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How effective is Meclizine for sea sickness?

I experience severe motion sickness in cars, small boats, and in air; all of which are kept to a comfortable level with the help of prescription Meclizine. I am considering my 1st cruise, but I'm terrified that the Meclizine may not be affective enough at sea. Anyone have experience?

Meclizine worked like a charm for me on-board ship.

I had started out with the Scopalomine patch and had dry mouth and blurry vision.... so I quickly removed that. That's when I tried the meclizine they handed out on-board ship and it worked great. You really have even less to worry about on a cruise ship. They have stabilizers on the ship to keep the rocking motion to a minimum. BUT.... that only works on side-to-side motion. I was on a cruise on the Atlantic where the waves rocked the ship from bow to stern. They don't have stabilizers for that... everyone, even the crew, was sick on that trip. But that was an very unusual instance.... usually the ship is so calm you don't even know you're on the water.

I now buy it at Meijers. They even have a non-drowsy form that works equally as well without the drowsiness.

I use it whenever I fly, take a boat, canoe, raft or even ride a roller-coaster or a tilt-a-whirl. It really takes care of all my motion sickness no matter what I'm doing. It's been a Godsend.

Get some and enjoy your cruise.

what is the difference between meclizine 25mg rx tablets and meclizine hydrochloride 25mg?

i went on a cruise about 3 weeks ago. on the boat they gave us meclizine hydrochloride 25mg. it didn't help me with my nausea at all. once i got home after 2 weeks i was still nauseas every day. i went to the doctor and they gave me meclizine 25mg rx tablets. the doctor says that i might have vertigo which is why she gave this to me and because of the continuous nausea. what is the difference between the 2 medicines?

They are the same medicine. They may be manufactured by different companies but are the same generically.

what is the shelf life of meclizine?

I got a prescription for meclizine in January, 1996 and I want to know if it is still good. I think medications usually expire after one year.

I have a bottle of the same medication after a recent bout of vertigo; says it expires after one year. I wouldn't use yours!

Does taking drugs such as cyclobenzaprine, meclizine and hydrocodone cause sudden weight gain?

I have been prescribed cyclobenzaprine, meclizine and hydrocodone and within one day my weight increased 8lb even my diet didn’t change and I am not eating lots of crabs. So does that sudden gain of that weight related to those medication I am taking??

jeez i hope thats why i gained a bunch of weight on hydrocodone! lemme know if you ever find the answer! a STAR for you!

Will the drug Meclizine make me hallucinate?

I am currently taking Meclizine (prescribed from my doctor ofcourse)
If i take too much of it will i start hallucinating and feel dizzy?

I take meclizine and I have never felt dizzy from it. In fact you take meclizine for dizziness.

How much meclizine can you give to a 35 lb dog who is hopelessly car sick?

I wouldn't be giving your dog illegal drugs that are unprescribed!!!!!!!! TROLLIN, TROLLIN!!! poor spelling Dude!

Have you or someone you know taken Meclizine?

Have you or anyone that you know taken the above medication? My grandmother has been taking this and has had extreme vertigo. Has anyone else had these same side effects?

What can you do to curb the side effects of vertigo?

You don't list any side effects that she is having so it is difficult to know if these are related to the vertigo or the medication.

Does meclizine make vertigos go away or cure inner ear infections?

No, but it does help with the symptoms some and, though it's a little less effective than dimenhydrinate, it's also less sedating.

how long does it take meclizine to work?

how many days does it take for this medicine to work?
as in how many more days will i feel dizzy for?

has anyone had this problem where they felt dizzy and they were put on this medication?

please help?

You need to mention what type of medicine you are taking and what it is for. Different medications take different amounts to time to start working and to fix whatever is wrong.

I know that some antibiotics can make you dizzy, especially if you don't take them with food. You should make sure that you are following the instructions correctly. You should contact your pharmacist and inquire about this. If the side effects are serious, you should call your doctor and see if you can get a different medication.

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