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Using an Albuterol inhaler w/bronchitis... how often is "too often"?

I've got an Albuterol inhaler I was prescribed last spring to help me deal with seasonal allergy related breathing issues, and this past week, have been using it to deal with shortness of breath stemming from a sinus infection/ bronchitis. About once an hour or so I find myself having a hard time getting what I'd consider a "good" breath... I inhale, but find that even at my maximum lung capacity (for the time being, it's usually much better when I'm not ill) that I need to try to take another deep breath to feel like I've gotten enough. I'm not sure if using my inhaler once an hour or so (two puffs each use) is too much? I don't feel shaky or anything (like I used to with nebulizer treatments as a child) but I thought I'd ask others' opinion on what is within the range of "normal" usage.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to look at and answer my question!

I use alburerol. My doctor prescribed for COPD and emphysema. I take 2 puffs 4 times daily. I too was having problems. My doctor said that he did not want to incresae the dosage. He said I should use Mucinex. It is an expectorant.
It can be purchased over the counter and has helped me immensely
My very best to you,

Can I take Albuterol for Asthma/Bronchitis if I am on Diltiazem(Cardizen) for Tachycardia(SVT)?

I was recently diagnosed with SVT (supraventricular tachycardia) and was prescribed Toprol XL (beta-blocker) to lower blood pressure and hence reduce riski of further SVTs'. I was told to avoid Albuterol because with beta-blockers it could cause bronchial spasms and worse. Now, Cardizen is a calcium channel blocker which relaxes blood vessels allowing the heart to beat slower and steadier. Would Albuterol still be contraindicated for bronchial/asthma symptoms?? I am still taking Flovent with no problems.

No, there are other bronchodialators that your doctor can give you.. and if they don't want to prescribe them... there are other heart meds they can give you..

Albuterol and Pulmicort to treat bronchitis and pneumonia?

My nine month old has had lung problems since he was born last June (the night he was born he stopped breathing), in November he got pneumonia (has had it twice since then) and has also had bronchitis three times since then. After having him on different antibiotics, amoxicillian and zithromax, and still fighting it, I went to a different doctor last monday and he still had bronchitis, the doctor put him on a nebulizer with albuterol, he had a follow up appointment this morning and still has bronchitis so he is to keep up with the albuterol and now has to take pulmicort as well. Everything that I have read about the two says "treatment for asthma" is this also normal treatment for bronchitis and pneumonia? Why is my son having these issues, my husband had childhood asthma, there is no smoking around any of my children, we have pets, but after today they are on the way out the door...what else could be causing these problems.. what can I do to help my baby.., I have never delt with this

Albuterol and Pulmicort are used to treat many respiratory diseases in addition to asthma. With bronchitis the combination of the two is definitely therapeutic. Your doctor is correct, nine months old is too young to diagnosis him with asthma. At his age they just call it reactive airways disease. As to why your son is having lung issues, it could be one of many reasons....underdeveloped lungs at birth, allergies, genetics...etc.

Will albuterol affect my vocal chords?

Anyone have experience with this? I am using albuterol for bronchitis. I feel it elevate my blood pressure but am not sure if it has any affect on the vocal folds.

Sounds like it drys out your throat. That can't be a good thing. Perhaps you shouldn't be singing your are having problems with your lungs.

My 2 1/2 y/o has bronchitis and went to the Dr. and they didnt give her anything but motrin and albuterol?

I dont know what bronchitis is and would like to know if she should be taking something for it she has had it for over 2 weeks now. any info please would be great.

Bronchiolitis is normally a viral infection of the bronchioles. The bronchi can be involved as well but usually, it starts in the smaller branches of the lungs with kids. Since it's viral, antibiotics are not always needed. If the Albuterol doesn't help to clear the mucous, your doctor may decide antibiotics are needed. The theory behind Albuterol is that it will help to dilate the airways to give them a change to clear on their own. If you find that your child isn't improving or the Albuterol is not helping, you should place a call to the the triage nurse at the doctor's office. She can talk to the doctor about a change of medications or you may have to go back in. Also, you can try using a vaporizer in her room to help keep the airways moist.

