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Where can I buy Adderall online?

I have heard that purchasing adderall online without a prescription is a myth. If this is the case, are there any ways to actually buy the adderall or a generic form of the drug online? Can you purchase a prescription online? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

No Prescription Adderall - A Myth
If you are looking to buy no prescription Adderall online then don’t bother. Any legitimate pharmacy in the US will require you to send an original prescription before they can supply the medication. Even if you have an Adderall prescription, this is simply too much work for the customer and the company to make it worth while.
If you are tempted to buy online from foreign companies then think twice. For starters, you will be breaking serious laws by attempting to import them into your country. Secondly, Adderall, Concerta and Ritalin are powerful and dangerous drugs. Do you really trust a company that will sell you strong medications such as Adderall with no prescription? If a company is willing to behave that irresponsibly, they are willing to do anything. Including sending you fake pills made with god-knows-what.

Where can i buy adderall or Dexedrine online - no RX, legit source?

where can i obtain/purchase adderall and or dexedrine, possibly ritalin too, online without having to provide an RX (prescription)?

I know there has to be a way, ive seen some so i know they exist, but they seem sketchy and I need legitimate source that someone can verify is legit... please help me and dont reply with an answer that you know isnt going to be music to my ears.... thanks inadvance

I dont know your reasons for wanting such meds but they are avail.... here is A legitimate, customer friendly source:

and umm, depending on your budget, that might be helpful... i know from personal experience, that they are honest, fast, and reliable, only thing is their supply isn't massive...quantities are on a first come / first serve... hope that helps you out....i needed to gain some points on Yahoo answers, so thought id try n gain some, by answering questions..yours was the first i saw and auctually realized i might be able to actually help out ;)

Website to buy medication ( Adderall) legally?

I know there are websites you can go that you can buy things from heart medication to pain pills on that you do need a prescription. You can fill out a form to submit to a doctor and get the medication needed. I take Aderall to help with fatigue from fibromialgia and also from the medication used to treat it. I have insurance and my doctor prescribes this for me but I have a friend without insurance and has ADD pretty bad. She can not even sit down to watch a movie with me. Where can she get Adderal legally online with no prescription?

Hi Amy:

I don't know how close your friend is to Mexico, but if she can get there she can buy just about any non-narcotic medicine without a prescription and for a fraction of what she would pay for it in the U.S.

I have used Mexican meds for years and have found they are safe as long as I buy them at a pharmacy I trust.

Mexican Pharmacies will not ship to the U.S., unfortunately.

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