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does anyone know any good online pharmacy to buy xanax no prescription, only web sites no hypocrites, Thanks!?

don't know

where can I buy xanax online without a prescription legally for cheap best deal?

I need these fats with no script and legal

shitttttt idk but let me know when you find out

No Prescription+buy online=Illegal?

Simple questions, hopefully a simple answers. Is it possible to purchase prescription drugs online (ie Xanax or other Benzodiazepines) without a prescription? If it is possible, where? Is that illegal? If it is, can it be tracked to a prosecution level?

Honest answers PLEASE. I was laid off from my job (part of the reason I feel I need meds) and I can't afford a doctor.

You should have mental health services in your community that are low cost to free. They offer free visits with a health care provider that can write you prescriptions for your mental health needs. If you are out of work, they won't charge you. Look into that. Call social services and ask them to connect you with the emergency mental health clinic.

does anyone know a site i can buy xanax?

where can i buy xanax for cheap......either where i can email my prescription or no prescription........thanks all

all you have to do is go to your search box and type in the words "buy xanax without a prescription" and you will be amazed at what all comes up.

good luck to you

Has anybody bought prescription drugs in Mexico?

No I am not talking about major controlled substances. I just want predisone (asthma steroid), and Topamax, (too expensive here) its a migraine drug. And no its not a painkiller.

Are you allowed to buy drugs without scripts, or can you walk into doctors offices and get it with a script, fill it, and drive it across the border legally?

Its not like it would be Oxycontin, Xanax, Valium or anything.

Thanks for the help. (hope this question is legal) The reason I ask is because I live only 5 hours away and will be without insurance for 3 months around June. Thanks guys

I live by the border (Rio Grande Valley) and constantly travel to Mexico to get all kinds of medication. You can usually just walk into any pharmacy, ask him (the pharmacist) and he will sell it to you. It's pretty safe, just make sure you have someone translate you indications and side effects to avoid any missunderstandings.

Good Luck!

Drs. in Mexico are also pretty reliable and pretty cheap.

Is there any website that you can buy phentermine online without a prescription? There are so many scams....?

I don't have insurance. I don't want to go to the Dr.

I just want a 30 day supply of the real thing.

I did this a year ago at No problem.

Is there a place to purchase online now without a prescription? I am not trying to purchase painkillers or xanax here.....

Phentermine is highly regulated these days. It's next to impossible to get it, even over the internet, without a prescription. And even if you do find a site, it's probably not a reputable one. Scammers are starting to post links even here on yahoo answers (Scam sites are selling fake pills that just sound like phentermine - phenhermine, phentrimine and many more..)
The only way is to get it from a doctor.
None of the people I know who once ordered phen online still do it. The good online pharmacies have stopped selling it, and just scammers are
left who gladly take an advantage of this situation. If you will find a real and reliable source where you can still order the real stuff online then you will be very, very lucky. Just keep fingers crossed the pharmacy will be in business until your order arrives, because it can get closed any moment..
I stopped using phen 9 months ago and
started to take acomplia after I quit phen. It also works fine for me and I am losing a pound or a few every week.
It is very popular in UK, Germany and many other countries worldwide. Not so much in the US yet.
This is good site for Acomplia info if anyone's interested


I have been taking prescription Xanax (0.5 mg / day) for over 20 years (I'm 62 yrs old) for nervousness, sleep, nightmares, etc. There have been times where I will skip a day, with little effect and other times (extreme stress, family emergencies, etc.) where I have taken 2 in one day. To my question:

Two weeks ago, I received my mail order supply for 90 days (90 pills). Last week, we had a bunch of people over to the house. The next day, when I went to take my pill, most were missing (had about 25 left).

I "suspect" who may have taken them them but, of course, denial, and no proof.

Now, the real issue: how do I make 25 tabs (@ 1/day) last for the next 60 days? Do I:

1) Try to skip a day and take a pill every other day?

2) Break them in half and take half a pill per day?

3) Wait for something bad to happen and then take one?

#3 is only a last resort. (From the inside, it's sometimes a little late when you notice the onset of nervousness, etc., and they don't work "after" a night of sleeplessness and nightmares), at least for a while, and none of these events are predictible.

The only other medications I take are Norvasc (mild hytertension) and Prevacid (acid reflux / haital hernia)

Yes, I realize the addictive nature of Xanax (20 yrs) but now I'm getting nervous about not having them (lol?).

Yeah, I know it's mental but, can someone, preferably with a medical background, give me a little re-assurance until my next prescription is filled.

