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Adderall addiction?

I have a friend who recently confided in me about her adderall addiction that she is overcoming. She has taken and abused adderall for 5 and a half years b/c she was prescribed it for add, and recently switched to concerta b/c she relized she was having such a problem with the drug. The most dosage of adderall she had taken was 10 mg and the last mg she took was 7 1/2. She now takes 27 mg of Concerta which is the second lowest dose you can take. She says this is her last prescription she will take b.c she doesn't want to have health problems any time soon. Will she be able to fight the urge to take drugs and if she stays off these add meds will her body heal itself from the abuse?

Yes it will but she might take up drinking to componsate not having her drug. Be sure to watch her and be careful.

Is there any connection between adderall and masturbation addiction?

Are there any studies showing a relationship between masturbation addiction or even computer addiction related to the medicine adderall? Thanks!

Just like any addiction..once you start and do it constantly......stopping can be mind bending.....I don't think the meds, masterbation and computers has any link....unless the meds stimulate you and you end up on the internet to masterbate.

What are the effects and symptoms of Adderall abuse and addiction?

How does it affect sleep, weight, personality, friendships, social behavior, grades? Is it difficult to quit? What about when mixed with alcohol?

look at the link below for an answer to all of your questions. The link also provides lots of information that you have not asked about.

Hope this helps.

The second link is about alcohol consumption with Adderall

How serious can adderall addiction get?

Adderall is not meth. It is amphetamine salts, but it is certainly not METHamphetamine. There is a difference!

That being said, Adderall can be addictive which is why it's a controlled substance. That's why it's important to only take it if you have a doctor's precription for it, and then only take it exactly as prescribed. It's also very important to take breaks from it, as opposed to taking it every single day like you would other medications.

How can I break an addiction to Adderall XR?

I have been taking this drug by prescription for 4 years now. When I first started, on occasion i was abusing by taking three times the daily dose once or twice a week. I did this for the first year and kept having the doc increase my dosage to keep the energetic high the same as when first started. Now after 2 years at the same dose, i no longer feel any affects from the drug. I want to stop taking it after learning all of the horrible traits of this drug. I have realized the error in my ways from when i first started on it. I have tried quitting cold turkey but I cant even get off my couch when im not on it. I feel drained and dont wanna do anything but sleep and eat. I have considered weening off it but im concerned that I will suffer the same withdrawl effects but just dragged on over a 6 month period. If anybody has experienced this or has any suggestions i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

Talk to your doc, for the love of God. You cannot trust your physical and mental health to the people on here. Weaning yourself off a drug is serious business. You could have serious emotional side effects that could put you in the state of mind to cause harm to yourself potentially. Your doc is going to be more concerned with helping you get off safely and manage your symptoms. You won't be in trouble. It will just be shaming to admit you abused. It will be ok.

does adderall work and can it lead to an amphetamine addiction?

i have 2 sons in college that tell us almost everyone in on adderall to make better grades. i've been told it works but should we risk turning them into speed freaks or meth heads.

I'm currently working on my bio-psych doctorate and I also have ADD and obsessive compulsive disorder. Adderall isn't like speed, it is speed, it's a smaller dose of amphetamine than most people use and it works for ADD and ADHD better than probably any other pharmaceutical but the important thing to remember is that pharmaceuticals aren't meant to be used by themselves. Behavioral therapy should also be used, just like after a car accident a person might need physical therapy and pharmaceuticals, but if you just use pharmaceuticals then it becomes a crutch and you will never be able to walk again without them.

People with ADD have a neurochemical imbalance that is corrected by adderall, if you look at a brain scan of someone with one of these condition then you will see diminished activity in parts of the brain. After the medication a brain scan will show that much of the imbalance is corrected, but if you are a regular person and you use it to concentrate then you're speeding up the brain, heart and nervous system. In the same way if I take an adderall in the evening then I can go to sleep and actually sleep better, but if most people take an adderall in the evening then they will be up extremely late.

If your children have serious cases of ADD or ADHD then adderall does work but it has some potentially dangerous side-effects, but if they don't have one of these conditions or they aren't mature enough to use the medication properly then it's highly addictive and leads to further drug seeking tendencies.

Ritalin and Adderall addiction?

Can anyone tell me the amount one needs to have a high potential for addiction? If one were to take it in moderation and as directed by doctors, would one still get addicted?

Your question and follow-up notes are contradictory to each other. On one hand you are asking about taking it "as directed by doctors" but also say "use it for an all-nighter." I have taken Ritalin for 10 years and Adderall for two and NEVER has a doctor directed me towards and all-nighter. As a matter of fact, I've been warned about making sure the meds a strong enough to work but not so strong that I miss any sleep.

Don't do it. Its not worth it.

Is it normal when going a day w/o adderall, that one would feel depressed, fatigued, cold, and sad?

Is this normal or could they be symptoms of withdrawal? Could I be addicted already? What are the signs of adderall addiction anyway? What should I do? (I'm 16)

Yep, those are the symptoms of withdrawl. Your body has become dependant on the medication, which is really just a nice way to say you are addicted. However, this is not an addction like a junky in the streets. Just take the meds as prescribed and don't stop unless your Doc tells you to. When he wants you off, he will slowly wean you off. Good luck.

How can i stop the adderall addiction before i hurt body?

Once a week i save all my adderall up im prescribed 30mg a day, and im 15. But when im alone once a week, i like to get high off adderall, and it feels so good i don't know how to stop. When i mean Business i mean last night i popped over 130mg last night, and still going every time i start to get tired, hungry, or buzzed.
Last night i didn't sleep, ive felt light headed all day, bitchy, dry mouth, didn't eat all day, extreme focus, and wonderful feeling of butterflies. i know im addicted but i can't seem to stop these crazy binges, also I've been doing this 1-2 a week now for about two months. How can i slowly ween myself away from the abuse.
Also, seeing a doctor, is not an option.

Adderall is basically meth. In small prescription doses it helps you focus, but doing what you are doing is basically bingeing on methamphetamine like a speed freak. you need to get help.

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