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What time of the day or night should I take my Norvasc tablet (5 mg) for maintainenance of blood pressure?

I am taking Norvasc 5mg tablet for blood pressure maintenance. What time of the day or night should I take it? I am presently taking this medicine before going to bed at night but a friend told me to take it in the morning as this prevents the blood pressure from rising when doing stressful work.

I advise my patients to take this drug at the time that they are most apt to remember to do so. It really works well for 24 hours (not all drug delivery systems work as well as this one) and you should be fine no matter when you take your Norvasc. Just so you remember to get it on board!

Whats the chance I will have an allergic reaction to Norvasc after having a reaction to Prinivil?

Im 44 in good heath but overweight. I take meds for asthma. My blood pressure creeped up and my doctor prescribed Prinivil 10mg and I opted for the Generic Lisinopril. A week after starting the medication strange things began to happen.
First the irritating cough, which I found was normal. Then my right hand/fingers went numb almost on a rotating cycle. Then the dizziness and disorientation two hours after taking the drug. I was always totally wiped out , never hungry and always nervous and sweating. Finally after 2 weeks of this I woke up one night because my face was twitching uncontrollably. My tongue and lips were swollen and my throat so tight I could only whisper.
I spent 3 days in the ICU from the allergic reaction. So my doc has started me on Norvasc. What’s the chance this will happen again. IM SCARED! REALLY SCARED!

You're a wreck

I am on Pfizer Norvasc 5mg for high blood pressure, I found myself loosing weight.Is it due to this medicine?

I have slight high blood pressure and was prescribed to take Pfizer Norvasc 5mg per day. I found myself loosing weight recently after almost 9 months taking the medication. Does the medication cause the weight loosing? If yes, how to treat it?

You are one the the very few , who is suffering from side effect of LOSS OF WEIGHT.
It requires immediate intervention, and contact your consultant who has advised you, so that medication may be reviewed.

When was the drug Norvasc released to the market ?

are norvasc (amlodipine) famous drugs in the world
is it safe and good drug ?


"“These results reconfirm Norvasc’s extensive worldwide experience,” Dr. Feczko said. Since its introduction in 1990, Norvasc has become the world’s most-prescribed branded antihypertensive therapy. Norvasc has been studied in over 400,000 patients and has experienced 26 billion patient-days of therapy worldwide. Norvasc has been available in Canada since 1992"

I am on Norvasc and I want to know what would happen if I have alcohol occasionally?

I have been on Norvasc for about 3 months and I really would like a glass of wine or beer occasionally but I am worried about drinking on medicine, any advice. My blood pressure is stable right now and is at normal levels

It wouldnt be a problem to have the occasional glass of beer or wine. Norvasc has no known drug interactions and that includes alcohol.

Will Norvasc help an aortic aneurysm?

I have heard that beta blockers help aortic aneurysms. Norvasc is a calcium channel blocker. Will it help as well?

Amlodipine will control hypertension. Still aortic aneurysm will continue to grow bigger and bigger. Hence constant monitoring is required. Surgery should be done at appropriate time to repair the aortic aneurysm.
Please see the web pages for more details on Aortic aneurysm and Amlodipine (generic name) Norvasc (brand name).

Can a women of 38yrs taking norvasc for high blood pressure become pregnant?

Having been trying to conceive for over 5yrs.

Norvasc is pregnancy risk category C. Do not take it if you are pregnant. Talk to your doctor about switching to another blood pressure medication that is not harmful to the fetus.

Is it safe to smoke weed while on hypertension medications such as norvasc and amlodpine besylate?

ive been smoking weed for about 3 years and have been on hypertension medication throughout those 3 years. I've been feeling fine but am just wondering if i am doing myself harm by smoking weed and taking hypertension medication. Am too much of a pussy to ask my doctor, so i wud greatly appreciate some credible answers on yahoo :)

Amlodipine Besylate(Norvasc)is used to treat hypertension in cats but so is Fortekor?

Prescription drugs from the vet are toooo expensive so if I get a script and get it filled myself thru my pharmacy it is cheaper. There is NO regulation on vet medicines they can charge you any price they want. Shame on them..............................

Fortekor has been tested exclusively on cats and dogs. Therefore your Vet prescribes it because he knows exactly how it will work, how much your pet needs etc...and there are studies done that he can refer to. By selling Fortekor, he supports a pharmaceutical company that is commited to bringing new pet medications to the table. This is important because as companion animals, we want them to have access to the newest and best medication possilbe. Using a medication that has not been studied on cats or dogs is only advisable if there is no other alternative. This is called "off label" medication, and most Vets are obligated to use the medication that is labelled for pet use before they offer one that isn't.
As for cost, there is going to be a presciption fee plus the cost of the pills. Animal medication is not as cheap as human meds because there is a smaller market for them : and are therefore not mass produced.
So this is the bottom line: Fortekor has been clinically shown to help cats with hypertension, the company that makes Fortekor spent the money to prove it and those costs are passed down to the consumer. So you need to decide if this is the medication you want your cat to have, or is something else that is cheaper and not tested for cats the better option?

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