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How do I know if I'm pregnant, and if I am, how do I pay for it with no medical insurance?

I just got a new job that doesn't offer medical insurance. I switched to my husbands insurance in october but it doesn't start until January. We were going to wait until January to start trying to have a baby, but now i'm two weeks late. I took a home pregnancy test three days ago and it came up negative. I would like to go to the doctor to get a test done but I have no medical insurance to pay for the visit.
Could I be pregnant, and how do I get help paying for the visits? What are the qualifications for Medicaid? And if I don't qualify for Medicaid, what are my other options?

It sounds like you will be set in January, until then it doesn't hurt to go down to your local Social Services office and ask about Medicaid, apply for it. Qualifications vary by state, but usually goes by income. Though most of the time when it's to cover pregnancy only, they have a program that helps with that as well. You would possibly qualify for the Pregnancy ONLY Medicaid since you both have 2 jobs you most likely won't qualify for anything more. It would cover you for your entire pregnancy and your post-partum, even if you have a primary insurance, they will act as secondary.

Otherwise, it's just do what you can being on no insurance, check out the local planned parenthoods, or free clinics. There's almost ALWAYS help for a pregnant woman no matter her income level, or economic needs. Good luck to you!

Should Commissions be paid to Doctors by Medical manufacturers/ Scanning & Testing centers?

Extreme Unethicalness in treatment, fake surgeries, bloated medicine prices by Hospitals (Fake MRP prices in collusion with manufacturers) backed by Insurance companies who happily pay.

A triumvirate of 1. Doctors/ Hospitals 2. Medical manufactureres 3. Health Insurance

Please answer:
1. Do Doctors Live off the Miseries of People?
2. Is health Insurance a boon or a bane?
3. Should Medical manufacturers/ Scanning & testing centers pay commissions to doctors?

Doctors DEAL with misery. That doesn't mean they cause or like it. Medical insurance is mixed, but it has made medical advances practical. Scanning commisions? NO!

MEDICAL INSURANCE QUESTION! Insurance refusing to pay! Please help!?

My friend was insured with a company last year and went to her OB GYN for a routine examination. She thought she was getting a pap smear, but now, a year later, she gets a random bill for over $300 in the mail. She called to straighten everything out and she was informed that her insurance was not covering the HPV screening the doctor performed on her. She told her doctor that she never asked for or authorized an HPV screening, ONLY a routine exam and pap smear. The office informed her that they perform the HPV test on all women under 30 and that most insurance companies pay for it, but her insurance company did not. Is this fair? Lauren didn't even know that she received an HPV screening and no one informed her of anything. The other thing is that Lauren had an HPV screening 2 years ago and the test came back positive! So she would never have authorized this $300 test in the first place. This seems really wrong. Any advice? Does she really have to pay for this test?? Thanks for help!

If your friend was already positive, it should have been on the medical form she filled out about prior medical conditions. If she doesn't remember filling it out, she can go and ask to see her records. She may even want to get a copy, at least a copy of that form, but that will probably cost her a few dollars.

With that form in hand, or her record nearby with the form and information on it, ask to see the doctor. Not an appointment, and if you want you can explain you believe the doctor may have not done something correctly, and you need to ask about it to clear it up. If they ask if they can help, smile politely and say it's a quick question, but one only the doctor can answer. Be prepared to wait.

When the doctor finally pops their head in, explain that since your forms showed that you were already positive when you walked in, why would they have done the test? Ask if it could have been a mistake on the charge sheet. Be polite and calm. They may just apologize and have it removed.

If they are unwilling to deal with it, or have no good explanation but won't have it removed, go to the billing office and ask to speak with the person in charge. Explain again that since the answer was on the chart, there was no need to do a test. Either a test was done on her for no good reason, or there was a mistake and they sent a claim for a test that wasn't done. If they try to blow her off, tell them that if this cannot be settled, than you feel no recourse but to contact the insurance company and put in a complaint that they are sending in fraudulent charges.

And insurance companies will call the doctor's offices when one of their members has a complaint. I worked in medical billing, and it happened. Insurance companies want to keep your money rolling in. I would have a copy of the medical form handy in case they would like you to send or fax them a copy.

I can't guarantee they will remove the charge, but there is a very, very, good chance. Performing erroneous tests on people is unethical.

Do you think all insurance companies and states should provide medical care for infertily testing/treatments?

In Kansas there is nothing saying that Kansas is obligated to pay for infertility testing and treatments.

well infertility treatment is somehow expensive. coz infertility is not being diagnosed at once so insurance should cover it. but you know it's a vast problem nowadays so if they will cover it, they will be bankrupt coz infertility both (man and woman) should undergo therapies. and yes it's really very expensive to have a baby in "not so natural way"

Is there an orginazation or program that will help pay open medical bills?

