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How long will it take me to fall asleep with Trazodone (Desyrel) 50 mg?

It would be my first time taking it. I've been on Citalopram (Celexa) 10 mg for over a month now. I'm having a lot of trouble sleeping and my doctor prescribed me one pill of Trazodone/Desyrel at bedtime.

trazadone sux it is an antidepresent it will not put a child to sleep ask for florazapam

Is trazodone(desyrel) worth taking for anxiety and sleep problems?

I suffer from extreme anxiety and depression. I used to stay worried, nauseated and tired. I am taking zoloft which has eliminated the nausea which is great but I still get sudden anxiety attacks . You know the gut wrenching ,tightness, and fever type. I also cannot sleep at all .I cannot get my head to stop or slow down . It is constantly thinking. Any help would be appreciated . Any new meds maybe I havent tried .

ABSOLUTELY i take it every night not only does it help you sleep but it helps to keep your anxiety level to a minimum you are headed in the right direction with trazodone i have felt so much better since starting treatment with that take a pill out in 15 min and wake not having that anxious feeling go for it good luck to you

Does anyone know if there is a generic available for the drug Trazodone/Desyrel?

Trazodone IS the generic for Desyrel, Molipaxin, Trittico, Thombran, Trialodine.

Trazodone (Desyrel) As A Sleep Aid?

My doctor gave me trazodone, which is generic for Desyrel, as a sleep aid, and tonight is the first time i need to use it. Has anyone ever used it for this? How long does it take to work? What was your dosage and how many hours did it make you sleep? Was it hard to wake up? Were you tired the next day? Thank you so much...

This has become more excepted for a sleep aid. My patients take up to 300 mg a day! Usual dose I believe ie 50-150 mg. I will work to make you sleepy. Don't expect too much.....Just let it work. If you expect oo much you'll be wide awake all night. Good luck! Sleep tight!

How can I ask my therapist about going of medication?

I have OCD and social anxiety. I have been on Paxil, Desyrel, and Zoloft. I told my therapist that I was tired of always being tired and apathetic, and wanted something new. I am currently on Prozac (generic version because my insurance won't cover the actual). I have been on some anti-psychotics (Abilify because my therapist thought that I had bpd, but that made me even more tired and agitated, so i was taken off). I was thinking that I could go off perscribed medicine and try st. john's wart for awhile, but under her supervision.

How should I go about explaining this to my therapist?

I would ask her how she feels about you trying St. John's wart. I will tell you what my therapist said 9 years ago when I had a terrible depression and was taking(and still am) setraline(zoloft is the same) and bupropion(Wellbutrin SR). She didn't recommend doing that as she had a patient that tried switching and the St. Johns didn't help. How long have you been on meds? Mabye you're not giving it enough time? If you were on anti-psychotics there had to have been a reason. I think St. John's wort probably works for someone with mild depression. However you and I are not in that category. Or if you're not connecting well with therapist, find another one. good luck.

Has anyone here tried Desyrel?

Did it help you sleep better? What were the side effects? Any hair loss/thinning?

You can find this information on or Desyrel is a brand name and I do not believe it's even manufactured anymore, so you'd want to check under the generic name "trazodone".

It would also be wise to consult a very under-used resource in the medical world, your local pharmacist, who can tell you everything you need/want to know and more. They are experts on medications and would be happy to help. Medications react differently in everyone, so if you poll the general population instead of seeking medical advice you are likely to get as many opinions/stories as answerers.

Can you smoke the pill, Trazodone (Desyrel)?

Taking the pill orally gives you a mild "stoned" feeling, but also makes you extremely sleepy. I'm on probation right now, and can't smoke weed - so If it's possible to smoke Trazodone, and still get the "stoned" feeling, that would be great!

I'm sorry but what??? Why would you want to do that? Maybe you need to ask yourself why you're on probation and then stop doing the things that got you smoking things.

Desyrel for 14-year-old?

I am 14 years old who have sleeping troubles. I read the book "You Staying Young" and I read that "desyrel" can help people with sleeping problems due to depression.

And I thought, well, that's me. I know, I'm 14 and all but, it's true. I depress a lot because of lots of reasons.

Do you think it's safe for me to consume that before sleeping? Any side effects? And If it's safe for me, how much dose should I take?

Thanks a lot.

You should speak to a professional counselor and/or medical doctor to get the right advice.

Please don't use any illegal drugs of any kind for any reason.

I hope you feel better.

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