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I have a degenerative ankle which causes occasional severe pain. How often can I take opioids safely for pain?

I deal with the moderate pain with ibuprofen and take vicodin about once per week for more severe pain and I am wondering if this is safe for long term pain management. I have noticed that I must take a higher dose to get the same pain relief.

The prescription bottle should have the amount of pills per dose and time between doses. If not, call your doc and ask. Long term narcotic usage can cause addiction and liver problems. I would only take the recommended dosage of vicodin when the pain level remained high after taking ibuprofen. If you must take the vicodin, see if you can get a prescription minus the acetaminophen, it's easier on the liver. You may want to look into a pain management doc, if you haven't already. There are other options that may help alleviate pain without using as many meds. Ask your doc if a TENs unit would help. Hope you get some relief.

Can I take Vicodin with Advil (Ibuprofen)?

I have a bad toothache. I am taking an antibiotic, vicodin and an advil. is that ok to take advil too? the pain is not going away??

That's perfectly fine. Just becarefull about the amounts.
Vicodin is for pain only, IBuprofen is for swelling. It is standard that we perscribe them together. Stagger the times that you take them though, about an hour apart should do fine. Be sure to eat food with them, or drink lots of milk as they will be upsetting to your stomach.

Take Vicodin ES with Ibuprofen?

I just got my wisdom teeth (All four, impacted) out yesterday, and the Vicodin is doing a great job of keeping me out of pain, but I am SUPER swollen. I look like a freaking chipmunk here, lol, and I also have a small bruise on my face from the swelling.

So I've been icing up, and I want to know if it's okay to take 600 mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours, and one Vicodin ES pill (I believe it's 750mg) every 4 hours?

Also, what else can I do to reduce the swelling.

I would call your pharmacist about this just to make sure your getting the right answers here! have to be very careful about mixing narcotics with other pain meds! but yes Ibuprofin will take any swelling down as long as your aloud to take it

Can i combine Hydrocodone/APAP (vicodin) with ibuprofen for a severe earache?

i have an ear infection and the pain is so severe. i'm also taking antibiotics (zithromax) but it's not working!! the pain is getting worse and worse. i've lost complete hearing in my right ear. im a 26 y/o female and i'm crying like a 4 yr old. i'm about to go to the ER. but since i have pain pills, i was wondering if it's okay to mix hydrocodone with ibuprofen? i took one 200mg ibuprofen about an hour ago and it has done nothing for my pain. thanks.

Do not combine anything without checking with a pharmacist first to make sure the drugs don't interact adversely. I wouldn't trust someone on here to tell might have worked for them but you could end up getting your stomach pumped, or worse. I suggest you go to the emergency room so they can get you on some different antibiotics. Your infection may be resistant to zithromax (which is primarily for respiratory infections), but it may respond to something else. What ever you do DO NOT mix medications until you check with a doctor or pharmacist!

Are my pimples clearing up because of Vicodin?

I've had horrible problems with pimples on my forehead right between the eyebrows for about a year now. Ever since my wisdom teeth removal four days ago my forehead has cleared up and I haven't seen a trace of a pimple. The only medications I've taken are ibuprofen and vicodin. Are either of these known to clear up pimples? Possibly a very stupid question I know but I can't avoid the temptation of asking..

no, the vicodin is clouding your vision...

honestly, i ahve no idea, but ive just put the pipe down and it seemed like a plausible explanation...

it could of course be due the fact that youre not eating... (ive had my wisdom teeth out so i know what its like)

i'd say it was dietary... keep an eye on when the spots reappear... and you should be able to identify whats causing the eruptions...

i'd love to jump on the anti burger bandwagon... but there are many triggers to what is basically an allergic reaction to toxins and substances your body doesnt like...

all you have to do is have a "house" moment and identify it...

and whatever you do, dont try chomping hard chunks of anything... give your jaw a chance to recover...

Does Vicodin help with the swelling caused by wisdom teeth extraction?

Does Vicodin help with the swelling? I know the ibuprofen does. Cuz the last time I took a Vicodin and Ibuprofen was over 5 hours ago, and I dont have any more pain, so I wanna stop taking the Vicodin if I can. It's only been about 28 hours since surgery

vicodin is purely for the pain. inbruprofen or any anti inflammatory will help with the swelling. if you dont have any pain you can quit taking the vicodin but you may want to save it for another time you are in pain considering it was prescribed and it is ok to take.

