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Does anyone know where I can buy Valium in the UK?

Don't need much, 5-10 tablets, got some public speaking stuff coming up. Any online vendors etc?

Your best bet to get medication like Valium is to go to your doctor, explain the situation, and allow the doctor to prescribe them based on what they have determined about your medical history and situation.
Buying medication off the streets and from drug vendors/addicts is highly illegal and will end you up in prison or jail with a record that says with you throughout your life.
Also buying medication from on-line pharmacy's (located in Canada or Mexico to mention a few) is a big risk you are taking. Medication from certain on line drug companies are a rip off, either its not the product you think, its a wrong dosage, or it's chemically made wrong and cause problems even death. Don't go ordering prescription medication on line without knowing the source, you don't want to spend money that is double the actual prove and nothing but candy. So be aware if its too good to be true then it probably is. Better safe then dead.

Is it illegal to buy Diazepam (valium) online in the UK even when not prescribed by my GP (Family doctor)?

Is the internet also a trusted source for purchasing such drugs? or is it common for the tablets one receives to be marketed as Diazepam, but something else?

Are there trusted sources anyone can pass onto me?…

Where can i buy Valium DIAZEPAM or roche 10?

where is the best place online i can buy cheap and real Valium DIAZEPAM or roche 10
i am in ireland would it be cheaper to buy in the uk or us

its not illegal
its a prescription drug
used to help people with alcohol withdrawls
its trade name is diazepam

every drug has a name by which it is sold by which is different to the chemical name

be safe now

What restrictions are there on bringing back prescription drugs to the uk that i buy in thailand eg valium?

i've been in the past and brought back some in my main luggage and its been fine, am going again in a couple of days and want to know if theres an allowance on this sort of thing??

as long as you have a doctors letter you will fine plus a prescription in your name.... otherwise it is not a wise idear

UK citizen visiting Tijuana, wanting to buy some Valium for personal use.?

Hi There

I am currently staying in San Diego on vacaction. I wanna visit Tijuana for a day trip and also buy some Valium 2MG for personal use due to suffering anxiety. As a UK citizen can I bring back this drug for personal use over the border back to San Diego?


You need a perscription and you can get one at Farmacias Familiaries. As well a one stop at Consulto Medicos , where the DR. usually owns the Farmacia. (Quite common in Mexico) They are very cheap and charge 20 - 30 pesos to consulto a Medico (Doctor) Hope that he/she speaks English (Some Do)
Those kind of mild perscriptions are easy to get. Keep the bottle in your pocket when you cross the border. It is not illegal to do so. Americans do it all the time and if they take a perscription to Mexico from the US it must be filled within 90 days.

Can you buy Valium (diazepam) in Spain without a prescription?

A family member is planning to spend some time in Spain and would rather not take a large quantity and we have heard that if it is available without a prescrition it would be cheaper than the UK prescription fee. It would not be bought with any intention of bringing it into the UK

I highly doubt that diazepam is available without a perscription anywhere in the world.

Where can i get real valium Diazepam tablets online?

i am trying to buy real valium Diazepam tablets online i have bought some before but when i got them in the post it turned out they were int the real ones but a copy. so can anyone help me to buy the real ones online or maybe you might be able to help yourself i live in ireland and its very hard to get them here so i was hoping someone could help me from the uk .please email me if you can help thanks

you can't.
they're illigal to buy online!

if you find them, let me know though :) x

Am I harming myself by using valium? (Please no judgmental answers)?

I have always had trouble sleeping and get bad anxiety. My doctor has prescribed me sleeping pills a few times but they don't really work. So for the past few years I have bought valium off the internet and it has really helped my anxiety and sleeping problems.

I know a lot of people who get stoned to help them relax or sleep, and obviously I know cannabis has bad side effects so i don't use it. However, I haven't noticed any bad side effects from using valium. Actually it has helped me a lot.

But I realise it isn't legal (in the UK) and I am probably getting dependent. Is this really a bad thing for my health? If so how exactly is it harming me?

It isn't a bad thing for your physical health. Long-term valium use (at sensible doses) may cause mild liver irritation which resolves on stopping the tablet.
The worry is the dependency. The fear is that your poorly acting natural sleep centres will now have given up completely. Hence any attempt to stop will result in absolute insomnia, hence addiction. Also there is a fear that you need to slowly increase the dose to get the same effect and then start affecting the liver. That's the sleep.
As an anxiety helper, you have to wonder what "helping" means. Yes, you do feel better, but that's because you are mildly sedated. You could get the same effect from alcohol (I am NOT suggecting this). If someone told you they were fine as long as they had their half bottle, would you say they were fine or an alcoholic? Relying on tablets to cope ends up with reduced ability to cope and increased need for the tablets.
Hence various scenarios: The fear is a steadily increasing anxiety and insomnia also with increasing doses of valium.
The reality is many are well on steady doses and coping better on a daily basis with them.
Complex, but in final answer: physically you're fine as long as the doses are.

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