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folic acid?

I am planning to get pregnant and recently started taking folic acid. Does folic acid help after you've conceived or is it only useful before you get pregnant?

Both! I have heard it is good to take folic acid before you try, but remember eating well and being stress free is the best thing to do. I didn't take and folic acid and now I am 12 weeks pregnant , and feeling sick from all the folic acid and other vitamins! haha. But anyways.. i know that it doesnt hurt to take it , it is really used after you become pregnant. You'lll notice your hair growing longer and your fingernails as well. It's awesome. Remember becoming pregnant is a miracle! So good luck and I hope yours comes true.

Is it safe to take Folic Acid from a grocery store if trying to get pregnant?

I cannot get in to see the doctor for a week or so, but I heard how important Folic Acid is during pregnancy. So, it is okay to take OTC Folic Acid or should I just wait until I go to the doctor?

Just go to your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist what you should take. They sell prenatal vitamins I buy mine at Walgreens drug store and I take an extra Folic Acid because there isn't quite enough in the prenatal vitamin. Just ask that way you know for sure! Good Luck!!!!

How much folic acid should I be taking?

I'm conciderably overweight and my husband and I are wanting a baby in the near future. I want to start on prenatals and an additional folic acid tablet. How much folic acid should I be taking since im overweight? Im pretty sure its supposed to be more than an average weight woman.

your doctor can suggest how much is adequate for you. typically a prenatal vitamin contains MORE than necessary. you should take prenatals for at least 3 months pre-conception, but it's better to take them for 6 months or more. also, if you're considering getting pregnant, meeting with an ob-gyn is a really good idea because they can answer any questions and suggest things that will make sure you are in peak health before you conceive, which will ensure your little one is given the best possible chance of being healthy and strong.

What is a good brand of folic acid for the cure of bacterial vaginosis?

I am a young teenager and I think I suffer from bacterial vaginosis, even though I've never been checked out. I was looking on the internet and came upon a cure for B.V (folic acid). I want to give it a try but I just dont know which brand to pick. Could someone help me with this?

don't believe everything you read on the web, folic acid will not cure bacterial vaginosis. You need to see a doctor and get tested and treated appropriately.

What is the largest amount of folic acid that is safe to take?

My doctor just put me on Repliva 21/7. It has 1 mg of Folic acid in it. I am already taking prenatal vitamines because I am ttc. Should I stop my prenatals or only take half or will it be save to take both?

If you are uncertain you should ask your doctor.

What is the best multivitamin (including folic acid) brand when ttc?

I know folic acid doesn't help you to conceive but makes prevents any defects for the baby. My obgyn told me to take 400mg folic acid. I've been taking ONE A DAY brand (obviously for women). Is there a better brand that you would recommend and resulted in pregnancy or the one I'm taking is okay?

i am TTC and i have been taking Blackmores Pregnancy & Breast Feeding Gold. I have only been taking it for 2 months but i actually feel really good. i'm still not pregnant but my girlfriend started taking it and fell pregnant the same month now the baby is due in 3 days!! so thats a good sign

The vitamin i am talking about helps you and the baby.
- it provides iodine to promote baby’s healthy brain, eyesight & hearing development.
- Provides folic acid that may reduce the risk of brain and/or spinal cord birth defects such as spina bifida and anencephaly if taken daily for 1 month prior to conception and during pregnancy.

- Provides vitamin D3 to support calcium absorption to assist with baby’s healthy bone development.

- Provides omega-3 essential fatty acids to promote baby’s healthy brain & visual development.

-Provides overall multivitamin support with 17 nutrients including 10 vitamins, 6 minerals including iron and calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids.

i have attached the website so that you can read more about it. Good Luck!!!

What is the another way of having folic acid rather then taking medicine?

I am trying to get pregnant, but i am not having folic acid tablets. I am having proper nutritious diet. I want to know that how much amount of different types of food one should take daily, which will be equivalent to 400 mcg folic acid tablet.

1/2 cup cooked lentils: 179 mcg

1 cup boiled collard greens: 177 mcg

1/2 cup canned chickpeas: 141 mcg

1 medium papaya: 115 mcg

1 cup cooked frozen peas: 94 mcg

4 spears steamed or boiled asparagus: 88 mcg

1/2 cup steamed broccoli: 52 mcg

1 cup strawberries: 40 mcg

1 medium orange: 39 mcg

Food manufacturers are required by the Food and Drug Administration to add folic acid to enriched grain products such as breakfast cereals, bread, pasta, and rice so that each serving contains at least 20% of the daily requirement, and some breakfast cereals contain 100 % (400 mcg) or more.

Read the labels.

What do folic acid and hair have in common?

Apparently, folic acid is a regenerative substance. I am wondering whether it would or would not be practical to apply to hair topically or just find some supplements.

well in my opinion it would be pointless to put it topically on the hair, your body will get enough of it by taking a supplement.

How much folic acid is too much when pregnant?

I'm 7 weeks pregnant and was already taking vitamin supplements before I fell pregnant. My doctor has just prescribed folic acid and iron supplements and I am eating foods high in folic acid. Does anyone know if you can have too much?

one tablet everyday is enough

Is it safe to take a prenatal and folic acid separately?

I am currently 2 months pregnant. I'm taking a prenatal named Pregnacare which contains folic acid (400 micrograms), and my doctor prescribed folic acid 5 mg. Both doctors have said not to take the prenatal vitamin as they say it doesn't do anything. Im not sure about that, so i'm taking both. Is this safe? Can I overdose on vitamins?

you can overdose on vitamin A and iron. and possibly vitamin E... although i would have to brush up on my vitamins to be able to tell you for sure.

not so sure if you can overdose on folic acid, but i would listen to your doctors. they (sometimes) know what's best.

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