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Ambien and Suicide, has anyone know of this to happen to their loved one?

Please, if you or anyone else you know are currently taking Ambien, talk to your Dr. It was to later for our family but it could save someone elses loved one. After going to a therapist this week to help with my loss, she without a doubt, said this was not a planned suicide, but an interaction , chemical imbalance STRONGLY related to taking the Ambien for the past two months. She also told me there is a class action suit already going on,

my heart goes out to you

i lost my beautiful mother do to this posion of a drug

How much ambien and klonopin & flexeril do you need to commit suicide?

I have a friend who has taken 14 klonopin, 2 Ambien and 4 flexeril, can that cause death? What do i look for?

You need to call 911 NOWWWWWWWWWWW How bad are you going to feel if he dies from this and you could have helped him??? Call 911 and get the paramedics there to start treating him. Call his parents and tell them what happened. He will be embaressed when he wakes up but that is better than dead.

added- well he is going to be sedated right into a coma and may stop breathing so will you embaress him then by calling 911!!! I would rather be embaressed than dead.

How many miligrams of ambien does it take to commit suicide?

Probably more then any person can possibly acquire.
People recovered after HUGE overdoes.
I do not in any way advocate suicide, or experimenting with any prescription drugs and with ambient in particular.

Ambien and suicide? (please help)?

i'm 14, my sister's 18. over the past 5 months, she's has been sneaking ambiens from my dad. she only takes one at a time so he doesn't notice. i didn't really think anything of it, because i know she has insomnia. but today i found out that she's been saving them up. i found 23 pills in a bottle film container in her drawer. i'm worried she's suicidal. should i tell my parents? i don't want her to be mad but i think i have to tell.
she has 23 of the pills, and the bottle says they're 12.5MG. is that enough to kill a person? what should i do?

There is nothing wrong with telling them. I would prefer to get my brother angry at me for suggesting "such a thing", as he says, rather than ignoring it and then founding him dead.

Suggestion: If I were you, the sooner the better!

Does anyone know someone who overdosed on ambien and actually died?

did they go slow, or just go to sleep and not wake up, how did it make you feel, my cousin commited suicide and the only way i could handle was to tell myself that at least he was happy many did they take or anyone who has lost someone to suicide dont you think at least its what they wanted?

No I don't but if you're thinking of it, seek professional help immediately!

Can taking ten ambien sleeping pills kill you?

A girl i met said her best friend comitted suicide by taking ten, 10 mg. ambien sleeping pills. I would think it would take way more than that! I think she was just trying to get attention. I sometimes take 20mg. just to fall asleep! I know an overdose of anything "could" kill you, but i doubt 10 sleeping pills would. What do you all think? Maybe i should just avoid those kinds of partys in the future!

I tried committing suicide with about 20 of them and mixed with alcohol.. I am still here but I found out that it made me "high".. then I was addicted.. everytime something went wrong, I had to have an ambien.. I was taking 40 or so a day. I stayed awake for days at a time then when I crashed, I crashed for days at a time..

Is 300 mg of ambien enough to kill a 200lbs white 18 yr old male?

if he has inadvertently built up a tolerence to sleeping pills with many failed suicide attempts?

Nope. I was 14, 136 pounds and I took 800 mg of over the counter sleeping meds, 3500mg of vicadin, and probably close to 10000 mg of tylenol and the like. !64 pills in all. I was vomiting for about 24 hours afterward. And I probably have liver problems now, but they didn't even have to pump my stomach. It's nowhere near enough.

Is taking overdose of sleeping pills dangerous and painful??

Please tell me in detail about the sleeping pills and which sleeping pills shud be taken if someone wants to commit suicide.
What about Limovan, Lunesta and Ambien pills.
Are these very painful?
Actually wat happens wen someone take overdose of them?

Most people think that when someone takes an overdose of sleeping pills or tranquilizers they merely fall asleep and die peacefully, however the body will cause you to vomit violently and then start to convulse. It is painfull and will last up to a half hour.
I have seen people commit suicide in various ways. They are all either painfull or very messy. The best thing to remember is that things never stay the same. Bad times do get better.

Attempted suicide. now what?

hi, a little background info. im currently military and i have post tramatic stress disorder. last thursday me and some others were being charged with failure to follow a lawful order. i was distraught by this and attempted to commit suicide. i took around 60 xanax, 60 ambien, and 60 valium. i survived and was sent to a short term program at an army hospital that deals with situations like that. i was discharged today, and so far my command has been real suppportive. tommorow i go to work for the first time since i attempted to take my life. I am a little nervous as to what to expect. I am grateful to be alive and feel like god gave me a second chance. i have appointments with doctors this week, but im also nervous how people are going to view me in my command. and i also dont want to be medically discharged. i know what i did was wrong and i want to do whatever i can to become normal again. any encouraging words or guidance would be appreciated.

I think it will depend on your attitude. You've been down the dark road and have come back
with more knowledge and understanding.

I don't think anyone is going to come right out and ask you why but, if they do be as honest as you
feel comfortable being.

Having PTSD is such a difficult thing to live with and I'm sure you are not the only one dealing with this.

Being military, I think they will be more understanding than you expect them to be.

Just be you, you have nothing to be ashamed of.

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