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Is 10mg Of Oxycodone stronger than 15mg Of Hydrocodone, or is it the same?

I usually take 15mg of hydrocodone for my pain, but now I got switched to percocet 10mg. Is that the same thing?

Both drugs are quite effective to antagonize pain....
Oxycodone is contained in percocet, and Hydrocodone, is the hydroxy derivative of oxycodone,,,,
since the difference in action is minimal, you will have 1/3rd les analgesic potency, however, that means that your doctor considers, that you need less analgesics....
That wont kill you, however, if you feel that your pain does not subside, with the new analgesic or dose, tell to your doctor what is happening....It is wise then (if that is the case) to change the type of analgesic for another that is NOT synthetic opioid derivative, (lisine clonixinate, propionic acid derivatives, indomethacine etc), in order to avoid:
1.- Tolerance (needing twice or more the normal dose in order to achieve the same effect)
2.- this case, the analgesia is not important anymore, nor the pain, but the elating and euphoric producing effect of the medication proper.....

It is wise to follow your doctors advice in the meantime...

Is oxycodone just the same as percocet without the tylenol?

Doctor gave me 15mg Oxycodone, not Oxycontin. I know that the difference is the immediate r release versus time release. My question is, if I have taken Percocet, then I should be OK taking Oxycodone. It is basically the same drug without the tylenol, correct? I have taken (2) 10/325 Percocets before for my condition. I'm just wondering if I could also break this 15 mg tab in half (it is scored) and do just 7.5 and see how it works first. So basically, I guess I am just worried. I want to know if this plain oxycodone 15mg is EXACTLY the same as a percocet, just no tylenol? You could just remove the APAP from a percocet, and this is what you'd have? I don't want to be taking oxycontin, and I keep hearing it is the EXACT same thing as oxycodone. But oxycontin is time released where as this drug is just short acting like a regular old percocet? And do you know if they make hydrocodone without the tylenol?
PS, I DO NOT HAVE CANCER. I take this medication for a condition that cannot be cured, but is not very well studied yet and I don't wish to disclose that much information about myself here :)

OK, to actually answer your question, w/o the animal sex comments as from the other answerer:

Percocet = Oxycodone + Acetaminophen. So, straight Oxycodone is indeed Percocet without the Tylenol. The brand name is Oxycontin.

Do they prescribe marijuana for insomnia?

If not, then why?
And also, what about for eating disorders?

It seems like they prescribe man made drugs for insomnia, and they don't even help, they make me stay up longer. And anyother barbituates, make me stay up longer, pain killers same thing. Unless I overdose on prescription meds, they don't work. I've tried Vicodin, Oxycontin, Percocet, Hydrocodone, Ambien, Oxycodone, Lortab, and the only thing that seems to work is marijuana, and Xanax.

Marijuana is not prescribed for insomnia. There are already sleep aids (OTC & by prescription only) to choose from.

As to eating disorders, marijuana has been prescribed to stimulate appetite in cancer and other patients.

For your particular problem, with the exception of Ambien, the meds you've mentioned were not formulated to induce sleep. Somnolence & drowsiness are simply side effects. As well, Xanax is an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) and not a sleep aid. If you like you may try Restoril (temazepam) which is a sedative-hypnotic and was formulated specifically for insomnia. The usual dose is 15 to 30 mg at bedtime. Ask your doctor. Look into hypnosis as a possible adjunct. Consider also that there may be an underlying reason for the insomnia. There are other things things you can do that may help: Consistent bedtime, don't read or watch TV in bed, associate sleep with your bedroom. I wish you much luck with this.

I have such a high tolerance for pain medication?

I have crohn's disease and often need pain medication. My doctor has prescribed me hydrocodone 10mg but this doesn't help. I have to take two of them. The only thing that works is percocet and I have to take two of them sometimes. Why is this. It has always been like this. Is it inherited? My mom is the same way.

Everyone's body processes all medications differently. I am the same way, every since I was a kid I have a very strong tolerance to all drugs including anesthesia. The biggest thing is to be honest with your doctor that the drugs are not managing the pain. I know how hard it is because a lot of times they may treat you like you're a drug addict. The best thing to do in your case is establish yourself with a good doctor, either a primary care doctor willing to prescribe you the pain meds you need or a pain management specialist.

Recently primary care physicians have been less likely to dispense strong drugs because of new DEA rules, if that's the case find a good pain management doctor who is able to prescribe stronger narcotics. With the Hydrocodone you want to be careful about taking more because of the acetemetophine in it which can damage your liver. Your doctor may put you on the oxycodone (percocet) because it can come without acetemeophine.

The biggest thing is to be open and honest with your doctor and establish a good relationship. I know how you feel and how hard it is to be treated like a drug addict when you're in legitimate pain and the medicine that would work for most people doesn't work for you. But I have found a wonderful doctor who knows me and works with my body. You have a RIGHT to live a life without pain and you MUST be your own advocate.

I wish you the best.

Diiference between Oxycontin and Oxycodone?

