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Please can someone help with the unknown "attacks" I have medically or possible offer some advice?

I don't want to go into too much detail, but I had been to the Univ Of Mich hospital in Ann Arbor, MI for what at the time we had thought was NMS (Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome), later confirmed by a neurologist as not NMS. In short terms, my body had started to VERY violently shake and my Heartrate may have been higher even, but my mother and the attending doctor had confirmed from the heart machine that I had a pulse of "well over 220 beats per minute". I have had several "attacks" as such, and required massive amounts of IV Ativan and sometimes IV Haldol to lower my heartrate to an acceptable 120-140 or so. The question I am wondering is this: I have heard that the acceptable "Max Rate" is as such: 220 minus my age, which is 24. So knowing that, my acceptable Max should have been below 200. I have been treated for this multiple times and I have been told if my body (esp. arms, legs) start to twitch at any time, especially while driving, to pull over IMMEDIATELY, call 911 and they must treat with massive benzos (I think it's always Ativan) I received 15-20Mg of Valium a few days ago when it last happened while on the way to the hospital and as told by the EMS, "It did nothing". I am very worried about this as I know that you can either flatline or have bad heart failure requiring paddles. I've never gotten to the point of needing a shock, but the hospitals I've been to have basically flooded my system with so much Ativan, sometimes Haldol, and I think other benzos in IV form that I have never had failure. If this "seizure-like" symptoms keep happening, is there anything I can do "on-the-spot" to even slow down the process of what happens? I did not ask because I figured that Injectable Ativan was for In-hospital use only. But I'm also wondering what should I do if I am either driving or am somewhere not very close to a hospital? I generally had transport times of maybe 10-15 minutes to total Ativan Injection. The first time I was with friends and they thought I was just messing around, but I have not heard from a single doctor that said it was NOT a VERY serious issue, and was told that upon the slightest sensation on twitching, jerking, etc, to call 911 and tell them I need transport immediately and if possible to tell them I need injections of Ativan (don't ask me why valium doesn't work, I don't know) as soon as possible. As far as I know the ALS EMS only carries IV Valium which did NOT work for me. When I went by ambulance a few days ago, my heartrate I believe (since caught very early by my aunt who called 911) jumped from about 120-140 up to at least 180 in the ambulance EVEN after they had injected IV Valium. I started out with an above average BPM, and the Valium seemed to cause the uncontrollable jerking, spasming, shaking to worsen WAY worse and they had given me I think like 15Mg, also before ALS arrived, my aunt administered a 1/2 tablet of 10Mg Valium (so 5Mg). I have so many questions that still remain unanswered, but I am so worried about it that I have even broken down in tears just trying to explain my "attacks" to people. I have also been told to keep plenty of Valium (even though it seems to worsen conditions) 10Mg tablets in my car with me at all times. I have never flatlined, but recall that at 1 hospital they had a crash cart ready for me, and the 1 I just got out of, they had me in the resuscitation room, I remembered seeing probably close to 20 people around ( Apparently they had cardiac equipment on hand and they had Cardiac doctors there, a couple other doctors, a few nurses, nurse aides, Respiratory Therapists, Surgeons, etc. all watching me and waiting to make sure everything went smoothly) I also when having an attack, at the beginning start stuttering just about every word I say and saying my sentences multiple times. Then it seems to progress into light to moderate shaking ( at my aunt's house a few days ago I was shaking my hands on the table so much that the table started to rock and the stuff on it started vibrating) I also generally after the shaking starts cannot verbalize anything but sometimes I can respond by shaking my head yes or no to simple questions by like paramedics. Another thing, although I have had high stress and anxiety for a while, the attacks seem to occur around the times I am most upset or stressed. While at my aunt's house before I started shaking, also I broke down to tears and was trying to talk not very well because I was crying so hysterically I could not talk. I would like to know if anyone knows what this could be (maybe someone here knows more than the doctors I saw) and whether there is any way to totally stop it. It is VERY SCARY and seems to be VERY dangerous also. I have since being discharged today, been told I am not allowed to operate a car or any kind of vehicle and/or machinery. I am mainly worried that one day I will have an attack and noone will be around. The attack at my aunt's house almost could have cost me and/or someone else

You mention seeing a Neurologist but have you seen a Cardiologist who can run tests to find out the cause of these attacks and possibly treat you with medication or a pacemaker. You have valium at home which does you no good, why didn't the Dr prescribe Ativan on a daily basis? You need a Cardiologist. Take your records and all the tests you've had done and find a Cardiologist. If your heart is beating that fast a Neurologist is the wrong Dr to see.

