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can taking Docusate Sodium in stool softeners elevate your blood pressure?

If someone is taking 2 mg of Hytrin and also Azor 40mg, and take stool softener with 100 mg of docusate sodium every night, could that be raising the blood pressure? If so, why?

Docusate should have no effect on the BP.

I've heard that using a laxative, docusate sodium liquid, is good for impacted ear wax removal?

Has anyone heard of this and/or tried it?

It appears as if what you heard is correct according to this article in Wikipedia:

Can anyone tell me what pharmacists call "docusate" in Mexico?

I'm living in Mexico now. My pharmacist looked "docusate sodium" up in his compendium and couldn't find a comparable Mexican preparation. It's a stool softener. (I am not looking for a laxative.)

Try looking under these names.

What about Senna and Docusate Sodium?

My gastroentologist told me to try taking this stool softener/laxative for my constant constipation. I have heard though that it's bad to keep taking laxatives. So I need to know the effect that taking this daily until I get regular. Please help!

Normally the first route would be a fibre/bulking agent like psyllium or methylcellulose (e.g. Metamucil, Citrucel, Benefiber) plus plenty of water, and other lifestyle changes (such as more exercise if possible, examining medications that could worsen the problem etc). But I assume that your GE doctor has gone through that already?

Senna is a stimulant and Docusate is an surfactant that basically softens things up by allowing fats and water to enter the stool... so it's a fairly good combination to use - speed up the gut contractions and soften things along the way.

The general advice has been to avoid using stimulant laxatives constantly because the long term use is believed to make the gut dependent upon them to work, but this is now under doubt by some medical professionals (first link is to a paper that suggests that).

In your case, you're being given them under the advice of a doctor and chronic use is regarded as using the product at least 3 times a week for a year or longer - so for even weeks or a few months of use while you get your gut back into a normal routine, then you should be OK (second paper).

At the end of the day, this is still a fairly gentle type of laxative product to use - something like Bisacodyl, Fleet, and so on are much harsher on your gut. But hopefully you can use this product to get things into a good routine and can then stop and move onto dietary answers etc.

Constipation is horrible - is there a specific cause for yours?

Edit: You may want to check some of the support sites for IBS sufferers then, and ask for things that they've found helpful (e.g. diet and lifestyle etc) but hopefully this won't be a long term medication for you. I suffer horribly at the hands of prescription painkillers and so you have my sympathy!

Can you consume alcohol while taking a stool softener(docusate sodium)?

Yes, but since alcohol relaxes muscles it may be counterproductive. Drinking a small amount should not be a problem, just don't overdo.

Which is better to relieve hard stools... docusate sodium or docusate calcium?? And what is the difference?

Which is better for stool softening... docusate sodium or docusate calcium?? and why?? and what is the difference between the two of them besides the fact that docusate calcium is 240 mg and can only be taken once a day, and docusate sodium is 100mg and can be taken twice. Which is a better choice? And which will work better and/or faster??

Or neither?? ... one of the best things on the market, and now available without an Rx, is Miralax. (And no, I'm not getting paid to say that, though I sound like a commercial.) It really works, and doctors use it in the hospital ALL the time. It's odorless, tasteless, and non-gritty. You put it in a beverage and drink it down. Works like a charm.

is docusate sodium safe during pregnancy? it seems to be in all the prescription prenatal vitamins. Anyone?

It doesn't seem like something you should take for your entire pregnancy yet it is in almost all of the prescription prenatal vitamins. Any info would be helpful.

if it's an ingredient in prenatal prescriptions, obviously it's safe, they wouldn't prescribe something if they knew it would harm your baby, don't be paranoid!

How often can you safely take Docusate Sodium?? (is that the right name?) to help soften stool?…

what is the side effect of taking docusate with aspirin ?

Bleeding to the point of turning the water bright red and giving you a rather nasty scare.

what does NA stand for after the name of a drug... for example Docusate NA ?

It means sodium, from the periodic table of elements, but it's supposed to be written " Na " --capital N and small a.

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