work - a full-blown panic or anxiety attack happens later.
Sometimes you experience panic attack out of the blue and such.

Do NOT buy Panic Away, Linden Method, EasyCalm or the Panic Puzzle. They do NOT work - I've tried them and their solutions are similar - it DOESN'T WORK.
Medications do NOT work - I was under many antidepressants (Prozac, Lexapro, Paxil and Zoloft) and anti-anxiety medications (Ativan, Klonopin, and Xanax) but my condition was the same - no improvement at all.

The only program that really work is The Panic Attack Solution. It's found by an ex-victim. You can check out his old blog in his official website to read up some useful tips.
But the package is the best - it teaches 17 powerful techniques and the real solution to panic attacks. I've bought it and it really helped me - it's the BEST anti-anxiety package or book I've read.
His theory really makes sense.

Check out his official website:

Have you had a positive experience with Tavist, Chlortrimeton, Atarax, or Benadryl in treating dog's allergies


My dog has inhalant allergies. My veterinarian recommended OTC allergy relief, such as Benadryl, to treat his allergies.He has been on 3 daily doses of Benadryl for about a month without any change. He is still constantly itching and has been wearing an e-collar for about 2 weeks to reduce his itching. His vet said that other allergy treatments might be more effective. I am looking for ones who have had similar experiences with their dogs and have had positive results with Tavist, Chlortrimeton or Atarax. Thanks for the suggestions!!

My dog has allergies and it was a nightmare. Shots, drugs, nothing helped.The vet (a new one) changed her food and took her off predisone which is a steroid and is bad for dogs kidneys..Benedryl never worked for her either. He also prescribed maleseb shampoo baths once a week. It has taken 5 weeks but the difference is amazing. She has cleared up and has no scratching, sores, or hair loss. She has also stopped sneezing.He put her on science diet potato and salmon food. I was skeptical, but it works. He has been a vet for 40 years and said sometimes you just simply need to change foods because something may be triggering it.My dog is drug free- He knows his stuff!

how many atarax pills should i take to calm me?

i'm worried and nervous about a presentation i have to do infront of a class... i have atarax tablets left over from months ago when i was prescribed then before surgery. anyway each tablet is 25 mg how much should i take to relax me a little? i remember taking 50 mg (2 tablets) in the past/ weeks leading up to surgery.

None. If you have to rely on popping pills to get through a class presentation, how will you cope at a board meeting in the future?
Do some deep breathing exercises, go for a long walk, don't use chemicals that might leave you feeling hung over in the morning.
A little bit of nervousness can keep you on your toes.
Just keep telling yourself you know what you are talking about and present your project with confidence.
Don't be afraid of the odd mistake or mispronunciation.
Remember, the man who never made a mistake never made anything.
Stay away from the drugs and knock 'em dead. What's the worst they can do to you? Good luck.

Can I take Nyquil when taking Claritin and Atarax?

I am taking Atarax and Claritin for a hive breakout but I have a cold and wanted to take some Nyquil. Just wondering if I would be safe taking them both at the same time?

I am not sure that would be a good idea, because every Nyquil preparation I know of already contains an antihistamine-doxyalamine succinate. So, you would essentially be taking 3 antihistamines-so you would get 3 times the adverse effects, especially sedation. I think you should call a pharmacy, and ask the pharmacist. Also, if you read the labels of all 3 of them, they should say what medications you should avoid while taking them.

Precribed Atarax for anxiety at 36 weeks pregnant - is this safe for baby?

My Ob/Gyn on a low dosage for 15 days to help me sleep but the leaflet says it shouldnt be taken while pregnant, though the main warning are in the first two trimesters - for the third trimester it just says that the effects are unknown. I have been religious about not taking anything through this pregnancy - is Atarax okay?

No you should in no way take it.

Anyone take Atarax? Likes/Dislikes? I am supposed to start it but I am worried about starting new meds.?

I am also about 8 weeks pregnant. My OBGYN took me off of Prozac and wants me to start Atarax. My anxiety is my biggest issue.

Look it up on the internet.Read all about it,side effects if any.If it sounds ok then take it.Your doctor gave it to you & it can't help if you don't take it.Call your doctor if you do notice side effects.Take care

Can I buy Atarax over the counter without prescription in the UK?

Don't think you can. But you can find hundreds of web sites selling them from USA & Canada who will ship them without perscription.

Which is better, Atarax (hydroxyzine) or Benadryl for a non-emergency episode of angioedema of the lips?

Is 50mg of hydroxyzine stronger than an equal amount of benadrl or does one medication work faster than the other? (I have Epipen if my throat swells)

None of them.
Sudden edema or swelling of the upper lips, is called angioneurotic edema, hand has nothing or very little to do, with allergy.
Its due to the accidental release of a compound in the blood (normally present in all of us) called properdin, that spontaneously, activates the substances that initiate vessel dilation, and thus, swelling of the lips, 80% of the times, the upper lip is affected, and the condition is 3 times more common in young females.(it can affect lower lips and cheeks rarely)
Its is quite controllable, and will subside with time in most of cases, however, in order to control the spontaneous (unauthorized release) of complement proteins from the plasma, you need to follow a serious treatment with estrogen antagonists (Danazol 100 miligrams per day, capsules), supervised by a proper physician.
Benadryl, or hydroxizine (Atarax) will NOT solve the problem, and will make you drowsy, sleepy, and at times, very hungry.
Those are NOT the ones for you...
Good luck

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