Question regarding toothache and not getting relief?

Hi, I have severe tooth decay due to my own lack of taking care of them and decided against getting them fixed (very low income for me). My back molar is almost all gone and down to the gum (tooth is decayed down the middle to the gum, small amount of gum visable and hurts often). Usually I could just ignore the pain and it would go away or take ibuprofen and it would go away. Recently it got really bad and I had to go to the ER. He gave me amoxicillian and vicodin. I have taken antibiotics in the past for this and it usually cleared up the problem but it doesnt seem to be working this time. I decided to only take vicodin when the pain is unbearable since I don't want to get sleepy or become addicted and have been taking Ibuprofen for the pain. It seems to work for a few hours at a time before I have to take it again. I am concerned because the antibiotics didnt clear up the problem like they have before. What should I do? I do plan on going to the dentist as recommended by the doctor I saw when my Amoxcillian dosage is gone but until then the pain is a nuisance. I will go to bed and feel ok but wake up 4 hours later with pain in my mouth. By the way, I have quite a few teeth with decay, some worse then others. Most dont hurt, just the back one that is really badly decayed and one closer to the front...half that tooth fell out a couple years back. It doesnt hurt as bad but still does from time to time. What can I expect to happen or what will the dentist tell me? I probably will have to have them removed...but I am concerned about it really because as I said my income is low. Any help is appreciated.

***************************DO NOT PULL THE TOOTH OUT YOURSELF...YOU WILL CAUSE MORE DAMAGE THAN GOOD.*****************
There are alot of complications that can come up from trying to pull the tooth out yourself, please don't do it. You could wind up having to have major dental surgery to repair the damage if you do it yourself.

Well first off you may need a stronger anitbiodic such as Clindamycin. Antibiodics can take several days to kick in and for you to start feeling relief, depending on how severe the infection is. The quickest way for you to get out of pain would be to go in and have the tooth removed. I would go to your dentist or back to the ER and see about getting a stronger antibiodic and then see about getting the tooth removed ASAP because the problem will just keep coming back. I know if you have money problems it can be difficult. I am not sure what kind of options you have where you live but there are some health departments that have dental clinics that pretty much just pull teeth for people who can't afford to go to a regular dentist. I also worked in Kansas for a few years and they had a program at the health department where they would give you a one-time referral to a local dentist so you could get the tooth fixed and all you paid was a 10.00 fee. Some dental offices also offer payment plans, epsecially in a case like this where you are in pain and have an active infection. Good luck to you, I hope you find some relief.

Is Vicodin a narcotic?

I have an abscessed tooth and have been in severe pain. I went to the dentist and told him that the ibuprofin I've been taking has, for the most part, lost its effect. He wrote me a prescription for pennisilin and vicodin. He said that if I can continue to take the ibuprofen without a problem, to go ahead and do that, but if the pain is too severe, I can take the vicodin. My fiance is telling me to be careful with the vicodin. I have never really been a heavy drug taker, I don't even like taking aspirin if I don't have to and I am worried about the effects the vicodin can have, especially about becoming addicted. Is it really that addictive and if I use it a few times, should I worry?

First of all, yes, vicodin (hydrocodone) is a narcotic. It is derived from morphine, which is made from opium.

If you have a history of chemical addiction in your family (like to cigarettes or alcohol) then you should be cautious (but not overly worried.) If not, the risk is pretty small that you will develop dependence.

However, different people respond to different medications differently. That's pretty obvious right? Vicodin can cause addiction in some people, or it can result in nasuea and headaches. Similarly, its isn't a very good painkiller for some people, but it works wonders with others. It all depends.

Also, there are different strengths of Vicodin. If you look on your pill or on the bottle, you should see a number like 5/500 or 7.5/750. The first number is the amount of Vicodin in milligrams, and the second is the amount of acetaminophen (also in milligrams. Acetaminophen is what is in Tylenol and it is also a painkiller, but not a very good one.) The smaller the first number, the weaker the pill, the less there is to worry about.

And last but not least, the pill form has been shown to have very little chance of addiction.

In my opinion, you will be fine.

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