Can you inject Diazepam 5mg Valium pills?

I'm not planning on doing this, but for a science project I'm doing I decided to work with narcotics. I don't want to hear any crap about people saying not to, it's all for research. I know injecting drugs is bad. But I want to know a detailed way of being/ if so also able way of doing it. Information is aprreciated. :-) Wish me luck on my report.

No, you cannot inject solids. You cannot crush pills into a form which can be injected. You could crush them and feed them into a feeding tube, but that is the only way to put them in other than swallowing or snorting them. For injection, valium (or any drug) would have to be in liquid form.

Update on my dog having seizures looking for more input?

Last night I posted how my dog started having seizures when I came home from work at 3pm. He's never had one in his life, he is 5 year old male boxer. We took him to our vet he had one way there and one there (so were at four seizures none lasting more than 1-2 minutes) The vet injected him with Valium and did blood work. Blood work showed nothing wrong. Our vet recommended we take him to emergency hospital for night to receive fluids and monitoring thru out the night. We did. Our vet told us that at his age 5 years old epilepsy is probably not the issue that it usually shows up much younger and that he wanted to wait and kinda give the weekend to see what happens before we start giving him an anti seizure med (especially since he has never had one that we know about until yesterday) We get to the emergency vets (only one in our town) the vet was very mean. Told me epilepsy can occur at any age and whoever told me its usually discovered early in a dogs life doesn't know what he is talking about. Told me the drugs for seizures (ie phenobarbital and potassium bromide are perfectly safe) Jack had his last seizure at 1am this morning he had 6 total. We picked him up at around 10 am its now almost 1pm. He's home no seizures as of now. I feel the emergency vet is jumping gun by wanting to put him on those meds. To me its like a bandaid its not figuring out what causes them. He wanted to brain scans to check for a brain tumor which our vet also said it may be. But that is 1k we already spent almost $700 for yesterday. We can't afford a brain scan. I got home and called my vet. My vet was shocked that he (the emergency vet) put him on potassium bromide after just 1 day of seizures that didn't last more than 1-2 minutes each. I agree with my vet on this so I talked to my vet when I got home and he said why don't we give it tonight and tomorrow and see what happens. Stop the meds for now. If he has any seizure write down time, how long, what the dog did during and if I want to give him the meds if he starts having them to go ahead but for now try and keep him off them. I'm just wanting to know if anyone out there in this field agrees that prescribing these meds were something that should of been thought over more and held off until we know more as to what is causing the seizures.

I have a greyhound who had her first seizure when she was 6. She had all the tests and no cause was found for her seizures, although my belief is that it's the result of trauma from her racing days, but that's another story. My vet put her on meds only as a temporary measure, I have valium at home in case I need it, but what I also have is a bag of ice to put on her spine the second she has another seizure.

That's based on something I read and my vet thought it had a lot of merit. You can look up this site for yourself, there's a ton of info here:…

I really hope your dog's going to be ok!

What can you inject that kills but makes it look like an accidental overdose from valium, you know suicide?

I'm writing a story and this is how the main character dies. On the autopsy report he O'D on valium and alcohol. But he was murdered. How can I make it look like a murder when it said O'D? What can I give him in a needle that doesn't show up on an autopsy drug test? Please, I'm at the conclusion!!!

Valium is a benzodiazepine and it is almost impossible to overdose on it. Especially if it's injected.

Arsenic would work but with gas chromatography mass spec used in autopsies there is really not anything that is undetectable anymore.


How can I make a liquid solution of diazepam (valium) for oral use as its insoluble in water ?

