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My cat has stopped eating on Clavamox. What are the names of other antibiotics?

We adopted our cat at the SPCA and he had the cat flu. He was sneezing, stuffed up, lethargic, stopped eating. He is on Clavamox since Monday (we are Friday). Sneezing seems better, but he still will not eat. We are syringe feeding him. We tried fish oil, wet food, everything to get him to eat. I suspect it to be the side effect of Clavamox. I researched names of other drugs. Baytril has led to blindness in cats. What are the names of other drugs?

Antibiotics that I have seen used in clinics, go under the trade names of clavamox, amoxicillin, doxycycline, baytril (generic name is enrofloxacin), clindamycin...

This is a section on treatment of feline upper respiratory tract infections, taken from

Treatment is largely symptomatic and supportive, but broad-spectrum antibiotics are useful against secondary bacterial invaders (since most infections are caused by viruses, not bacteria, but antibiotics are used to help prevent and/or treat any secondary bacterial infections... (eg, amoxicillin with clavulanic acid (this is Clavamox), cephalosporins, trimethoprim/sulfa, fluoroquinolones, chloramphenicol) as well as directly against C psittaci . Tetracyclines are the most effective against C psittaci . Nasal and ocular discharges should be removed frequently for the comfort of the cat. Nebulization or saline nose drops may aid in the removal of tenacious secretions. Nose drops containing a vasoconstrictor (eg, 2 drops of ephedrine sulfate [0.25% solution] in each nostril, bid) and antibiotics may be helpful in reducing the amount of nasal exudate. Prolonged use of nasal decongestants, however, may result in rebound nasal congestion and worsening of clinical signs. A bland ophthalmic ointment containing antibiotics (tetracyclines in C psittaci infections) is indicated 5-6 times daily to prevent corneal irritation produced by dried exudate. If corneal ulcers occur in FVR infections (herpetic keratitis), ophthalmic preparations containing idoxuridine or acyclovir are indicated in addition to other antibiotic ophthalmic preparations. Lysine (250 mg, PO, bid-tid) interferes with herpetic viral replication and may reduce the severity of FVR infection. If dyspnea is severe, the cat can be placed in an oxygen tent. Fluids may be indicated to correct dehydration, and force-feeding may be necessary. Esophagostomy and gavage may be appropriate for alimentation of severely debilitated cats. Antihistamines (eg, chlorpheniramine maleate, PO, bid [8 mg for adults, 4 mg for kittens]) may be beneficial early in the course of the disease.

I would recommend you consult with your veterinarian. If you talk to them about your concerns, they may be able to perscribe a different antibiotic, or just help give you more advise about how to help your cat through this period of treatment.

I hope you and your cat do well! best of luck

How long does the antibiotic Clavamox stay in a cat's body?

My indoor/outdoor cat, Link, was prescribed 62.5mg of Clavamox twice per day for two weeks. He's 2 pills away from being finished with the first week, and I was wondering how long this antibiotic stays in his system.

An effective concentration is present for about 12 hours, which is why he needs the medication every 12 hours.

If his clinical signs were to return after the drug was finished, it would be days-weeks before you could see a 'relapse.' It all depends on what the initial infection was. It's assumed that the Clavamox will eliminate most of the bacteria, and his immune system can take care of the rest. Sometimes, there is still some resistant bacteria remaining. A noticable 'relapse' would be caused by some of leftover infective bacteria repopulating the infected area.
Hope I explained that okay... Good luck with your kitty :)

How long until I see results from clavamox for my cat?

My cat has been on clavamox for 5 days but I noticed today he is still sneezing (w/ phlegm). Anyone have any idea on how long I should expect to see results? Should I be freaking out this bad?

Depends on how bad the infection is. I've had cats stop sneezing and seem a lot better within just three or four days but I've also had cats that need a second ten day prescription until they got better. As long as the symptoms aren't getting worse then just keep giving the meds as prescribed. If after the ten day dose your cat still shows symptoms, call your vet. Mine didn't require a second check up when he needed more meds I just went there and picked them up.

Another thing you can do to help your cat is either put him in a bathroom with hot water running so the room gets nice and steamy or put him in there - or your bedroom - with a vaporizer on with a bit of Vaposteam in the basin. This will help loosen the congestion.

