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Adderall dosage?

I've been taking Adderall for about a year, and while I am prescribed 20 mg tabs 2x daily, I have been breaking them apart and just taking 10 mg every couple hours...the max being 60 mg a day.
I have anxiety problems, which is why I haven't taken them whole...yet the dosage seems to be less effective lately as I have probably built up a tolerance to taking 10 mg at a time.
I'm just looking for some advice...should I just take them whole or ask for 30 mg tabs and take half of those at a time to get used to the dosage increase? Thanks

I take 20mg 3x daily and it's less effective to me too because I've built up a tolerance as well. I take an antidepressant that helps with the anxiety so I don't feel nervous after taking the Adderall. Talk to your doctor maybe you should up your dosage but do it gradually like you're doing.

What are the differences in dosage between Ritalin and Adderall?

I currently take Ritalin for ADD. I take 20mg 3x a day. I want to switch to Adderall because I don't much like the roller coaster like ups and downs of ritalin. I have taken both before and I preferred adderall because it is a lot smoother, however, I don't remember the dosages I used to have and what worked. So, should I take the same dosage in adderall as I do with the ritalin even though it is a completely different type of drug? Please let me know your experience with the medications. Thanks.

PS, I don't want to hear from any of you holier than thou posters who want to scream "RITALIN IS BAD!". Post your opinions somewhere else, k thanks.

adderall is far better

what is the difference in the dosage with adderall and concerta?

I am diagnosed with add, had no idea until my son was diagnosed with adhd. I accidently took one of his medications one day instead of mine; I am also Bipolar. My son is on concerta 54 mg, and I just started on Adderall xr 20mg. I was wondering what the difference in the dosage was?

I was taking 36 mg of concerta. Then I took 20 mg of Adderall XR. Not sure which one worked better. I think, for me, the mixture of Adderall xr & Adderall short acting work the best. I believe your son's rx is a little stronger than yours.

Do I need to increase my Adderall dosage?

I have been taking Adderall XR 15mg for my ADD for about a month now. It seems to really really help me with getting things done.

I never liked the idea of being on medication, but I'm considering going back to college and it seemed like it was just time.

The thing is that it seems to wear off quickly. I take it around 8-9am and by 3-4pm I feel like I'm living in a cloud again.

This wouldn't be so much of a problem if I didn't have so many random things to do at different times of the day. I need to be able to focus from the time I get up until later in the evening.

I figure maybe my dosage just needs to be increased or something or should I be taking 10mg x2 a day? What has your expieriences been?

My other problem is I love my doctor and do feel comfortable talking with her about most things, but for some reason when it comes to this I get pretty anxious. Do I basically just tell her what I told you all or what?

Any info would be lovely. Thanks in advance for your help. :)

Yes, talk about it with your doctor. In fact, tell her that you feel anxious although you're not sure why. I assume you are referring to your primary care physician (Internist, family doctor, pediatrician, or gynecologist). Primary care doctors talk with their patients about all sorts of private, embarrassing, sensitive, awkward, and difficult subjects. If you trust your doctor--if she has never let you down or looked down on you--then you can probably trust her on this issue and rest assured that she will be glad that you asked.

Regarding the Adderall, what you describe is relatively common. For some individuals, it does help to take two doses a day as long as the second dose does not cause insomnia. But, of course, **do not change your dosage or when you take the medicine without consulting with your physician first.**

Some primary care physicians will want you to see a psychiatrist or neurologist for questions like yours. It's important to realize that they don't make such referrals because they think you're "crazy" but because they want a specialist to determine the best medicine, at the best dosage, taken at the right times for you. The specialist knows more of the nitty gritty details and can help fine tune your treatment.

I hope this helps,

Mark Worthen, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist

How do I get my psychiatrist to up my dosage of adderall?

I'm prescribed adderall by my psychiatrist, and I take 20 mg every day. I can feel it just a little, but my mind still wanders and I'm still really unable to pay attention. I've taken 30 mg XR before, but not with my doctor's consent and it truly helped me exponentially. How do I ask my doctor to up my dosage without sounding like I'm trying to push for drugs.

Just tell him that you're still feeling unfocused. If you really don't think that will work, look online and see what the Adderall website says it's supposed to treat, and tell him exactly that. Like in Charlie Bartlett! :) Feel better ! xx

What is it like when you get to the right dosage of Adderall ?

What is an acceptable dosage of Adderall and please give some detail as to your age/sex/size for comparison. I am an adult male. Thanks

Just try 20mg for your first time see how you feel, increase or decrease dose next time according to how you felt.

Why does my lower back hurt when I double my prescription dosage of adderall?

I would really like to know the medical reasons why my lower back hurts when I double my prescription dosage of adderall. I have spent a lot of time researching this topic but have yet to find a legitimate medical explanation. If there is anyone who can provide me with helpful information concerning lower back pain and the drug, adderall, I would truly be grateful.

I get that too....please let me know why or if it is supposed to do that if you get the answer

What Adderall dosage do you take to treat ADHD/ADD?

I'm going through the trial phase with my doctor where you find the right dosage. I was just curious what a normal dosage is. I realize that this will vary greatly from person to person, but I'm just curious to see where I am at.

Currently I take a 15 mg tablet twice a day. (30 mg /day) The difference is pretty subtle, but a slight improvement especially with reducing anxiousness in class.

I've read your question over and I felt the frustration of this form to not to be able to ask you a few probing questions to better answer your question. However I would like to email you a few things that will at the very least offer you some insights and hopefully give you a feeling of empowerment as a result to gaining more knowledge and I believe that is absolutely key to any take away the dark spots and shed some light into the unknown....with your permission of course.

M.D. 21 years


adderall dosage for social phobia anxiety?

i have social phobia/axniety. my doctor put me on adderall 5mg twice a day, it hasnt really helped. i took it in the past but did about 30mg and i felt like i was king of the world at the party, talking to everyone. i love that feeling should i have my dosage increased?

Yeah, either that or take 6 of your pills at a time and run out WAY sooner!!!

They always start you out on the lowest possible dosage and 5mg 2Xs a day is pretty DAMN LOW!!! So, yeah I'd ask him or her to up the dose.

I'm currently on 30mg of Vyvanse per day and I plan on asking my doc for an increase next month too.

what dosage of Adderall should a 17 year old 5-11 134-136 LB guy take?

Around a week ago, the doc switched my dose from 20 mg to 15 mg of adderall. I don't feel like the drug is doing much, but I can't tell if this would really make a difference. I used to take 30 mg XR, but I think it effected my sleeping patterns. I would like to know the effective dosage that someone my age and weight would take. Thanks.

If you don't think your doctor is giving you the right dosage of your medication, then you should go to another doctor for a second opinion. You should never change the dosage of a medication without first asking your doctor.

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