Hello i was wondering how i would go about making a liquid solution of diazepam (valium) for oral use from 10mg generic tablets to more accurately measure dose, I know that it is insoluble in water but soluble in alcohol but i know that alcohol and benzos are a no go, i know they make a inject able liquid ampules, so how would i go about making a liquid oral solution where it will not separate.


valium is best absorbed the oral route and is pretty must wasted when given as an injection iv or im.
there is no way to make a 100% homogenous (?) mixture where you can measure it down to the milligram without having a lab with all the supplies.
break it into 2 or 4 sections, crush, arm put it on erm...your patients tongue or in pudding. a crushed pill will have a quicker onset and almost complete bioavailability unlike an injection

Scary Dreams............Help?

I keep on having dreams Im working at a psychiatric hospital and it feels like im really there.

1st night: I helped strapped down a little girl before she started scratching herself and I injected her with liquid valium

2nd night: I tried to get a lady who kept on seeing dead bodies everywhere to relax.

3rd night: A man kept on seeing spiders all over his room and I tried to give him his medication.

Why do I keep on dreaming like this I haven't seen any scary movies and I don't do drugs? So how do I stop myself from dreaming? When i wake up i can remember every little detail like i was acually there

it's ok say this prayer in bed b4 you go to sleep

GOOD NIGHT, my Guardian Angel,
The day has sped away;
Well spent or ill, its story
Is written down for aye.
And now, of God's kind Providence,
Thou image pure and bright,
Watch o'er me while I'm sleeping-----
My Angel dear, good night!


I keep on having dreams Im working at a psychiatric hospital and it feels like im really there.

1st night: I helped strapped down a little girl before she started scratching herself and I injected her with liquid valium

2nd night: I tried to get a lady who kept on seeing dead bodies everywhere to relax.

3rd night: A man kept on seeing spiders all over his room and I tried to give him his medication.

Why do I keep on dreaming like this I haven't seen any scary movies and I don't do drugs? So how do I stop myself from dreaming? When i wake up i can remember every little detail like i was acually there

Perhaps you are facing a lot of stress, it could be these people also represent you, or people you know. Dreams can be frightening and scary, but remember, they are just dreams. They will subside when the stress you are facing stops bugging you. Its refreshing sometimes when I have a bad dream and I wake up, and can relax because it wasn't real.

Why would a person need to take liquid valium insteas of tablet valium?

I take 10mg Valium tablets for my Crohn's and rectal pain. I herd that there was liquid Valium ........ so i thought, could i dissolve my 10mg tablets in water and inject it the same way you do with the actual liquid Valium. Reason i ask this because my pain is quite bad and just taking it with water orally takes quite a while for it to kick in and help me ( sometimes i just eat them) . This is why ask if it can be injected so i can releive my pain at a more rapid pace. Would this be harmfull
( And yes i fully know Valium is highly addictive I've been over it with my doctor already) and also it would be appreciated if you would list your sources , and if this turns out to be done were would i inject myself ??? stomach, muscle???

Also i mentioned in my ? that i have chewed them up once or twice ( plain no water ) is this bad ..... Also technically i don't take them for pain , i take them because my pain is so bad im always in a rude and cranky


Yes you can get it in liquid form FOR INJECTIONS ONLY. And only performed by trained medical people because it is IV and depresses the breathinbg rapidily.
It also BURNS THE VEINS causing EXTREME PAIN while injected.

You can also get it in rectal suppostories.

If you really need to get the Valium to work quicker, but not as fast as IV, then crush them and put them in a teaspoon of strawberry jam (jelly).
They still have to be ingested and go through the blood stream by the gut.

If these muscle relaxants are not working for you you need to go to the Doctor or Gastroenterologist and discuss a more adequate medication for you.
There are other way more potent, but still safe, medications out there.

Is anesthesia can makes you forgetful??

i been through several operation which i was injected w/anesthesia or maybe valium,that made me sleep and unconcious of they had done to me...when i was in my school days i had a very sharp memory...but now i feel i miss a lot of things i wanted to do..sometimes i think of getting something inside my room and when i'm there i don't remember why i am friends told me that's the effect of anesthesia,is it true?

Anesthesia can cause all sorts of problems...

Hair loss, memory loss, fatigue, improper circulation, respiratory problems... lots of things.

Try proving it though... You basically can't. A bad anesthesiologist can mess you up worse than a bad plastic surgeon... Just more subtly.

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