Did your vet prescribe the cat L-Lysine at all? Many do because this amino acid helps boost the cat's immunity. You can go to a drugstore and pick up a bottle of 500mg tabs in the vitamin aisle. Give your cat a tab a day until he's better.

As I don't like telling people "home remedies" please call your vet and ask him about L-Lysine to verify what I'm saying. Since I've started giving my Persian a tab a day at the first sign of sniffles he's actually not ended up with a full blown URI - in over two years! The vet can also give you a liquid L-Lysine if that's easier for you to give him.

How long does it take an Upper respitory problem to clear up with clavamox?

My 8 week Old chihuahua puppy went to the vet for what we thought might havde been kennel cough only to be told that she has an upper respitory problem. She was given clavamox to be given twice daily. the liquid kind. she has been on it since saturday morning. any idea how long it takes to start clearing up?

my dog had it for a uti....the vet told me I should see improvement within 24 to 48 hours. but it was a 3 week prescription that had to be finished.
honestly, my dog it didn't work because it wasn't what we thought. so i didn't ever get a chance to see how it worked.

Should my cat be taking an antibiotic like clavamox after having his teeth cleaned?

I had one of my cats teeth cleaned about a year ago. He was given clavamox after the cleaning. I had another of my cat's teeth cleaned yesterday but was not given clavamox or any other antibiotic.

I work as a vet tech. Typically if we see any sign of gingivitis..inflammation of the gums, we dose with penicillin during the dental. Antibiotics are given afterward if the vet feels that the animal had a sufficient amount of inflammation and possible entry routes for bacteria to breed. There does not have to be tooth decay and infection for the vet to perscribe antibiotics. I would not be concerned unless you know that your cat had moderate tartar and gingivitis before the dental. check your receipt to see if any other medications like penicillin was given.

how long does it take for clavamox to work?

I took my cat to the vet almost a week ago and was given clavamox for URI. He is still sneezing and one of his eyes is watery which it wasn't before. But his mood is better and he is back to himself except for the sneezing. Do I need to take him back?

Finish out the antibiotics as prescribed. With treatment, you should see a marked *improvement* within 24 hours, but URTIs can take weeks to fully resolve.

Can clavamox be used at the same time as worm medication?

I took in a kitten that is about 8 weeks old. He had an eye infection and some respiratory problems as well as hook worms. The vet prescribed some eye medicine as well as Clavamox. I researched Clavamox and learned it does not treat worms. Does anyone know if I can administer worm medicine in addition to the Clavamox? I am calling the vet tomorrow but would like some second opinions/people with experience with his.

I use Clavamox and wormers at the same time, or zithromax and wormer. Most antibiotics and wormers are not contraindicated. Of course to be safe, we always have to say "ask your vet" .

I raise kitties at Purr4you , and dogs, and run a 150 dog/cat pet resort , so I'd tell you that Pyrental Pamoate, that is the main ingredient of wormers like Nemex brand, is very safe and mild, and will knock roundworms and hookworms (repete every 3 weeks at least 3 times) .

There is also new flea treatments that do worming too, drops on the back of the neck, monthly, easy... Advantage Multi. Again, I wouldn't stop routine worming/flea treatments, just because someone is on a round of antibiotics....they're almost always compatible in my experience.

Is it ok to mix Clavamox an antibiodic for cats in cat food. Please just serious yes or no answers?

My vet prescribed Clavamox an antibiodic for my cat. It is a liquid with a dropper. She refuses to take it, and has scratched me all up. I live alone, so I have no one to help me.

So why not trick her in to thinking its a treat. By taking a little piece of bread the size of my little fingers nail and putting the one dose of medicine on it and mixing it with a 1/4 teaspoon canned cat food till its all mixed up good and giving it to her.

Hi can certainly give it a try, however some cats are quite clever and learn to eat around this and if they don't eat enough of their meal they may not get the full dosage either.

If you are unable to fool her into eating the treat mixed in the food with the Clavamox here's an instructional video on how to administer liquid medications to cats by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine for Feline Health:…

is it normal for a cat to have gas after being on clavamox?

My cats dosages recently finished up for Clavamox Drops, a couple days ago, and I've noticed she's had a bit of gas when she poops, just before any fecal matter actually comes out. Is this normal?

It can happen, but if you have any concerns you can call your vets office and let them know what is happening. They will be happy to help you.

good luck!

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