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What pills are safe to inject?

I can get adderall,hydrocodeine,ritalin,and these pills for seizures that will get you high. I need advice on how to safely inject/prepare these. I understand nothing is safe to inject but what wont destrpy my veins or kill me?

Extraction works because APAP, ibuprofen, and aspirin are hardly soluble in water, especially when it's cold, whereas opiates are very soluble in water. This procedure will separate codeine, hydrocodone, or oxycodone from aspirin, APAP (acetominaphen, paracetamol), or ibuprofen, but it won't remove caffeine. Be a good cook and read the whole recipe before beginning the process.

Crush the pills up up very thoroughly. You can use a sturdy pill or vitamin bottle and a ramekin for this. If you're extracting 10 pills, a quarter cup of water is more than enough (50 ml if you have a measuring cup with mls on it is good). With 15-20 Vicodin ES, 100 ml of water works well. The more water you use, the more you will end up having to take and the more difficult it is to get the bad stuff out, so don't use too much. Conversely, too little water will give you just a paste that can't be separated. If you're going to extract more than one dose, then measure it in some way. You can, for instance, do up four or ten doses, just use some measure, like an empty eye-drops or herbal extract bottle.

Dissolve the crushed pills in the water; stir or shake till all the clumps are gone. Pour into the bottom of a small bowl, cover, and put it in the freezer. Let it get really cold, but not so cold it freezes (some binders seem to get really swollen if they freeze). This shouldn't take that long, since it's shallow. You will see the APAP actually crystallize out and you will be able to feel it as grit when you stick your finger into the liquid above the sludge and then rub your fingers. (But even if it doesn't do that, it works anyhow! Read the info about how it works to see why.) Take the liquid out of the fridge.

For a filter, use a piece of cloth about the size of a washcloth. The cloth can be any closely-woven cotten, preferably undyed. The back of a dress shirt or a piece of plain muslin works well. Tshirts are usually too loosely woven to work. Soak the cloth in cold water while you are waiting for the APAP crystals to form. Put the cloth in a coffee filter cone or just drape over the edges of a small bowl, glass, or jar. When the solution is ready, pour everything, solution and glop, into the cloth. Bring up the ends of the cloth and squeeze the solution through. This will produce a fairly cloudy solution. Now filter that cloudy solution through a coffee filter that has first been wet down with ice water. While that is filtering, scrape the glop left on the cloth into the bowl and add another 50-100 ml of water to go through the whole process above again and get more good stuff out of the glop. When the solution in the freezer is ready, pour it through the cloth, squeeze out, and filter that through a coffee filter wet down with ice water, just as you did the first batch. Add the two more or less clear solutions together.

If you want even purer stuff with less APAP, first reduce the volume of water by evaporating some of it in a warm oven or with a hair dryer. Take a couple of APAP crystals from your sludge, put them in the liquid to seed further crystallization of APAP, and repeat the chilling and filtering process.

You can drink your solution. Remember if you have made up more than one dose at a time to split it up before drinking it. Also, take it on an empty stomach for max absorption, or see the section on Potentiation to really increase the effectiveness of the opiate. Opiates are very terrible [in fact, one person reported continuing the extraction until the water was no longer bitter as a way to get out every mg of opiate]. You can eat a piece of chocolate or a cracker spread with butter first to kill the taste (and the fat will help the narcotic be absorbed), you can mix it with sugar or Kool-aid, or you can load it into a plain syringe (without needle!) and shoot it up your butt. (Rectal absorption is better and faster than oral, and a British medical text reports that the body is more tolerant of APAP taken rectally.) Whatever your means of ingestion, enjoy, and your bod will thank you.

Haven't done meth or amphetamines in months and still having withdrawal issues?

i did a lot of meth and a lot of adderall for years and usage spiked about a year ago. i stopped about 5 months ago. i would inject and smoke meth and take adderall orally, snort it, or even sometimes plug it. i can't sleep without taking something since i stopped. i haven't done any drugs in months because i got pregnant.
every time i see or hear about someone doing drugs or if i think about drugs i get really fidgety, my heart rate goes up, i feel stressed and anxious, i can't think strait, sometimes i sweat, my pupils dilate, i breath faster, and it can even send me into a panic attack. i was wondering why i this is happening. i dont want to do drugs anymore but i cant keep myself from getting like this whenever i think about drugs. its been getting worse over the past week and i haven't been able to eat much. should i mention it to the doctor? i just need any advice please. i dont want to go back to drugs.
thank you

Congratulations on your clean time and your pregnancy.

