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Is there alternatives to treating asthma without having to use an inhaler?

My son is currently on Albuterol and Qvar. We also own a nebulizer machine for emergencies. I am just looking for other alternatives (herbal or homeopathic or spiritual)for treating asthma.(If any)


Is Albuterol an alternative to steroids?

...or does it contain any steroids at all?


What are the side effects of Advair asthma medicine? I have a tremor that is made worse by albuterol?

I'd like to understand the alternatives for people with moderate to severe asthma.

hi.. I take Advair as well.. although I have had no side effects from it at all. I haven't heard of anyone having side effects from it so I'd talk to my Dr if I were you. Have you looked at the information pamphlet that comes with the Advair disk to see what it says there?
I used to take Flovent but I found it was far less effective than the Advair. You could check with the lung association for information on other asthma meds... but talk to you Dr.
Do you do breathing exercises? How 'bout swimming? Swimming is one of the best exercises for asthmatics... it helps to strengthen the lungs.

Albuterol Alternative?

I was prescribed albuterol, and I had the horrbible side effects of rapid hearbeat, and nausea. It was awful.
Are there any asthma meds that DON'T cause this?

I have tachycardia and PVC's (an irregular heartbeat that's too fast), and I have asthma. I take albuterol (because i can't afford advair) but albuterol causes my heart to race ( like 190-210 beats a minute).

There ARE medications that can be used instead of albuterol that will lower the need for albuterol -- some of these medications are advair, beclovent, and azmacort. Long-lasting inhalers.

Short-term inhalers such as albuterol, metoproterenol., and pirbuterol all have a risk of increasing the heart-rate, it's because of the way that they work in the heart and lungs. Using one of the long-acting inhalers will decrease your need for the rapid acting inhalers, and thus decrease the side effects.

Another option is to add a medication called a beta-blocker to your treatment regimen . . . but, there's a problem.

Medicines like albuterol help the "beta's" because when the 'beta's" are helped, we breathe more easily (but, our heart-rate goes up, too).

If you add a beta-blocker (like a low dose of metoprolol) it means that your albuterol will be less effective . . . and your asthma may get worse (because beta-blockers block the "beta's" . . .and the "beta's" help us to breathe more easily).

Is there a non-prescription alternative to Albuterol Inhalers?

No there is not. The ones that are sold over the counter ARE VERY DANGEROUS and soon will be pulled off the shelves of stores. They make your heart race and really have no effect on opening up your lungs. Rarely do homeopathetic medications help to alleviate asthma symptoms. You need a prescription for albuterol. Not something to play around with. If you can;t breathe you die!

I have taken care of many patients in the ED that have tried the homeopathic route only to wind up in the ED intubated because most to do help at all.

Please do yourself a favor and see a doctor, Nurse Practioner or PA. for a precription.

Albuterol Inhaler alternative?

Is there an over the counter alternative for a fast acting inhaler that works as well as albuterol? If not the next question is how much would it cost to actually see a doctor get a prescription then pay for the inhaler all out of pocket (i.e if you had absolutely no medical insurance)?

advair is a slow acting inhaler that will help prevent the onsets of asthma attacks, but nothing can take the place of a fast acting inhaler during an attack.
I have seen inhalers for around $10.00 to $14.00 dollars average. but you have to have a written perscription to buy one. A doctor's consultation will cost about $60.00 to $80.00 dollars. He will be able to write you an open perscription, that you can refill as many times as you need. You should still (and he will say this also) go in for regular check ups. Asthma can get worse or better in any amount of time, so it will be a benefit to get seen at least 2 times a year.
The first person explained the warm mist method. This is good in an emergency, so are really hot showers. But please do not rely on just this method alone.

What are albuterol inhaler side effects?

What happens if you use it more than the recommended max three times a day? Can there be serious side effects? What are the best alternative asthma medications?

If you get hospitalized for asthma, you will get albuterol more than the home-recommended amount. The big deal here is not so much the side effects of albuterol, which others have mentioned, but the fact that it's a marker of poor asthma control.

If you are taking no other medicines for your asthma, you should. You need a 'controller' drug -- usually an inhaled corticosteroid (lots of different brands). It comes as a combination with a long-acting form of albuterol (Advair or Symbicort). If you don't use an inhaled corticosteriod, the main alternative is what's called a leukotriene modifier -- the brand name is Singulair.

If you are taking Advair, one of the things to consider with increased albuterol use is that the albuterol might not be as effective. While Advair has a black box warning from the FDA for an increased risk of death, the bigger issue may be that when you need albuterol for worsening asthma, it might not be as effective.

Please don't misunderstand this -- I am not advocating stopping Advair if you're on it -- but if you are, and still needing frequent albuterol, you should speak to your health care provider about this.

Ther is a very small, but potentially very serious, possibility of bad effects on your heart with overuse of albuterol. Yet another reason to get better control.

If you are already on a controller drug, several drugs can be added to improve asthma control. Someone mentioned caffeine -- it can work (modestly); one of the early drugs used to treat asthma (theophylline) has a chemical structure very similar to caffeine. I would NOT substitiue caffeine for a medication designed for asthma.

What other folks spoke of -- understanding and avoiding your triggers -- is equally important.

Good luck!

Alternative to albuterol while pregnant?

Is there a safer alternative to albuterol while pregnant?
Don't answer "ask you doc"
I plan to, just wanted to gather info in the mean time.

Albuterol is a Class C drug.

My nurse said if I use it more than 2x a day they would give me something safer. After I got off the phone it dawned on me .....
"SAFER?" If there is something "safer" I want it now.

I don't even take tylenol unless I absolutely need to and every other effort has failed.
However I MUST what is "SAFER"??

I am on my third pregnancy. I have asthma and used albuterol every pregnancy. Albuterol is fine to use. I was always told that you shouldn't use it more than 2x a day regardless if you're pregnant or not. If you use it more than 2x then you need something stronger cause its just not cutting it for you....And I've seen tons of doctors and never heard anything about "safer"


ask about oral albuterol-my 2 yr old uses that when he gets wheezy (allergies) and he takes it ok and it works great.

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