I wouldn't even bother asking my Doctor to refill early, I WILL NOT try to buy them on the street and slapping the crap out of the person I suspect will not get the pills back. Serious advice only please. Thanks.

I am very sorry about your situation. I am glad I found your question, this is my area of expertise.

Firstly to correct the misunderstood and incorrectly defined words that people use. When you so that "I realize the addictive nature of Xanax but now I'm getting nervous about not having them" you sort of have the wrong idea.

Xanax is a controlled substance and people do become addicted to it. Most people are addicted to Xanax (or other benzodiazepines) and opioids at the same time (polysubstance abuse). Statistically the risk of becoming addicted to Xanax is so low it is considered irrelevant. HOWEVER, Xanax will cause the majority of people who take a large dose (even for a few weeks) or who take a small dose for a long time (like you have) some physical dependency (which is in no way addiction). Physical dependence to certain drugs including Xanax is normal and natural and if the medication has a legitimate use and it being taken correctly dependency is not a real concern. So it is very likely that you have some physical dependency for Xanax (any benzodiazepine actually), but it is probably not very severe- 0.5 mg will not cause the really terrible things. If you stop the Xanax, within 1 day (perhaps two days) you will probably feel withdrawal. But typically with Xanax people can experience withdrawal within 6hrs of their last dose. And withdrawal is not addiction. Withdrawal is just the body having a tough time coping without the medication. But your concern about experiencing withdrawal is understandable and very legitimate. It is also understandable if you are afraid of how things will be if you can't take Xanax and end up having a difficult time because your anxiety and other problems are back.

Is your doctor a general practitioner? A psychiatrist? And how long have you been a patient of his? Has it been a long time? Do you have any history of substance abuse (and I don't mean a little experimenting, if that ever happened)? Would you say you have a good relationship with your doctor?

The simple and ONLY correct answer is to talk to your doctor and I recommend you make an appointment to see him in person. Don't talk over the phone. If you have a good relationship with him and especially if you have been a long time patient he is very likely to trust you and prescribe the medication. If you had a police report then I would certainly bet he would replace them.

There is no harm in asking (just do it in person, trust me on this). If he says yes then your problem is solved if he says no then he can at least give you a strategy of how to make them last longer. I can tell you that half a pill every day is what would be best but I don't know your medical history so something else might be better. But most decent doctors would understand and if you have no history of drug abuse or addiction then there is really no problem. And anyways, 0.5 mg is a tiny dose of Xanax and if you only take that much for that long you are not an addict. And doctors are typically more willing to give controlled drugs to people 50 and older and as age goes up so does the willingness to give out drugs that can be abused.

I remember I was in Paris for a few months and all of a sudden my panic disorder with agoraphobia hit me and I could not walk out of the building. I was 18 (now 23) and my father happened to be coming to Paris for business. I had no medication and could not go out to see a doctor. So my dad asked his doctor to prescribe 90 Valium 5 mg and 90 Xanax 1 mg for me (1 month). I had scene that doctor one time and hated him so I went to another person in the practice so he could see my medical history but he, without hesitation prescribed it to me, my father filled it and gave it to me and I quickly got better. That is far more extreme and much higher doses too.

But please see your doctor. I really know a lot of what you are going through. I take Xanax XR 4 mg/day and 0.5-1 mg as a "rescue dose" as needed I have taken that exact dose for over a year now. And since I was ten years old I have never been off benzodiazepines for more than two months (very sad). But I have severe panic disorder with agoraphobia.

Just see your doctor explain the situation. And although I don't know the situation, I would do something, even just have a talk with the person you think took your medication. I also had medications stolen once (Xanax and OxyIR aka Oxycodone) that I needed for pain and agoraphobia. Now I own a safe.

But please email me if you have any questions about talking to your doctor, questions about withdrawal and dependence, or anything else. My email is

Need help with my essay please.?

