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Asthma Vs. Post Nasal drip in children?

My 7 year old daughter has always had a terrible cough with viruses (starting from about age 2). She has never wheezed to my knowledge and we've always treated her for asthma as instructed by her Dr's. She has had wheeze and low oxygen when she had a chest cold once (heard by Dr.) and she has also had pneumonia. When she gets an infection following a virus her cough is worse. It's worse at night. Even with Qvar use (sometimes for months at a time) she comes down with this cough. I also give her Albuterol and she gets a lot of steam baths when she is coughing. She's had relief when put on prednisone and from (the few occassions she's been Rx'd) codiene cough syrup.
She also constantly battles eczema.
For the last few years I feel like I have been unable to keep her "asthma" under control, like I don't even feel the meds are helping that much (I only see SOME changes when given).
Even with breathing treatments in the ER. Shouldn't all these things work??? Shouldn't she be able to function through a virus better?

So, she is sick now and I took her to the Dr. again yesterday and they say her lungs sound good (which is what I usually hear despite the cough till she throws up routine she goes though). The Dr. we saw thinks this coughing is Post Nasal Drip. I've been reading up on it and that sounds a lot like what she has. I have been giving her benadryl (never done this before). Whenever I ask her if her chest hurts she says throat tickles and she complains of stomach aches (which I thought was being sore from coughing). Now she says she feels a squiggling down her throat. With Benadryl she made it through the night and only coughed a few times last night.

Could it be that my asthmatic child may not have asthma at all? Or that Asthma is not the main problem?
Can all her symptoms be due to a Post Nasal Drip problem?
How could her Peditrician figure this out for sure so that I am not giving her meds she may not need?!? I don't want to put her at risk but I have always felt like we were not seeing dramatic results.

When she is well she has no cough or other problems. She did have some food allergy to dairy & egg but it's been years since she got tested for those and even then it was a very low positive. We got her tested because she would get hives on her face when eating anything to do with ranch dressing. She has never complained after eating milk/cheese, ice cream though she is not fond of eggs. Husband and I have allergies but nothing diagnosed, I use a nasal spray when needed. She seems to sneeze (like anyone) at certain times but for the most part doesn't seem to suffer terrible allergies. My other 2 children show no signs of anything like this.


Hi, I have severe sinitus where i get sinus infections regularly and i also have fragile asthma and i struggle just as much as your daughter seems to when i get a virus... The only way to tell if her meds are actually doing anything is to wait as with asthma medication does not show signs of working straight away it usually takes a week or two to show effects to be honest if you don't take say your pump(preventer) your wheezing won't really be too affected for a while. Where as on things like prednisone it is a steroid so it will give relief straight away but if she has a virus it will help her breathing but it cannot cure the virus she still has to get through it. Even if she has a post nasal drip she still could have asthma as a post nasal drip does aggravate the symptoms of your asthma as i have one of those too, I had an op on my sinus's but still have trouble with the drip. It does take a doc a long time sometimes to diagnose these things it took them 2 years to diagnose my sinus problems. She is likely to have a tummy ache with a post nasal drip as the stuff that is not coming out of her nose has to go somewhere...And it does make you feel sick I know that one from experience.

Sorry this probably does not help you at all but just persevere you will figure it out and help her to get better!

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