The part of you that is addicted still wants those drugs even though your conscious self doesn't. Being around the drugs or being around addicted people can trigger unconscious cravings and withdrawal symptoms and anxiety. You may have been self-medicating with those drugs to escape the way you were feeling, so for whatever reason you started, those problems are coming back.

Compared to how long and how much you were using, you haven't been clean very long.It's going to take time to recover, to heal your body and mind, your vital organs and memory. You can expect withdrawal for a year from methadone and adderall. Amphetamines get into every cell of your body.

And your hormones are especially confused and crazy because of your pregnancy. Just let it pass, let the feelings and anxiety pass, don't give them alot of attentions, your feelings are very fickle right now so don't hold on to them; get therapy candles, get your home calm and serene, and go to Narcotics Anonymous meetings for support and for long term sobriety.

Why was the Movie The Invasion so horrible?

This movie was incredibly terrible, however, there are many reasons why it was, i have a few, but can anyone add anymore? Maybe some other things i didn't pick up on?

She takes a million pills and tells her son to inject her in the heart instead of taking a couple of adderall or Ritalin which could keep anyone up for at least 3 days straight.

Since when did overdosing on pills keep you awake as instead of killing you or putting you into a coma?

How could a psychiatrist that has studied the effects of sleep depravation, Medication, and simple human behavior do so many stupid things?

Kidmen was boring and kept whispering her lines in an annoying Baby Jane voice

She left her kid after he witnessed a woman being killed with his obviously infected father the same night to go to a party.

So many more i know, what are they?

you mean to tell me those people could not get out of the storage room. Why did she sit down in the drug store and stroke her sons hair to help him sleep. he should of been dancing instead of being given a choice to shoot adrenalin into her heart. which as a medical person if not done right would of hit her ribs, etc. and broke off the stupid needle. how did she make it through all the car crashes and the car on fire without being hurt. why did she wait for the guy so long and not just try to get her son on the plane herself to begin with, like he was such a help. how come no one ever even came into the pharmacy. and if her face was never to show emotion she failed that one terribly she was red in the face and crying and looked obvious as hell. why didn't she recognize her secretary was one of them. I will tell you why she smiled and showed emotion. hmm thought they didn't do that. the movie was a joke just like her career if she keeps making movies like that..(rolls eyes)

Am I really a drug addict?

I probably know the answer to this question but possibly need a reality check because I'm holding on to the little hope I have left to see if there is someone or actually a lot of people who think that this is just a stage in everyone's life regardlless of age. I'm in my early 30's.

I just want to know what anyone thinks: If I'm a real drug addict or just messed up a bit. When I was 17 I was given Percocet for wisdom tooth pain. From that day that was my basic cure of all my problems.

From about 17-32 I'd do some pretty strange stuff to get them but wouldn't go crazy if I couldn't. I wasn't physically addicted just mentally so I'd make frequent stops to the ER and dentist to get them.

I'd smoke pot on and off and took long breaks in between. So I'd smoke pot every day when I was 18 then a few years I wouldn't touch it and then go back.

Then when I injured myself I was given a script for Oxycodone pills plus Vicodin. I'd get over 200 per month. So, I was in a lot of pain and even when I wasn't in pain I took them.

Then I would have to buy Oxycontins/Perocets off the streets because I ran out of them before the next script was ready.

I only did cocaine about 14 times. I basically did Klonipins, Adderall, and basically any pill I could get my hands on that would change the way I felt.

I did go to the pipe with crack but probably just did that maybe 10 times or so but never got addicted. This one makes me wonder as well: Heroin. Part of me says that I really didn't do Heroin because to honestly do it- you have to inject it.

But, I only did it through my nose two times so I really wonder if I really ever did Heroin because I oonly did it two times and honestly didn't feel anything probably because I was loaded on Oxy.

I went through treatment and it mostly worked with just some slip ups with weed, booze, and now I started taking 5 or 6 sudapheds at a time. But that was only two or three times and damn that stuff makes you fly.

I'm on a maintance program with Suboxone so I can't use opiates. But my main question is: Do I call myself a drug addict? Am I a real drug addict? Part of me says no because I remember the day that I didn't need the percocets to make it through the day and I could have stopped but became chemically dependant but not really addicted. I didn't steal from anyone. And I don't believe I did Heroin because when you think about it, I never shot it up and that's how you really do it.

Hope this makes sense!

You might want to consider rehab. Drugs be drugs, dude.

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