Doctor gave me 15mg Oxycodone, not Oxycontin. I know that the difference is the immediate r release versus time release. My question is, if I have taken Percocet, then I should be OK taking Oxycodone. It is basically the same drug without the tylenol, correct? I have taken (2) 10/325 Percocets before for my condition. I'm just wondering if I could also break this 15 mg tab in half (it is scored) and do just 7.5 and see how it works first. So basically, I guess I am just worried. I want to know if this plain oxycodone 15mg is EXACTLY the same as a percocet, just no tylenol? You could just remove the APAP from a percocet, and this is what you'd have? I don't want to be taking oxycontin, and I keep hearing it is the EXACT same thing as oxycodone. But oxycontin is time released where as this drug is just short acting like a regular old percocet? And do you know if they make hydrocodone without the tylenol?

I'll try to answer all your questions.

First, yes. You will be fine switching from Percocet to Oxycodone. Oxycodone is just like a Percocet without the tylenol.

As far as breaking the tab in half, as long as the pill is instant release (or in other words a standard pain pill) you will get exactly half the dosage or close to it.

Oxycontin is generally supposed to release half the total mg's somewhere in the area of an hour and then usually the other half around 6 hours after first ingesting. So usually when using something like that you would be given something for the breakthrough pain as there is a lapse in the rate it is metabolized and when it releases the next most cases I find anyway.

Lastly, no hydrocodone is not manufactured without the APAP. Anywhere. Hope this helps!

Is there any doctors out there that can help me? I am having severe problems after having an EPI.?

I had an epidural steriod injection 12 days ago to treat low back pain/sciatica that I have had for several years. Dr. hit a nerve during the procedure, and to make a long story short, I have continually gotten worse ever since. I have been in ER twice, no results-keep saying time will help. I went to my PCP and she gave me a shot of Medrol and a 21 pill dose pack of the same. (as a side note, I have been prescribed continually stronger pain medicine-7.5 hydrocodone at first, now I am on 7.5 Percocet, and it does not do anything for the pain) The shot of Medrol seemed to help for about a day, then I went back to the same horrible pain that I was in. The Medrol pills do not seem to be doing anything. Now, to add to things, beginning last night, I have started to have extremely bad joint pain in my knees and ankles, where I cannot even walk. I don't know where to turn, If anyone has any advise, I would appreciate it. I have followed up with PMD with no results. Help if you can!!

This is what happens when a nerve root is hit. I have had nerves hit in knee injections and it took a month for the last one to get right. I know the pain is driving you nuts, but it sounds like all has been done that can be now that the damage is done. I would investigate nerve root blocks for further pain control in future. This requires that the doc actually know exactly where the nerve root is as it branches from spine, and accidental punctures are not so likely.

Long question for doctors, preferrably near Montana... but it doesn't matter...?

Hi this is a serious question so please spare me any insults or rhetoric because I'm not here for that. I have used marijuana regularly,
and responsibly (not a single drug related arrest or charge in my life)
since I was 13 years old. I am now 19, soon to be 20, and have had a pretty bad addiction to painkillers since about mid-2007. Allow me to elaborate. I used to drink quite a bit and was into coke for a little while, and I was addicted to methamphetamine for a few months as well. However, I ate and slept regularly and didn't become an entirely tweaked out loser... I decided to put it behind me, as with alcohol, cigarettes, and coke, I just stuck with pot. I still haven't indulged...
My ex-girlfriend whom I broke up with just last week has a prescription for amphetamine salt, and though I had been offered many times, never once took it. At any rate, near the end of 2007, I was introduced to hydrocodone by a friend who also had no idea of it's powers.
I began to snort them, and clean my house, do the dishes, etc...
I was living with my grandmother then, and shortly after my introduction to painkillers, she died in October of 2007, leaving me completely alone to keep the trailer and pay the bills. I dropped out to try and keep myself afloat. Things had become very depressing.
I had been in a horrible relationship that ended in the worst possible way next to death, I missed my grandma, and I missed my childhood.
But I didn't start shooting up, or robbing people, or anything like that.
I would just spend many a day chasing vicodin or percocet, snort them, be high for a little while, feel better for a fleeting hour or two, then wake up and do it all over again. Pot wasn't even the same without pills. It got to the point where my brain would hurt if I went without them. It kept going and going... Eventually, I lost my place,
lost my job, but met a girl I hadn't seen in years, whom I began to date and live with, just me and her, in a home her mother paid for. Obviously, the lack of impending bills gave me time to search for pills unencumbered. She liked speed and had a prescription, I was hooked on painkillers and had to cop them on the street...
On and on it went. I also began taking lorazepam, not so much to get high, but because it killed my anxiety and went with the pot and opioids very well. Even at this point, however, I never went over 20 or 30 milligrams of percocet or vicodin a night. I'll cut to the chase-
My mom died of sirrhosis last March, and it didn't help me at all.
It wasn't like Eric Clapton devoting his sobriety to the loss of his son,
in fact, I did them even more to take away the pain.
I finally lost my girlfriend, I'm basically homeless, and I still have to have pills constantly. Yet I still won't put a needle in my arm, not that it makes a huge difference. I have an oppurtunity to go and start anew with a relative a few hundred miles away from all this, and here's my question-

