Chapter: Herbs

AKA: Anthemis nobilis (Roman chamomile), camomile, Chamaemelum nobile (Roman chamomile), Kamillosan, Matricaria chamomilla (German chamomile), Matricaria recutita (German chamomile), Perkamillon.

Effects: Chamomile is said to stimulate the brain, dispel weariness, calm the nerves, counteract insomnia, aid in digestion, break up mucus in the throat and lungs, and aid the immune system. Further, it has antibacterial and antifungal properties and may inhibit the growth of the polio virus and certain tumors, alleviate the pain and joint inflammation of arthritis, and prevent and heal ulcers. Kamillosan and Perkamillon are German pharmaceutical brands used to treat indigestion and ulcers.

Works synergistically with other sedative herbs.

Precautions: Can cause reactions in those allergic to ragweed, aster, or chrysanthemums. There have also been reports of asthma, hay fever, and hives in susceptible individuals. Overdosing can cause nausea and vomiting. An overdose of the tincture may cause diarrhea.

Dosage: The tea contains only 10 percent of the sedative-inducing chemicals of the herb.

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Questions and Answers

Chamomile?, i grew Chamomile in my garden, and i want to use it. what part do i use? how do i do it, and what all can i use it for?

You make tea from the flowers, not the leaves. Pick flowers, let them air dry, boil water, add flowers, let steep, enjoy.

How do I harvest chamomile? Is wild American chamomile the same as Roman or German chamomile?, I live in the southern US and have loads of wild chamomile in bloom. What little research I've done refers to German or Roman chamomile, tho. Is the wild American chamomile the same, or similar to Roman or German? How do I harvest and dry the chamomile for tea?

You want the flowers for tea. Lay them in a single layer to air dry. Can't tell you which you have.

What is the difference between CHAMOMILE and DAISY?, I don't really understand the difference btween both chamomile and daisy. Because i was searching it up google and the images r exactly the same.
SO r dey the same but wit different names?

Chamomile (or camomile) and daisy are both common names and that is where the confusion begins. I'll do my best to explain! :)

Chamomile is the common name for a number of plants. The most common "chamomiles" are Anthemis, Chamaemelum and Matricaria.
For Anthemis, chamomile generally refers to Anthemis arvensis, Anthemis punctata and/or Anthemis tinctoria. If you look these up, you will see that they have a daisy-like flower.
Chamaemelum refers to Chamaemelum nobile, which used to be called Anthemis nobilis until about 10 years ago when the name was changed. And again, has a daisy-like flower. This is the one that is most frequently used medicinally and used for chamomile tea.
Then there is Matricaria recituta which also has a daisy-like flower.

So, all of these are commonly called chamomile but are very different plants and this doesn't include all of the species that share the common name either. Some are Roman chamomile, some are German chamomile, etc. depending on the genus and species. Herbal and medicinal use is determined by researching each one for it's uses.

A list of the genus that share the name:

Daisy is one of those common names that applies to several plants. Too many to begin to list. See this link to see:

I would guess that the most common "daisy" plants are Chrysanthemum/Leucanthemum, Rudbeckia and Bellis (but that is up for debate and certainly depends on where you live!). Here are some images of these plants.
Chrysanthemum (soooooo many of these in varying shapes, sizes and colors):

So, does this help at all (or just make it more confusing!!!). If you are looking for the herbal types, stick with the first group of plants I listed. If you just want a plant with a daisy-like flower...the sky is the limit!

Good luck. :)

Will drinking Chamomile Tea help relax my muscle tension and spasms?, I have mild Cerebral Palsy. I've heard chamomile tea is an antispasmodic and can relieve muscle spasms. Is this true for the stomach and intestines only or can it also help with my muscle tension and spasms in other parts of the body as well?

Chamomile tea is really good for soothing jangled nerves and relaxing and calming you down. It will also help manage gastrointestinal problems including mild tummy cramps, wind, bloating and inflamed stomach lining.

Rosemary, marjoram and lavender will help to ease sore muscles..... Mix 3 tablespoons of each of dried rosemary, mrajoram and lavender. Place the mixture in a double layer of muslin or simply just a face washer wrapped around the herbs and tie with a string and toss into the bath as the tub is filling. or simply tie to the faucet so as it connects with the flow of the water ........ then simply lay back and luxuriate for 15 - 20 mins!! Enjoy.


Take care of you♥

How to make hair lighter with chamomile tea?, I heard that chamomile tea makes your hair lighter. I alreday have blonde hair but i wnat it light
I have some of the teas what do you do put it in water, then your hair then go out in the sun?

chamomile enhances blonde hair, it won't turn it more blonde though, it just sort of cleans your blonde. you should get shampoo and conditioner with chamomile in it, like Timotei

Can you give a dog Chamomile to calm him down?, My dog is a 2 year-old terrier and has always been a hyper little guy. I know it is in his breed to be so active, but as much activity as I give him never seems to calm him down when he sees other people. Can I give him some chamomile, or is that cruel and unhealthy? What can I do for the certain occasions when I NEED him to calm down?

NO. Instead, check our a great training tool. "Good Owners, Great Dogs" by Brian Kilcommons.

How to dye your hair with Chamomile or lemon juice?, I'm very bored right now, so I thought why not dye my hair a different color. Can you give me step by step on how to dye my hair with chamomile and lemon juice please? Thanks and Oh yeah I have dark brown hair

Natural Recipes to Lighten or Color Your Hair

Bleach hair with lemon juice

Where in Los Angeles can I buy chamomile herbs, the actual flower?, My hubby is sick with seasonal allergies and I wanna help him with some homemade remedies. I need chamomile, the actual flower. I thught I might find it at Whole Foods but there is nothing there. Do you know of any place that may sell natural herbs and plants? Thanks!

I've found packages of the whole flowers at import food markets, small family owned stores that carry Middle Eastern- Persian foods.
If you can't find them, try ordering from Sadaf

Does drinking chamomile tea during the last two weeks of pregnancy really help with the labor?, A friend of mine at work said that she drink chamomile tea every day 2 weeks before she was going to deliver her baby. She said that this made her delivery very easy. Is this really true?

Chamomile tea is usually taken for relaxation and sleep.It is not recommended for pregnancy however.

What are some alternatives to green, black, and chamomile tea?, So I'm curious what other good teas are out there besides green, black and chamomile. Preferably no caffeine.

One variety of tea that has little caffeine and a very complex flavor is white tea. Some classify it as a green tea, but it is really a very different brew. While green tea has a grassy flavor, white tea just tastes fresh and sweet.

An extra bonus is that white tea is the healthiest tea in the world, with three times as much antioxidants as green tea.

Other teas you might enjoy are oolong tea, yellow tea, and the South African Rooibos. These are all very tasty teas with less caffeine than ordinary black tea. But white tea may be your best bet.