I hope this helps!

Email if you have any questions!

My Albuterol inhaler is not controlling my bronchitis at all?

I went to the doctors last friday because I had been wheezing all last week. Anyways, the doctor took chest x-rays and determined that I had Bronchitis. He prescribed me azithromyacin or Z Pak, which is the antibiotic, an Albuterol inhaler, and hydrocodone homotropine or something like that, a liquid cough supressant. I got the medicines last Friday after the appoitment, and have been using my Albuterol according to instructions which says every 4 hours a couple of sprays, and I do it a little bit more. I just took my last antiobiotic pill, azythromyacin because there was enough for 5 days. The Albuterol isn't working at all, and I don't feel any relief from it. I still have the same level of wheezing I did last week. Do I have more than just Bronchitis? The doctor said it would clear up in 7 to 10 days, so you would think I would be feeling better now. What's wrong? Any info will help. Thanks.

i had asthma and my kids have asthma so i guess i know athing or two about it. between the inhaler and the machine i believe the machine is more efficient and takes care of the problem alot faster. if it gets worse you should to go to hospital , they basically give you steroids and takes care of it real quick.


I have been coughing for 2 weeks now. On Tuesday (today is Sat) I went to the doctor and they told me I have bronchitis and gave me a 5 day antibiotic (Zithromax) and an inhaler (albuterol) Now Im done with the antibiotic and am still coughing quite a bit. I still get short of breath from moving around too fast, and my chest feels tight, but I am not in pain. What confuses me though is that sometimes it's like a wheezy kind of cough and sometimes it's a very congested-like cough where I will cough up phlegm (sorry for the gross detail) and sometimes I will go a few hours without coughing at all. What is going on? Should I go back to the doctor? I am not asthmatic, I am not a smoker,I am only 21 and have never really experienced anything like this before. Any advice/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

The 5 day antibiotic actually isn't totally effective until 10 days. Don't over use the albuterol. Drinking hot liquids helps relieve the conjestion and break up the mucus. You still need to be taking it easy even if you feel a bit better. It takes time for the bronchi to heal. The spasms from activity are caused by the inflamation and mucus of the bronchitis. Take it easy. If you dont feel much better in a few days go back to the doc.


I have been feeling awful since the begining of december, I have shortness of breath, tight feeling in my bronchial area, caughing white thick mucus but not a constant cough, and my sinus stuffed. doctor gave me a z-pak, nasonex, and prednisone 20mg the first three days and 10mg the following 4 days today ...I had a nasty reaction to amoxicillin which was prescribed before I almost went into anaphylactic shock. anyways do you guys think this is truly bronchitis? I cant even sleep since this gets worst after 8pm for some reason. I'm also using the albuterol inhaler which helps alittle but still thightness in my chest area.

I usually have bronchitis about once a year. What you have sounds like bronchitis. Some antibiotics simply don't work for some people. When prescribed a z-pak, I might as well be taking candy. The problem with sleeping is common. I sometimes put vicks vapor rub in a pot of boiling water and breath in the steam for about 10 minutes. It will help break some of the mucus up. Just don't do it too close to bedtime, as the breaking up of mucus causes coughing for a couple of hours. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Prescribed meds for pre-bronchitis making heartbeat crazy fast?

I was prescribed antibiotics, some codeine cough syrup, and an albuterol HFC inhaler for my pre-bronchitis-like symptoms. This morning, when I woke up, my heartbeat was very quick, and all around the spot below my belly button, it hurt really bad when i coughed, which was not a symptom i experienced before getting the meds. Is this normal?

Albuterol can definitely make your heart race! But not usually hours after you use it. Typically the racy heart feeling lasts about 20 minutes after inhalation. As far as your abdomen pain, it is very common for people to strain muscles when coughing. Obviously each cough makes this worse. The only other explanation I can think of may be that your stomach may be upset by the antibiotics. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

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