This is an argumentive essay but we were able to choose a side or explain cause and effects. Please let me know what is wrong.
Writing 122
29 May 2009
Pain Medications are Ruining Our Lives
If you think about how often a person goes to the doctor for pain its more than necessary. Doctors prescribe you a pain pill no matter what you may have, you go in for a cold and they give you vicodin, you have a headache and you get oxycodeine, your glands in your neck are swollen so they give you a pain shot. In fact, painkiller use has boomed by 88% in less than a decade. Every year more and more humans get addicted to pain pills. Not only does the person ruin their life (health), but they are also harming everyone around them. However not all the time is it the persons fault for becoming addicted, but it’s the doctors fault.
Doctors (especially in Roseburg) are extremly lazy and really don’t care about their patients. They want you in and out as quickly as possible. So for most people if you are in pain you will get vicodin automatically. Yes vicodin is the most body friendly prescription, but it is very addictive. What consumers don’t realize is the major side affects that the doctors know. You don’t get a, “warning this drug may cause an addiction,” label on the side of the prescription nor on the paperwork that comes with it. So the average American is really clueless when they take that first dose.
However, many pain pills also carry a dangerous side effect (the potential for addiction). Many people have become addicted over the years to drugs that should have been used only temporarily to treat a medical condition. Taken too long or in larger amounts than prescribed, many drugs can become a problem and a threat to your life and other around you. About 6.2 million Americans abuse painkillers, sedatives, tranquilizers, and stimulants (making prescription drugs second to marijuana). Among uses of all drugs that's more than the number of cocaine addicts nationwide and the number appears to be growing.
With each year, pain pills are getting pushed to everyone that has any kind of symptoms. When a person starts a pain pill, after taking the pill for so long, that person gets addicted (An addiction is primarily a state where the body begins to rely on a drug or an external chemical substance in order to carry out its normal functions. For instance vicodin is the most body friendly drug but very addicting.). The person loves the feeling that he/she has when they are on the pill (usually most people feel energy but there isn’t the caffeine headache/crash from drinking caffeine) that they want more. Then the person is tracking down people that have that pain medications that they need and once they find a person with their pill of choice they buy it for an outrageous amount of money (oxycotin is one of the worst pills out there and people spend up to sixty dollars just for one pill). People buying each others prescriptions are happening more and more each day. The people today are so bad about needing/wanting the pills that they will go through garbage’s just to find what they need. Most of the pills being prescribed give the user major withdrawls and the person has to get professional help to get off the medication. You get placed on a medication to get better not to get addicted then have to spend more money on classes to get over your addiction. Not only is it a waste of money, but to be seen by a doctor for your addiction can take up to six months or even longer.
The United States has become a huge pill popping nation. Everyone wants a pill to relieve them of any feeling that is undesirable. The most commonly abused medications include pain relievers such as: Vicodin, Oxycontin, Percocet and Morphine; Depressants like: Valium and Xanax; As well as Stimulants including: Adderall and Ritalin. It is estimated that twenty percent of Americans age twelve and older have used prescription medications for non-medical use (the young children are becoming addicted and starting to sell pills as well). The elderly are usually more vulnerable for abuse issues because they are generally prescribed more medications than other age groups. However, prescription drug abuse is increasing most in ages 18-25 up from 5.4% in 2002 to 6.4% in 2006. Prescription medications are perceived as an expected discomfort relief tool or a luxury for those in dire need. With today's addictive epidemic, narcotic medications need to be administered more sparingly to avoid abuse and addiction. Many do not recognize that turning to prescription medications for relief opens the door to possible abuse and addiction.
Of course when you feel pain, you definitely don’t like the feeling, but pain isn’t going to kill us. Pain is a message that tells are body that we are alive. It lets us no good and bad. Pain can tell us that we need to exercise, get up and stretch, or that

It is a good essay with a strong point.

I do NOT think that you knew all of these facts off of the top of your head. You need to use citations within your paper, as well as a citation sheet. You also need to wrap up your conclusion a little better. It doesn't really finalize and tell that it's done. You need to state where you found these facts. You may have to look up on the internet how to use in sheet citations as well.

You're hook could be a bit more interesting, and the thesis statement isn't clear. You would need to restate it in your concluding paragraph as well. I don't think you have all of your paper though.

Remember to capitalize drugs and medicines.

Other than that, great paper! GOOD LUCK!

Does anyone know how safe it is to take Acidophilus?

My stomach has been acting up and when I eat food usually goes right thru me,I tried Metamucil doesnt work a friend sugested Acidophilus,so I bought some,but on the bottle it says if you r on a prescription drug ask Dr. Its Sunday today,no Dr. to ask. I take xanax and a vitamin pill. Thanks

I take a probiotic supplement every day. Probiotics are basically "friendly bacteria" that help restore the natural, beneficial balance of bacteria in your digestive system. My supplement contains Lactobacilus acidophilus, Lactobacilus helveticus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, and Streptococcus thermophilus. They help break down lactose in dairy products (helpful if you're lactose intolerant). They also help with good digestion overall, plus they even help keep your immune system running a bit more efficiently. :)

As far as I know, it is SAFE to take probiotic supplements with anything and everything! :) However, you might have to take more of them if you go on a round of antibiotics, since antibiotics often kill the "good" bacteria along with the "bad". That's why people sometimes get diarrhea, gas, yeast infections, etc. during or right after going on a round of antibiotics.

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