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How long did your period last after takeing Provera? Did it start the same time the month after or did you have to take provera again to get it started again?

I took provera for 10 days and got my period on the 12th day, period lasted a week, little longer than normal.

I'm switching from the Pill to Depo-Provera. How long do I have to use a backup method?

I've been on Yaz for about 9 months now and am going to start Depo-Provera tomorrow.
I can't figure out how long we have to use condoms before it's effective. '7 days' keeps popping up when I looked online. Is this right?
My pharmacist told me 1-2 months??

I understand fully the risks and benefits of Depo-Provera. Please don't tell me your bad stories of being on it. All women react to it differently.
- I am aware of the bone density loss warning. I'm only 21 and will be on it for no longer than 2 years and will be taking calcium supplements to prevent that.
- Depo Provera is only being considered because it is my last option. The Pill does not work for me and my body reacts horribly to estrogem. Don't recommend other forms of birth control. Depo-Provera is proven and will help with my severe endometriosis.
-My husband and I are not planning on having children for a while. I know it can take up to 18 months for my fertility to return and I am fine with that.

I used to take depo (i had a hysterectomy) and I LOVED it! I never had a period unless it was close for me to get my next shot. Then I would spot, a little. It only takes 24 hours to be fully effective and lasts about 3 months. Good choice. If I had to be on birth control again, I would pick this. Check out this website too.…

But just as an FYI, when I went off the shot, I was under the impression that it takes a year to get pregnant if you are trying to concieve. I got pregnant 4 months after my last shot wore off.......

Has anone taken provera to start period and it not start after taking the pills?

It has been 14 day since taking the provera and nothing!! It there a possiblity I am pregnant, would that casue my period not to start?

i was on provera because i hadnt had a period in 3 years, i took it for 10 days and about 2 weeks later i had a period, it should be starting anytime now...i'd wait a few more days.... did you have sex while on the pill? they advise u to be careful, you dont wanna get pregnant while on it.... i did get pregnant right after my period though

How long after the Depo Provera shot is given, before it become effective?

I got the Depo Provera shot this morning, and am wondering how long it takes before it becomes effective.

Go to their website - it should have all of that info there.

How long after i take provera should i start my cycle?

I started taking provera yesterday. Does anyone know how long it will be before my period comes? I no that it differs with people, but what is the normal time? Any experiences with it?

I took it for 10 days as well, but AF didn't come until 10 days after my last pill.

How does penicillin affect my Depo Provera contraceptive injection?

I have been using the contraceptive inject (depo provera) for a year and and i have recently developed tonsilitus and my doctor proscribed penicillin. Will this do anything to the affectiveness of my injection as i have been told it does with the pill.

Apparently not as depo is directly administered and doesn't require to be absorbed through your gut..…

Will my period still start after taking one or two days of Provera?

I'm posting in this forum because people posting here have had more experience with Provera, although it seems they are using it to regulate their periods for fertility reasons.

I've been put on Provera (5 mg) for 7 days to delay my period because of an upcoming vacation. I feel bloated and think my period will start regardless of having taken my first pill today. If it does start, will the Provera stop it before my 7 days suppy is gone?

you aren't supposed to see your cycle until 3-5 days after your provera treatment is done. but it differs with every-ones body.

How long does Depo-Provera stay in your system after you discontinue the shots?

I was on depo-provera for 4 years and on March 20 I was due to go back and get another shot, but I decided against it. How long does depo-provera stay in your system after you stop using it?

it can stay in your system for up to 18 months after your last shot.

What are your experiences with Provera and Clomid?

My doctor put me on provera 5 days so i can get my period and the i take clomid days 5-9. What are ur experiences with taking these? Side effects? How long did it take u to conceive? And i heard that sometimes provera makes ur period really long, is this true? Thanx, anything u can tell me about these would be great!

hey hun! i used provera and clomid. I got pregnant on my 2nd cycle! When I was on the Clomid I had horrible hot flashes. LIKE REALLY BAD!!! Also, Clomid can sometimes mimic pregnancy symptoms so watch for that! anyways good luck!!! tons of baby dust!!!

Anyone used provera to jump start a period?

I'm 20 days late now and according to the blood test im not pg so the doctor is putting in on provera.

Yes, I've taken it before. I have PCOS, so I didn't cycle every month. My doc prescribed it for me. I took 10 pills over the course of 10 days and usually started the day of the last pill or the following day.

Good luck with it

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