My wife has a medical condition that requires her to go to the hospital every 30 or 60 days, My current job does not offer medical insurance and due to my finances, I had to cancel my own personal health insurance, I make to much money to qualify for medical, but not enough to pay for the additional health care bills that have recently piled up to un controlable emergency visits and testing. I am hoping that there is some organization or program that may be able to help us with the addded cost of my medical bills, As of today, some of these bills are going to collection due to the fact that i can pay them.
I am defintly not looking for a hand out, as I have been able to pay my medical for the last 15 yrs, It just that at this time, I have no insurance and can not add them to my current cost of living( rent, kids insurance, food, etc)
Thank you for any help on this matter,

Don't really know but maybe your could check into this:

If you have a medical bill repayment need, The Karis Group may be able to help you. ... Many people who have diabetes need help paying some of the bills.… - 158k - Cached

or this one:

Seven Hills Foundation | Definitions & Glossary of Terms
... Your ability to get medical care and services when you need them. ... local programs that help older people plan and care for their life-long needs. - 191k - Cached

Go to and check it out!

Get medical insurance or pay out of pocket ???

currently live in Southern California and work part-time with no medical coverage. I was recently accepted to NYU College of Dentistry and will be moving there in July. Before that though, I need to get physical & immunizations. I will definitely get medical insurance once I move out there, but my concern is before that time.
Things I need for sure: Physical, TB skin test, Hep. B, and Meningitis immunizations.

My question is: Should I purchase a short-term insurance coverage to get the necessary physical/immuzations done or should I just do it out-of-pocket. Also, if it is worth getting insurance for this period, would you guys please recommend couple of plans for me. ( I am 24, Male, non-smoker).

THnaks in advance.

You should consider getting a short term policy until you get to New York. The short term will cover you in the event of an unforseen accident or illness but it will not cover the immediate needs you describe. You will have to pay for those items out of pocket.

You will need a trusted adviser to help you through the process of purchasing health insurance so that you understand what you are purchasing. Some may suggest going on line to get a quote but I'm sure you already know that there is much more to health insurance than price.

Ultimately, you are the one who determines the affordability of your health insurance plan by deciding how much you will participate in sharing the cost of your health care with your insurance company.

If you choose a plan that covers everything i.e. doctors office visits, prescription drugs, preventative health benefits, maternity coverage as well as low deductibles and low copays your monthly premiums will be significant.

On the other hand you are young, probably healthy and and likely that you use the health care system sparingly. With those circumstances you could consider a permanent health insurance plan that covers only the major health catastrophe. This will result in a relatively low monthly premium. You then can use the monthly premium savings to pay for the occasional doctor visit and still come out ahead.

Check with the agent that writes your home or auto insurance to find a temporary health insurance policy. Your California agent is likely not licensed to write a health insurance policy in NY State (nor familiar with the carriers and networks) but he/she might be able to recommend an agent that is familiar with what products are available.

That agent can provide you a health insurance proposal that takes into account your budget and health situation.

Who should pay for the lab fee for my medical examination?

Last October I took an immigration physical examination as a part of the "Green Card" application. The physician asked me,if I would like a general check-up with the blood sample he has. He said the general check-up will be covered by my medical insurance. So I agreed.

I paid for the doctor's service out my own pocket, because immigration test is not covered by any medical insurance. But then, one month later, I received a $1200 dollar bill of lab fee from a bio-lab. They claim that the insurance company did not reply to their filing. So I am now left with a hefty bill. The insurance company is denying the claim because doctor is out of the netwok.

Here is my confusion: I never was informed of the real cost ( it could have been 1 million for what i know ) of the lab fee, and neither the doctor nor the lab confirmed with my insurance company piror to examing the blood sample. Now do I have any choice but paying for the lab fee?

OK, let's take this one step at a time.
1. The lab can only charge you "reasonable & customary fees" meaning that this is how much most labs charge for this service and no they don't have to let you know how much it is ahead of time.
2. You had the service rendered so you are ultimatly responsible.
3. Most insurance companies have something called a hidden provider provision. Meaning that you since you had no choice over this provider, you shouldn't be responsble. This provision works with most insurance but it might not with your, it depends on who you have. You can e-mail me for further details

How to get Senior Citizen Travel Insurance without Medical Tests?

My Old aged parents are travelling to meet me in CA, US. They are based out of Calcutta and cannot go for a medical test. Also, I need to have the policy sent to me directly so that they dont have to carry it and I can manage this myself. Is there any good website, where this could be bought instantly by paying online?

Peep out TravelEx, My parents use them for travel medical often: You can get a free quote at this link:…

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