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Has anyone bought medications like anti-depressents, valium etc online without a prescription?

If so then how was the customer service? did customs get involved? did you need a prescription, can you get a prescription online?

Which web sites are they? thanks.

i think you can only get pills like that on prescription ( that how i get them ) btw i'm in the uk
unless you know some one who can get them.
sorry but i don't think this will help you.

Buying Valium Online Without a Prescription?

Is it a good idea? I think they are cheaper than buying at local store.

You can buy Valium online without a prescription. However, it is not legal to do so. Valium is to be dispensed only to people with a legitimate prescription and only for a legitimate medical purpose. It is illegal to buy Valium online without a prescription, and it is illegal for a pharmacy to sell Valium online to people without prescriptions. Doing either of these things is against federal (and most state) laws, and you (and the pharmacy) can be prosecuted under both federal and state laws.

How is it legal to buy RX drugs online without a prescription?

Why is it that you can buy percoset, lortab, valium, ect., online without a RX legaly?

I've actually considered buying Lexapro online because it's soooo pricey otherwise. I've heard many people have good success with buying drugs online - they're likely from India or somewhere, but they're just what you buy here. Phizer has a patent on Lexapro until 2012, so no generic is available in the U.S., thus keeping the price high. You can get it (the generic) overseas, though, which is why in this case it is so much cheaper to buy online. I run the risk of it being a fishy site, getting ripped off, esp. if the site turns out to be fraudulent and is pulled off by regulators.

Some of these sites must be fine because I visit a forum for people with depression and many people have visited these sites since AD's are so out of control $$$ in the U.S. I suggest getting opinions on sites first before buying. It is not illegal to my knowledge because the site asks you why you need it, then supposedly a doctor they have on staff is consulted and approves your request. Like that really happens, tho... There is no way YOU will be punished. You can possibly get jipped dealing with shady sites, though.

Can you buy drugs online without a prescription?

Specifically xanax, valium, or klonopin?

agreed with the first answer.

Legit online pharmacies shouldn't sell controlled drugs, like the ones above. You might be able to find one, but you might find that "pharmacy" is a web site that just harvests credit card numbers!

Even while we're giving you these opinionis, there are targeted ads on the right side of the page advertising Valium, Xanax, Zoloft, etc. lmao

Is it possible to buy valium in England without a prescription?

I get anxiety every once in a while and valium really helps, but my doctor is very strict about prescribing it (as most doctors are). Is it possible to buy it in England? I've noticed you can buy it online in the US but what about in England? It must be possible to buy it if you can buy illegal street drugs, surely?

No it is a prescribed drug and you cannot get it without a script. ~~

Can i buy canadian prescription drugs online without a prescription?

i hate going to the doctor and i don't want to sit down with some overeducated shrink, what i want are good medications to help me calm down like valium xanax soma vicodin and others. i saw a doctor once and he would not write me a prescription so here is what i want to know can i order those pills from a canadian online company and have them sent to me in arkansas without getting a prescription. or is it illegal???? i am not going to see a doctor. i just want my pills and i want no hassle. i am not a druggy, i only use pills and never touched acid or marijuana or cocaine.

Not going to happen and the laws are getting even tougher after Jan 01, 2010.

How can one purchase online prescription medication without a physican's prescription?

Does anyone know where I could buy anti-anxiety medication in Canada without a doctor's prescription?

The anti-anxiety medications are Valium, Xanax, etc. They supply all those drugs that you mention. They only ask you a few questions on line, but you don't need a doctors prescription for them. They are quite expensive though. They will be sent to you by post and may take up to two weeks to reach you. S'pose it depends where you live
Good luck.

Is it legal for me, without a prescription, to order and then possess pharmaceuticals coming from canada?

i have anxiety conditions and chronic shoulder pain and i do not have insurance. instead of going through the doctors and pharmacies here in the states, i want to go online and order my preferred drugs which are Valium and vicodin straight from the pharmacies and skip the middle man. i have taken both of these pills before with good results; not too strong and not to light for my condition. i do have concerns of the legality of these actions. can i possess them in the states without a prescription after i buy them? are they allowed to be shipped to me through the mail? what can i do?

You will not be able to order online from Canada without a prescription.

No Canadian pharmacy, online or otherwise will accept an order for controlled drugs without a prescription. If the pharmacy does not require an prescription they are no legit.
If you are able to order without a prescription you are dealing with an unlicensed pharmacy. You will be putting your life at risk

Without a prescription valid customs clearance cannot be obtained. Without valid customs clearance they will probably not make it into the USA. You will be out the money.

Possession of controlled substance unless prescribed to you is illegal.

Can you really buy meds online without a prescription?

I see ad's online saying buy Zanax Viagra or Valium without a prescription. Is that really legal?

It is pretty much common sense that it is illegal to buy or sell prescription drugs over the net without a prescription. These online pharmacies alway target American consumers but they are actually operating out of canada, mexico, and the UK where they are outside the jurisdiction of the united states government. The pharmacies know that their customers are at a disadvantage because they are trying to get drugs in an illegal fashion and the pharmacy can pretty much rip them off in any way they can think of and they will never have to face the consequences. This is why most, if not all, of these companies are counterfeit drugs that could contain anything. I saw an expose when they were selling the powerful schizophrenia tranquilizer Haldol and they were passing it off as Xanax. I have heard endless stories of people getting nothing but sugar pills that have no effect. What ever they send you, you will end up paying exorbitant prices for the drugs that are far more than you would pay in a US pharmacy for real drugs. They know you don't have that option and they will exploit it to their advantage.

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