To someone my age and in my situation, how feasible would it be for me to see a doctor and possible talk about getting on the Suboxone program? Please don't think of this as an excuse or copout,
I've tried the depression pills, I've thought of rehab, I've tried cold turkey... It seems hopeless. I honestly think I would kill myself.
Suboxone has been a miracle for me. I take a quarter of one, orally, and I'm fine for a whole day, feeling happy, productive, hopeful.
It sound like one frying pan into another, but I honestly can say that if I was prescribed and treated with suboxone, I might be able to kick this addiction in a year or two, maybe less... I've heard it can be prescribed for depression, so, what I'm asking is would they laugh me out of the doctor's office? Would a doctor even consider a case like mine?
I wake up and don't even want to face the world when I am without opioids... It's pathetic. I truly think if I was prescribed Suboxone and moved to my relatives, I could start a new era in my life. Please don't think I'd be using this drug as a crutch... I believe it may be the only way... Rehab doesn't work for some people, and I wouldn't be selling or abusing it. I'm at the end of my rope, and thought maybe some doctors could give me their input or opinion on this situation.
Your time is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi Chris,

Well first I'm happy that you realize all of this and are wanting/willing to help yourself.

Suboxone SL (Buprenorphine) is used to treat narcotic (opioid) dependence as you already know. It works by preventing withdrawal symptoms, since the buprenorphine is actually a type of narcotic (opioid) itself. It should be used as part of a complete narcotic dependence treatment plan.

Buprenorphine/naloxone is usually given daily during your medical treatment maintenance period, after a short period (induction) of using buprenorphine.

Also, if used for an extended period of time, do not suddenly stop using this drug without your doctor's approval, or withdrawal symptoms may occur.

You are supposed to use this medication regularly in order to get the most benefit from it, so if you are just getting them off the street every now and then, this is not going to help you long term. Also, There are other reasons you should possibly not take this certain medication. There are several, such as lung disease, liver disease, serious head injury or brain diseases (lesions), low thyroid problems (hypothyroidism), adrenal problems (Addison's disease), psychiatric problems (toxic psychosis), difficulty urinating (enlarged prostate or urethral narrowing), acute alcoholism (with or without delirium tremens), spinal problems (kyphoscoliosis), gallbladder (biliary tract) disease and other abdominal conditions.

This drug may make you dizzy or drowsy. Do not drive, use machinery, or do any activity that requires alertness until you are sure you can perform such activities safely. Avoid alcoholic beverages.

To minimize dizziness and lightheadedness, get up slowly when rising from a seated or lying position

Just wanted to give you all of that information on this medication.

I personally think that rehab (facilities) do nothing more than "Keep you sober" while you are there. Yeah, they educate you about how bad everything is for you, but you already know that. If you do not want to quit, your not going to. You can decide/do this in or out of a rehab facility yourself.

And, I don't want to hear you say that you would kill yourself. I'm not gonna lecture, because I can tell that you are intelligent enough to know what I would say anyway....So, just think about that :)

I'm glad that you have not used needles. And yes, it is a huge difference. You know, the diseases and such. I know, you don't want lectures and I know that you already know all of this stuff. Maybe you just need to hear it from someone else that cares about you every now and then....I do!

Stop getting pills off the street! (Sorry, I had to throw that in there!) Ha!

I lost my Grandmother when I was 16, I am now 38. This was absolutely the worst thing in my life. I still miss her to this day.

I do think that it is great that you have a relative that you can go to. It will also help that it is hundreds of miles away. You will be away from the far too many "Bad people" and "Drug spots" that you are familiar with where you are now. I do suggest going to your relatives. Be honest with them about everything so that they will better be able to understand and help you through this.

A Doctor had better not laugh you out of the office for this! And yes, if you explained everything to them as you have explained here, and be honest, they absolutely will help you or find someone that will in one way or another, weather it is with Suboxone or something else. There are several options for your treatment medically. You need a physical and some tests anyway.

And as far as your age, I think it is great that you are doing this now, because you are young. Very young to have had gone through everything that you have. Yet, still smart enough to know that you need to do something about it. I'm proud of you! And at 19/20....Man, you have so much /many more great things you could be doing.

I'm gonna give you this information to help you out. Maybe you already know about it? This program will help you out with food, money (Yes cash!) and....Even medical help!

Go to -

Click on - get public assistance

Then, I want you to apply for SNAP and TANF

You download these applications, and I believe that you qualify for both. Check out the other things they offer as well.

Took me a while, I was doing a lot of searching to find this program for you in Montana. I went there so I would know all of the steps for you to take. I could have given you their address and phone number as well, but I did not know which city/county you are in, and there are 60 different offices. But, like I said you can do it online. So, apply for this aid, it will help you out. At least I know you will be getting food to eat.

When you move to your relatives, you may have to reapply in that county.

Well Chris, I do think that it would be feasible for you to see a Doctor, move to your relatives and start anew. You are absolutely thinking the right

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