Chapter: Essential Oils

AKA: Boswellia carteri, Boswellia thurifera, olibanum.

Effects: Said to slow down and deepen breathing, and to promote calmness and feelings of spirituality. It has been used to treat sinus congestion, asthma, and even skin cancer.

Works synergistically with sandalwood.

Precautions: It should be used with caution by asthmatics, as the hot steam could have an adverse effect.

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Questions and Answers

How do you burn frankincense from rock form?, I have gotten frankincense for christmas and i was wondering if you can possibly get that smell out by burning it, or something else. Do you know how?

Yes you can. Go here :
All is explained.

What is the best site for frankincense and myrrh candles?, What is the best site for frankincense and myrrh candles?
I love the scents, especscially during Christmas. The candles are hard to find. Which sites or brands do you like best?

What is the equivalent value of the gold, myrrh and frankincense the Magi brought to Jesus?, In modern day money, $US, what was the worth of the gold, the myrrh and frankincense the Magi brought to baby Jesus, the King that was born?

No exact amounts were specified. So, it's impossible to know.

Where can i buy frankincense or myrrh seeds?, i want to plant my own plants but the seeds are near impossible to find!

I never heard of someone planting a frankincense. Frankincense is from a rare evergreen- i believe a pine that grows in the middle east and it take years for the deposit of sap to show up on them which eventually becomes the Frankincense. These are very old and rare trees.

how to release scent of frankincense tears WITHOUT using charcoal block?, I have some frankincense tears and would like to release their scent; but I detest those charcoal blocks with potassium nitrate in them.

If you have some ideas to use frankincense tears without charcoal blocks let me know.

the method that works gets 10 points.

Frankincense Tears

you could try placing in ceramic dish or fondue bowl, and use flame

other question/answer

Where can seeds and live cuttings of the frankincense and myrrh plants be bought online?,

I hope thats the right one.
I didn't find frankincense clippings or plants. sorry

What are some of the benefits of wearing frankincense?, (besides smelling good)
Like in a little ball on a necklace?

Aside from religious purposes, it can help with depression and anxiety. I was surprised to find out this morning that it actually comes from the resin of Boswellia.

Is there anywhere in Australia where I can buy a frankincense plant (boswellia carteri)?,

hope this helps your search...

here in Yahoo Answers...up at the top of you page, where it says search....type this in...and it will give you many sites to check out for autralia and your frankincense plant

frankincense plant/australia

hope you find what your looking for

How do I burn Frankincense?, I ordered some Frankincense online and now have a small bag of resin lumps. I tried to put a lump on top of a ceramic candle burner (with a tea candle underneath) but this seemed to not produce fragrance, just some smoke. Any help would be appreciated (I prefer not to heat it in a can on a stove top).

You need to get charcoal going, then sprinkle the frankincense on it. You can buy little disks of charcoal at new age-type stores. In the winter, I use a hot coal from the fireplace in a cast iron dish that was, I think, supposed to be an ashtray. Again, sprinkle the frankincense on top. You want to heat it to make smoke, not flame it into nothing.

I have some frankincense tears, how do I use them?, I tried to just burn some and they stink, what else can I do to get the true fragrance from them? I like the smell of the incense sticks that smell like frankincense, I figured the real frankincense tears would be even better, boy was I wrong. If you burn these they don't smell anything like the sticks do. Is there s recipe or something I can use to get a better smell from these, or did I get rotten tears.

soak them in some water in a large bowl,maybe add some fresh jasmine